Make Over $100K Working From Home? Remote C-Suite Jobs Are Now A Reality

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Flex jobs are the future as the work landscape has changed drastically over the last 12 months, with millions of Americans forced to work from home during 2020.

Companies who once scoffed at the idea of people working from home and holding meetings via Zoom or phone have now gone fully remote.

In fact, having the flexibility to work from home part of full time is now a key factor for many job seekers evaluating new career opportunities.

Employers have taken notice.

A recent study conducted by Indeed found that job postings are now “twice as likely to mention the ability to work remotely” than posting before the pandemic.

These jobs aren’t limited to entry-level positions.

Brie Reynolds, a career development manager and coach for the website Flexjobs, told CNBC Make It that “many employers are embracing flexible workers at the very top by hiring more remote workers into the C-suite.”

Here’s a breakdown from Flexjobs of the most common chief officer roles employers are hiring for right now and the average salary for each.

  • Chief Financial Officer: about $136,000 per year
  • Chief Growth Officer: about $200,000 per year
  • Chief Marketing Officer: about $175,000 per year
  • Chief Medical Officer: about $300,000 per year
  • Chief Operating Officer: about $144,000 per year
  • Chief Technology Officer: about $163,00 per year
  • Chief Legal Officer, or General Counsel: about $166,000 per year

“Some of the most common C-level job postings include leaders in charge of an organization’s finances, operations, growth, marketing, and technology and security. The fields seeing a spike in C-level hiring include health care, technology, online media and education, philanthropy and nonprofits,” Reynolds told the website.

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