Alex Hormozi Explains How His First $100,000 Was ‘The Richest I’ve Ever Felt’

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If you’re a regular follower of success stories on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, the name Alex Hormozi probably rings a bell. Renowned for being a beacon of entrepreneurial wisdom, Hormozi is not just another internet personality – he’s a guiding light for many aspiring to increase their personal wealth. His videos and posts, ranging from bite-sized business insights on Instagram to profound text-based advice on Twitter, draw from his extensive experience in business scaling, marketing, and sales.

Hormozi’s entrepreneurial journey from founding a gym to creating Gym Launch, a company revolutionizing the fitness industry, is a tale of resilience and strategic brilliance. Hormozi’s approach to business is not just about personal gain; he’s equally passionate about philanthropy, dedicating his time to promote education and entrepreneurship in underserved communities.

Alex’s story is also one of partnership and shared success. Alongside his wife and business partner, Leila Hormozi, they have scaled numerous ventures, proving that harmonizing business acumen with a supportive relationship can lead to remarkable achievements.

Based on a One of the most pivotal moments in Hormozi’s career was the realization of his financial breakthrough. After graduating from Vanderbilt University and venturing into the fitness industry, Hormozi faced numerous challenges. Yet, his resilience and savvy led to the expansion of his initial gym into six thriving locations. This success was only a precursor to the creation of Gym Launch with Leila, further elevating his status in the business world. The sale of Gym Launch for $46 million and his amassed net worth of $100 million are testaments to his entrepreneurial prowess.

But amidst these towering achievements, Hormozi vividly recalls the moment he felt ‘the richest’ – when he first saw $100,000 in his bank account. This wasn’t merely a financial milestone; it symbolized the fruition of hard work, the triumph over initial hurdles, and the start of an entrepreneurial journey that would influence countless others. As the co-head of, Hormozi continues to shape the business landscape, investing in and mentoring emerging businesses. Yet, it’s that first $100,000 that remains a powerful reminder of where it all began – a moment of unparalleled richness not just in wealth, but in possibilities and the promise of future successes.

“The first hundred thousand dollars I earned was the richest I’ve ever felt,” Hormozi says in a YouTube Short on his popular YouTube channel. It’s an important reminder that wealth and money is emotional. The number, at the end of the day, doesn’t matter – there are many ways to feel rich without millions in the bank. It’s all about feeling like you’re on the right path of personal fulfillment, bettering yourself, and inching towards your goal, whatever it may be.

He continues:

“I remember vividly pulling up our bank account and seeing a hundred grand in it. I excitedly showed my partner, barely containing my emotions. Following that, I remember saying to her, ‘Babe, we can make mistakes for three years and still be okay.’ This is particularly resonant for anyone who’s currently struggling financially. You’re probably aware of your burn rate. For us, it was around thirty thousand dollars a year. I thought, with both of us together, we’re secure. We can’t lose now. We had three years to really make a go of it. I often reflect on why I felt so incredibly wealthy in that moment. It’s probably because the relative change in our wealth was so dramatic. Going from having a thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars is a hundredfold increase.” 

Hormozi finished with a note of encouragement for everyone trying to get to the next level of their finances: 

“For everyone listening, I want you to understand that I was broke up until that point. It was an unbelievable turnaround.”

Others are chiming in on the milestones where they felt rich as well. One commenter adds: “I have 145k cash and 60k in assets and feel exactly the same. The richest I ever felt was first 10k in my bank account. Think everything after that didn’t feel like much of anything to me.” 

What’s the richest you’ve ever felt?

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