Best Watches to Collect for Investment


There are very few things that exemplify prestige and wealth like a beautiful expensive watch. Collecting these finely engineered pieces of jewelry can also be a part of a wealth building process. After all, how many of your investments can both give you an exception return and make you look good.  

For collectors and investors, a watch is more than just a stylish piece of accessory to complete your look. Similar to real estate and wine investments, a watch can increase its value over time if purchased correctly. But this depends on several factors such as brand, rarity and condition.

Hop on to discover which watch are the best brands to collect for investment. 

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They say that time is a wise investment. 

With these watch brands, there is no doubt that time will definitely be your best investment.

Patek Philippe 5205

You can’t talk about the sought-after classics without mentioning Patek Philippe. Its high caliber craftsmanship makes it an all-time favorite, and it will be hard to beat its quality and rarity. 

This Patek Philippe 5205 model displays the day, date, and month along the top arc. If you love watching the night sky, there’s a moon phase indicator that you can also set. But you don’t need to specifically own this model. Any Patek Philippe won’t have a disappointing investment value.

Rolex Deep Sea-Dweller

Another best option for timepieces investment is Rolex. When it introduced its Deep-Sea Dweller model, Rolex disrupted the marine watchmaking market. It can withstand the harshest condition and depth. And people were not ready. 

It didn’t even sell half as much as the other Rolex models during its first launch in 1967. But it received a successful following sometime later. In 2008 it was relaunched with its version being waterproof up to 12,800 feet. As a rare piece today, it pays off as an investment.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Steel and Gold

Tudor, Rolex’s sibling, has re-established itself to be a watch company you can depend on. Truly, they produced several iconic watches like this Black Bay Chrono Steel and Gold. Its combination adds a motorsport element into the Tudor Black Bay collection. It comes with a steel and yellow gold bracelet, brown leather strap, or black fabric strap. If you want to find a piece that people always want, stick to classic watches like this one.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Omega is one of the brands with a resale value that’s increasing faster than others. If you can’t get a hold of Rolex Submariner or Deep-Sea Dweller, this is another great deal. You can choose from its 17 new Seamaster Diver 300M models that take pride in high performance and magnetic resistance. 

If you have the opportunity, try to look for the Seamaster’s quartz version. Watch experts believe it will soon be phased out, increasing your chances for a return on the vintage market. 

Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition

If you want to invest in diving watches, Oris can also be your go-to brand. One of their popular limited-edition models is the Carl Brashear Chronograph model. Named after the first African-American U.S Navy officer and first amputee, the design commemorates his inspiring journey. 

This bronze-cased, leather-rich strap and two-counter chronograph will undoubtedly impress even non-collector. Besides, you know have value rises for a designer brand’s limited-edition models.

Panerai Luminor Marina

Simple yet classy-looking, this glow in the dark wonder is what Panerai Luminor Marina is after. It does not need to be a limited-edition model to make watch collector’s eyes for it. Like in other Panerai’s watches, Luminor Marina has a seconds indicator at nine o’clock and a date at three o’clock. Panerai’s watches are proven to increase in value as time ticks. Get this one while it’s still available and let time do the favor for you. 

Breitling Navitimer 1959 Re-edition

Prestige, luxury, and class, these are just some of the words you won’t fail to associate with Breitling. An exact copy of the original, Breitling Navitimer 1959 re-edition enhanced the existing technology on its design. One of the pilot’s favorite, it has a scale that can be used to calculate airspeed and fuel consumption. This new, retro model is surely a must-have in a collector’s item. You should not fail to have one too.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

Tag Heuer has been one of the oldest watch brands in the business. It has stood the test of time for over 150 years. Therefore, experts consider it an excellent investment for watchmaking for smart buyers. 

You’ll enjoy the Tag Heuer Formula 1 if you’re more into a more rugged look. Its great look also includes a black rubber band with a buckle closure and round perforations. Aside from the amazing date window located at the 3 o’clock position, it also houses a dial with a trio of chronograph subdials. What’s unique about it is that is counts every quarter of a second, every half an hour, and every 12 hours. 

Protect Your Investment

watch and money

Your return on investments is not solely dependent on how valuable your timepieces are. You have to know how to properly treat your watch to ensure it will increase in value. For some brands, it’s okay if you enjoy wearing them a few times before you consider selling it. But, wear it with utmost care. A simple scratch can depreciate the value of the asset by thousands of dollars. Most collector watches aimed as investments should be stored to preserve their pristine look and appeal. You wouldn’t walk around with your Monet painting, would you? 

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