Best Guns To Collect For Return On Investment

Best guns to collect

Guns have primarily been used for hunting, self-defense, and as a deterrent against attacks. Gun ownership has been a significant part of American culture since the birth of the country. However, it is a controversial topic. Meanwhile, some gun enthusiasts see these weapons not for their utility, but as stable financial investments. Gun investors have been making money buying and selling specific guns for decades—because they know which guns to collect.

There are two kinds of gun collectors: The Treasure Hunters and the Connoisseurs. Both of them consider gun investing as a wealth creation tool. The difference between the two lies in how they find and purchase guns. Connoisseurs focus on acquiring guns by one category, for instance, a single model of Winchester rifle. This method ensures a high-value gun collection. The Treasure Hunters go to auctions, yard sales, or gun shops where they will look for hidden gems.

Are you looking for the best guns to collect for investment?  You are on the right page. Continue reading to know your best options.

Expensive Guns Sold At Auction

Expensive gun for sale

We might wonder the driving force behind the people, especially the Treasure Hunters, buying guns at auction. It’s because these guns have historical value. Many historical figures have spoken highly about the importance of investing in objects that retain their value, and it’s hard to find something with more historical significance than weapons carried during conflict by famous leaders and politicians.

To give an idea of the craze about guns sold at auction, here are some of the most famous expensive guns:

Hitler’s Golden Gun

Adolf Hitler’s Golden Gun is sold at $114,000, and it is considered the tenth most expensive gun sold at an auction as military memorabilia. This pistol was a gift to Hitler on his 50th birthday, and he kept it in his drawer at his Munich Apartment.

Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistol

This pistol left a significant historical mark on South Americans. The Flintlock Pistol was used by the political and military leader Simon Bolivar as Venezuela was gaining independence from the Spanish Empire. Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistol is sold at $1,687,500.

George Washington’s Saddle Pistols

George Washington's saddle pistols

Marquis de Lafayette gave these pistols to George Washington, and the latter used this throughout the revolutionary war in the United States. After Washington’s death, former President Andrew Jackson held possession of these guns, and he cherished them during his lifetime before he returned them to the Washington family. The saddle pistols were sold at $1,986,000 in 2002 to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and placed it on display at the Fort Ligonier Historic Site And Museum.

You don’t need to look for remarkable guns mentioned above to consider yourself a serious gun collector. All it takes is to find a gun that won’t be difficult for you to maintain, and that will quickly increase its value and marketability in the coming years.

Guns To Collect As Investment

Guns and ammo are not only used for hunting and killing. Gun collectors can also profit from it, and all it takes is to find a gun that can last a lifetime to increase its marketability and profitability. However, just like wines, you may not see the investment returns in guns for a few years, and you need a lot of patience when the time comes in selling these.

One of the advantages of owning a gun is that it is an heirloom you can pass to your children or grandchildren. Even if the gun is as old as a hundred years, you’ll be surprised that it is still functioning well. Another advantage is that gun increases its value through the years. Usually, guns increase their worth by 3% – 5% yearly. For one, a pistol carried by the famous gangster John Dillinger in his sock was sold more than twice its estimated worth in an auction.

There are also disadvantages to owning a gun. Gun and ammo investments do not usually qualify for tax benefits. Also, they are prone to damage and theft if they are not well-maintained or kept safe.

Keep in mind the pros and cons of gun investment. Remember, there lies a social responsibility for those who plan to invest in guns, as it bears risk to the lives of the people if misused.

Guns That Collectors Want To Find


If you are beginning your journey in gun investment, you need to do a lot of research as quality guns are expensive, whether brand new or antique. Here are some options you should consider when deciding which guns to collect:

  1. Old guns in new condition;
  2. Guns in their original boxes;
  3. Guns produced by famous gunsmiths; and
  4. Guns with a documented history of famous owners

To invest in good quality guns, choose respected brands. The Classic Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver is always a go-to gun at an excellent price point. But other old guns do not quickly depreciate. You may also consider diversifying your collection of firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc.

Aside from Smith and Wesson, there are also other reputable brands such as Winchester Rifles and Colt Single Action Army Revolvers.

Winchester rifles are one of the most sought-after guns by serious gun collectors because it is considered as a repeating rifle. Winchester rifle consists of multiple ammunitions loaded from a reservoir chamber through a manual or automatic mechanism. On the other hand, Colt Single Action Army Revolver has been used in the US Army since the 1870s until the end of World War II as weapons to defeat enemy states. The Colt has served well throughout history, and it was commonly known as The Peacemaker.

Luger pistols, also known as Parabellum pistols, were widely used by Nazi Germany during the war. The said gun was also used for commercial purposes. There are several Luger pistols manufactured in World War II being sold everywhere in the world. You may consider getting one because of its toggle-joint breech mechanism.

What To Do With Gun Investments

Selling guns is not necessary when you start investing in them. To be safe, invest in a gun that you can use now, and insure them. Even if you cannot sell it in the future, at least it can be deemed useful in other means. And as mentioned earlier, you can pass it to your descendants.

C. James

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