Best Investment Newsletters

Best Investment Newsletter


Best Investment Newsletters

It is essential for investors, whether starters or experts, to continuously improve their financial IQs. The best way to achieve the highest level is to build the habit of reading investment newsletters every day. These newsletters cover five different objectives: general market discussion, learning new skills, investment grades, list of ideas, and model portfolio. 

If you’re looking to subscribe to a newsletter service, you have to be clear about your objectives so you choose which top-quality publishing fits your investment goals. Just take note that these subscriptions usually come with a fee – but it’s often well worth the investment. Listed below are some of the best investment newsletters we’ve come across to help you increase your financial literacy.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor


The Motley Fool Stock Advisor

What It Offers

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is probably one of the most famous investment newsletters in the world. It is founded by two brothers, David and Tom Gardner, to supported the age old concepts of buy-and-hold investments. 

Their stock recommendations consistently beat their competitors picks. Believe it or not, their top 24 stock picks in 2018 outlasted and outperformed the whole market by an average 44 percent! No other newsletter has that kind of performance. 

Upon subscribing, you will be given two new stock recommendations per month and a number of the best stocks lists per year. Each edition comes along with a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of why they came up with the decision of recommending those particular stocks. Aside from this, you will also receive unlimited access to the following: 

  • Knowledge Bank: Several education materials which will guide you into becoming an expert investor. 
  • Community: You will get to chat and converse with other investors through their message boards. 
  • Motley Fool’s List of “Starter Socks that should be in Everyone’s Portfolio”: The newsletter will provide you with a stock list which can be an excellent base foundation in diversifying your portfolio. 
  • Motley Fool’s List of “Best Stocks to Buy Now”: You will also have access to the best investment ideas from all the picks since the newsletter started.

Why Subscribe?

Most Of Their Stock Picks Doubled Or Tripled

Their 2018 investment performance killed their other competition. As mentioned above, their top 24 picks from the same year outlasted the S&P500 by 44 percent. Here are some of the value increases of their stocks: 

  • Okta (OKTA) – 364%
  • Paycom Software (PAYC) – 167%
  • Fair Isaac Corp (FICO) – 107%
  • Shopify (SHOP) – 222%

High Success Rate

Despite the market performance tanking over the second half of 2018, 75 percent (18 out of 24) of their picks’ performances improved. For example, Twilio (TWLO) is up by 75 percent since their recommendationto their readers. This fact is also backed up by the significant increases of their re-recommended stocks (NTDOY and ZS are up 38 percent and 110 percent, respectively.) 

Cheap Price 

Among all the investment newsletters out there, Motley Fool seems to be one of the least expensive ones. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which enables their customers to get back their subscription payment if they do not like the service they offer. However, with performance metrics like these, I can’t image their return rate is high. 

How Much To Subscribe?

Monthly Subscription: $19 per month

Yearly Subscription: $99 per year ($129 savings)

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Morning Brew


Morning Brew


What It Offers

The first issue of the Morning Brew came out in 2015 to target millennial business entrepreneurs. Their goal is to provide the latest trends and essential happenings in the world of business. In just four years of being in the industry, they have already amassed over 200,000 subscribers around the globe. 

Unlike other investment newsletters which tend to come across as dry, Morning Brew prides itself on being an up-to-date and easy-to-read offering. They also feature various investment topics – from daily news to Wall Street updates. 

Why Subscribe?


That’s right, the newsletter is completely free so why not leverage this as a starting point to learn the ins and outs of investing. The only downside with this is that you need to refer their service to your friends before unlocking additional content. 

Concise Content

Although Morning Brew provides excellent information, especially with regards to the stock market, what readers really love about it is how concise the information is. They can publish a comprehensive write-up that the audience can read in just five minutes. 


Most articles in other newsletters take a formal approach in discussing their topics. Morning Brew, however, blends witty humor into their articles to maximize reader enjoyment. This strategy has been implemented so they can set themselves apart from their competitors and to better connect with their target audience. 

Open To Feedback

This newsletter values the opinion and feedback of its readers and continuously asks for advice and feedback so they can improve. 

How Much To Subscribe?

Morning Brew offers their services for FREE. 

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Tim Sykes Penny Stock Alerts


Tim Sykes Penny Stock Alerts

What It Offers

Tim Sykes Penny Stock Alerts is run by no other than Tim Sykes himself. Forbes and CNN consider him as the master of penny stocks, and his approach and teachings come highly recommended for budding traders who want to maximize and earn from his winning streaks. 

As proof of his expertise, he revealed that he became one of the youngest self-made millionaires at an early age of 21 – all because of trading penny stocks. He also took on 2 apprentices who recently became millionaires themselves – Michael Goode and Tim Grittani. 

Instead of having the burden to check Tim Sykes’ blog regularly, you can subscribe to his “PennyStocking” watchlist, and get his newsletters sent to you each morning at 8 am. 

