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Passive Income

6 Passive Income Streams That Are Truly Passive If your idea of an ideal existence is to sit back and let all your passive income fund your life, then you are not alone. Not by a long shot, friends. We created this website with the sole purpose of helping educate people on how to create more passive income streams and achieve financial freedom.... Read more
4 Beginner-Friendly Ways To Create Passive Income Streams Online Passive income is such an attractive way to make money. When you add it to your 9-5 salary and it is also a great way to boost your net worth. With little maintenance to keep your chosen income stream afloat, many people wish to have one at some point. But how can you start something... Read more
6 Passive Income Streams That Are Truly Passive If your idea of an ideal existence is to sit back and let all your passive income fund your life, then you are not alone. Not by a long shot, friends. We created this website with the sole purpose of helping educate people on how to create more passive income streams and achieve financial freedom.... Read more
retired living on less than $45K per year
3 States Where Retirees Can Live On Less Than $45K Per Year Saving up money for retirement isn’t easy these days. People especially get worried when crunching the numbers, are contemplating retirement at an earlier age, and even cut expenses now to make retired life easier down the road. One way to make your money go further after retirement is to live in a less expensive state.... Read more

Personal Finance

retirement nest egg
$1 Million Isn’t Enough, Most Americans Think Your Retirement Nest Egg Needs To Be Much Bigger Planning for retirement is not as easy as it might seem. There are numerous things that must be accounted for when you’re trying to determine the amount of money you need for your retirement nest egg. Things like your withdrawal rate, anticipated medical costs and how inflation is going to effect your net worth. Inflation’s... Read more
common money mistakes
10 Most Common Money Mistakes People Make, According To A Financial Advisor Money management and general personal finance isn’t taught in school. While financially smart actions like spending less than you earn and investing your money might seem obvious, so many people in the world lack financial literacy. And that is why so many people, from all walks of life, make so many money mistakes. Perviously, we... Read more
think about retirement survey
New Survey Shows How The Pandemic Changed The Way People Think About Retirement The pandemic completely changed the way people view the world but did the global crisis change the way people think about retirement? According to a Personal Capital and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance poll, the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts have changed the mindsets — though not necessarily the plans — for most retirees these days.... Read more
financial struggles
Do You Have Money Problems? 4 Tips On Overcoming Financial Struggles Money problems can happen to anyone and at any time. The worry and stress that financial struggles bring can eventually cause major health and issues within your personal life. However, knowing the fact that there is a way out of these financial challenges can help lower the potential of mental health problems. It’s important to... Read more


Best online trading platforms
11 Best Online Trading Platforms That Aren’t Robinhood Investing excess capital is how wealth is created. Whether those investments come in the form of passive income businesses, stocks or real estate, is up to the individual. But savings alone won’t grow your retirement savings. You need to invest. And, thanks to the Internet, you can now start investing in stocks, real estate or... Read more
Acorns Announces Crypto Investing Is Coming To The App A couple of years ago, I started using the Acorns to get serious about saving for the future. I’m a big fan of the set-it-and-forget-it capabilities that come with the service, with credit card round-ups and automatic withdraw to my aggressive portfolio. The investing app claims 4 million subscribers who have invested more than $9.6... Read more
4 Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites For Non-Accredited Investors For years, one of the best investment opportunities has been in the world of commercial real estate. However, it has been almost impossible for the average investor to participate in commercial real estate investing. That has changed recently with the rise of crowdfunding platforms. These real estate crowdfunding platforms allow for peer-to-peer investing with a... Read more
Does Acorns Have A Sign-Up Bonus And How Much? Here’s the thing about investing: When you start to see your money work for you, it’s only natural to share what’s working for you with your friends and family. Referral bonuses via spare change investing apps like Acorns are a popular way to share investment products with your social circle. The apps then incentivize this... Read more

