The Best Countries To Work Remotely In 2022 – The Iberian Peninsula Ranks At The Top

Best countries to work from home in 2022 by travel website Kayak's Remote Work Rankings, Portugal and Spain best for working remotely

If you are fortunate enough to work from home full-time, you may consider the situation an opportunity to explore new places. Maybe you’ve considered moving out of the country to experience a completely different culture. But how do you find the best countries to work remotely?

Travel booking website Kayak recently published their world “Remote Work Rankings” for 2022. To find the best countries to work remotely they analyzed data from 111 nations and utilized 22 different factors relevant to working from home. The study looked at internet speed, remote work visa policies, co-working spaces, apartment rental prices, local prices, political equality, and English proficiency. Other aspects were considered, such as cultural attractions and weather.

The top two countries for working remotely are on the Iberian Peninsula.

1. Portugal – Score: 100

The absolute best country to work remotely is Portugal, according to the research. Kayak awarded Portugal with a perfect score of 100 out of 100. Portugal notched high scores in the categories of social life (91) and health & safety (94).

“The D7 visa or the entrepreneur visa are probably going to be a good fit for anyone who has a location independent income – and wants to live in Portugal on a medium to long-term basis,” according to Citizen Remote – a resource for remote workers. “There is no minimum amount of time that you are required to stay once you have obtained a D7 or entrepreneur visa in Portugal, however, this program really is meant for people who want to live in the country for a year or more.”

2. Spain – Score: 93

Spain will roll out a digital nomad visa that could potentially welcome remote workers to stay in Spain for up to three years, without the right to residency.

“The digital nomad visa will attract and retain international and national talents by helping remote workers and digital nomads set up in Spain,” the Ministry of Economy declared in January.

Spain not only offers high-speed internet, but also boasts a vibrant scene for food, art, nightlife, and culture.

3. Romania – Score: 92

Romania offers international remote workers affordability, an excellent public transportation system, fascinating history, and no shortage of cafes. Many Romanians also speak English. The Eastern European country also offers a digital nomad visa that allows visitors to spend up to 12 months in the country without having to suffer through the difficult process of trying to obtain a residence permit in the country.

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4. Mauritius – Score: 90

Settled off the coast of Madagascar, this island nation offers warm tropical weather, world-class beaches, and unbelievable scuba diving. Digital nomads can apply for the Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa (Mauritius Premium Travel Visa), which allows visitors to work on the tropical island in the Indian Ocean for up to a year.

“We are looking for digital nomads, who can plug in and start working from anywhere in the world,” said Nilen Vencadasmy – chairman of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

5. Japan – Score: 90

Tied with Mauritius is Japan – which offers a multitude of social activities to partake in such as theaters, galleries, bars, and clubs. While Japan does not offer a remote work visa, the Asian nation does offer the fastest internet of any country in the top 10 best countries to work remotely in 2022.

6. Malta – Score: 89

The Mediterranean island country offers a Nomad Residence Permit – which “enables holders to retain their current employment based in another country whilst legally residing in Malta” for up to a year and can be renewed. Malta scored an 89 in “Health and Safety,” but only received a 10 rating in “Social Life.”

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7. Costa Rica – Score: 86

You may obtain a digital nomad visa in Costa Rica but you will need to earn at least $3,000 per month from a “stable” remote job outside of Costa Rica and have proof of health insurance.

8. Panama – Score: 85

Costa Rica’s southern neighbor – Panama – also provides an excellent choice for those looking to experience the lifestyle of digital nomadism. Panama snags high marks in the categories of “Travel,” “Weather,” and “Local Prices.” Panama offers foreign remote workers to stay in the country for at least nine months while working for a company out of the country and can be extended for an additional nine months.

9. The Czech Republic (or Czechia) – Score: 84

The Czech Republic nabs one of the top scores on Kayak’s list for “Health and Safety.” Czechia also boasts an intriguing history and more than 2,000 castles in the country – more than any other nation in Europe. If you enjoy beer, you are in luck – the Czech Republic is the top beer-drinking country in the world with 188.6 liters per capita being consumed.

Foreigners outside the European Union may obtain a Zivno visa that allows temporary residence for up to a year.

10. Germany – Score: 83

For digital nomads seeking to work and play, Germany offers an incredible social life – and received a perfect score of 100 on the list. There are plenty of English-speaking Germans to assist your transition to the European nation. Germany was the first European country to establish a freelance visa was Germany, and offers two types: one for artists and one for other professionals. Those who seek to work remotely in Germany need to register with the German tax office.

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