The newsletter consists of technical analysis, such as stock charts and numbers, and the various news catalysts happening around the world. Tim’s approach is to maximize on the strategies of sketchy companies of inflating the stock prices by showing paid promotions. Once the promotion ends, the stock prices go back to their original value. His approach involves shorting the stocks to maximize profits. 

Why Subscribe?

Unique Approach

Tim’s style relies on both “common sense” and technical analysis. He uses the numbers and stock charts to be able to make and back up his trading decisions. He pairs this with “common sense” depending on the news catalysts and paid promotions. This strategy has worked impeccably well for him and his followers. 

Additional Education

Tim believes that traders should not always rely on him so he offers a online courses alongside his newsletters. To date, he has offered various trading courses, namely:

  • PennyStocking
  • PennyStocking Part Deux
  • TimTactics
  • Read SEC Filings
  • Spikeability
  • Tim Raw
  • Learn Level 2
  • Short Stocking
  • Tim Fundamentals

The Language Is Easy To Understand

Tim is aware that his primary target audience are those who are just beginning to learn the ins and outs of penny stocks. Hence, he makes sure to explain things clearly and deliver the technical aspects of the business in a language that is easy to understand. 

How Much To Subscribe?

Daily Subscription: $2.50 per day

Monthly Subscription: $74.95 per month

Yearly Subscription: $697 per year

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What It Offers

Bloomberg is known to be one of the primary sources of information and news in the world of business. The writers of the newsletter ensure that the write-ups they publish are more focused on the facts rather than the opinions or views. It also features various sections, including the following: 

  1. News: The news section covers a wide range of topics such as the global economy, politics and policy, finance and markets, companies and industries, and technology. They believe that knowing theses latest trends and happenings in the business world impacts decision-making when it comes to investment. 
  2. Investigative Journalism: It also offers comprehensive feature stories which cover real investigative issues. Some examples of topics include up-to-date political battles and budget deficits of selected countries. 
  3. Additional Brief Articles: To make the newsletter more well-rounded, Bloomberg decided to have a section on the current news covering pop culture, sports, upcoming publications, and new research. They publish a weekly roundup brief which will only take five minutes for the reader to finish reading. 
  4. Bloomberg’s 5 Things To Start Your Day: This part of the newsletter highlights the top news around the world and the latest biggest stories on the Bloomberg website. 

Why Subscribe?


Bloomberg makes sure that the readers fully understand the concepts of the articles. For one, the writers provide single sentences at the end of every write-up which summarizes the topic. This is for those who only want a quick rundown of the article. 

They also ensure that it is skim-friendly for its audience. They create charts, infographics, and graphs that the readers can just tune into to familiarize themselves with the critical points of each story. 

Data Is Useful And Up-To-Date

The numbers they present regarding the stock market is undeniably useful and up-to-date. They make sure that the information will be relevant to your analysis and will assist you in coming up with the best investment decisions. 

How Much To Subscribe?

You may sign-up to receive their newsletter publications for $9.99 per month. 

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Linde Equity Report


Linde Equity Report

What It Offers

The primary target audience of Linde Equity Report are those investors with a high-risk tolerance. Instead of focusing on topics under the conservative area of investing which many newsletters do, this one focuses on high reward potential from stocks with high volatility. This strategy forces subscribers to create a balanced and diversified portfolio to counter the aggressive approach of Linde Equity (following the investment philosophy from the great minds of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.) 

The newsletter produced the following performance statistics in the past year: 

  • Average share price gain: 25.5%
  • Number of recommended stocks: 224
  • Annual average price gain: 26%
  • Average holding period: 11.8 months

Unlike other newsletters which give out its daily stock picks, Linde Equity Report focuses more on quality picks versus quantity. There is significant rigor in the selections made and therefore only one recommendation is made each month. 

The people running the newsletter believe that their success attributes from its strict selectivity. In fact, it is proven as one of the biggest successes when it comes to the financial market. This claim was backed up by the fact that Hulbert Financial Digest proclaimed them as the number one newsletter for 11 straight years – from 2005 to 2015. 

Why Subscribe?

Consistent Monitoring

What’s good about Linde Equity Report is that they don’t leave you hanging. Upon investing in a particular stock, they will continuously provide you with monthly updates, given that thesis stock has been featured in the newsletter. This practice carries on until the moment you sell the stock. 

Unique Investment Perspective

Most newsletters focus on the value of market timing when buying their stock shares. In the case of Linde Equity Report, they are more considerate of stock quality than market timing. 

As mentioned above, they also prioritize in investing in pure capital appreciation common stocks. Their experts believe that to be able to create the highest shareholder value in the future, you have to invest in those companies with significant market opportunities and superior business models. Take note that this strategy goes hand-in-hand with high risks. 

How Much To Subscribe?

You will have to pay for the yearly subscription of $199. 

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Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, there is no such thing as the best newsletter for everyone. It should cater individually and solely depend on your investment goals. Are you trying to learn a new investment skill,  are you more dedicated to keeping yourself updated with the latest business news or are you just looking for a few tips per month by expert market minds? These selection of newsletters should be able to help you achieve your investments goals.

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.