Side Hustles

person holding space gray iPhone X
13 Best Apps For Starting And Growing Your Side Hustle Business In this modern world, there’s an app for everything. From wanting to lose weight to booking a ride home, there’s always a reliable app that you can turn to that can make your life more convenient. Building and growing a side hustle takes a lot and finding a way to market your side hustle using... Read more
Woman taking photos of clothing for her side hustle..
Start A Side Hustle Now By Following These 4 Simple Steps Are you still looking for a side hustle to bring in extra money every month? It’s easier than ever. The amount of money you make on the side depends on the number of hours you dedicate to the side hustle. With the right business idea, you can make an extra $100 a day or millions... Read more
how to make money
23 Ways To Make An Extra $100 Per Day Are you looking to make some extra cash. How about $100 a day? Believe it or not, there are many ways you can make money around your neighborhood or online. Here’s how to make $100 fast no matter your age or your experience level. 1. Turn Extra Space In Your House Into Paid Storage With... Read more
How To Make Money On Twitter
49 Real Ways To Make Money Online In 2021 The internet age has been here for some time now and millions of people have taken advantage of the latest technologies to make money online. Regardless of your background, location or age, you too can leverage new and innovative approaches to create a side income and even significant wealth through the internet. And it’s not... Read more


best states to start a new business
10 Best States To Start A Business [2021] Looking to start a business from scratch? You’re not alone. Even during a global pandemic, the number of entrepreneurs grew exponentially. In the third quarter of 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau’s records of business applications showed a 77.4% increase over the second quarter of 2020. Compared to 2019, new business applications were nearly 38% higher... Read more
Here Is The Minimum Wage In Every State In America In 2021 Compared To 2020 Minimum wage in America is all over the map. While many states have increased the wages for these workers, a lot of states are still adhering to the Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25) or lower (Georgia and Wyoming). As you will see below, some big cities even have different minimum wage requirements than the states they... Read more
living wage calculator 2021
Consult This Living Wage Calculator To See How Much A Single Person Needs To Earn To Live In Your State Do you feel as though you’re barely getting by, even though you earn a decent salary? If you’re feeling poor even with a paycheck being deposited into your checking account every few weeks, the issue could be your geographic area. Since the cost of housing, food, gas, insurance, and necessities fluctuates from state to state,... Read more
Applying for job questions to ask
If You’re Applying For A New Job, Here’s One Question You MUST Ask Early In The Process There are several important questions to ask potential employers during the interview and hiring process. Some examples of important job interview questions could be “What does a typical day look like?”, “Can you show me examples of projects I’d be working on?” and “What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?”... Read more

Wealth Threads

blockfi bitcoin credit card
First Reviews For The BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card Are In And People Are Excited If bitcoin is your cryptocurrency of choice, then there is only one cryptocurrency rewards credit card for you. The Visa-backed BlockFi bitcoin rewards credit card. The BlockFi credit card, which has already started to ship to customers, is exclusively loyal to Bitcoin. Meaning, it is the only cryptocurrency that you can earn through the card.... Read more
Her First $100K Tori Dunlap
Meet The Woman Who Makes $100K A Month Teaching People To Be Better With Money Tori Dunlap started her first business when she was 9 years old. She owned several candy vending machines. All of the profits went to fund her college education. Tori believes she learned a great deal about entrepreneurship at a young age thanks to owning those 15 vending machines. She learned many valuable lessons with those... Read more
Upgrading or painting your front door can score a return on investment (ROI) of up to 484.55 percent.
This Simple Home Improvement Can Deliver A 484% Return On Investment If you are attempting to sell your house and your property needs multiple upgrades, you may not have the budget or timeframe to accomplish all the home improvements. You may have to prioritize the home improvements by time and price. One relatively simple and quick home upgrade can deliver a whopping 484% return on investment.... Read more
Woman holding stack of money with hundred dollar bills.
Is A Fourth Stimulus Check Coming? A New Budget Proposal Could Have The Answer Is a fourth stimulus check coming to eligible Americans? The possibility of Americans receiving a fourth stimulus check has been floating around for months. With the Delta COVID-19 variant surging, no seems like another opportunity for a fourth check to help struggling Americans. The biggest question, though, is “where would that money come from?” Some... Read more