California Man Wins $5 Million Jackpot With An Unusual Lotto Scratch-Off Strategy

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Winning the lottery is often attributed to pure luck, and while that may be true, one California man’s unusual method for playing scratch-off games certainly didn’t hurt his chances. There was truly a method to the madness. 

Alec Bucur’s interesting approach at a gas station may have seemed unconventional at the time of buying his ticket, but ultimately led to a life-changing sum of money.

While luck may have still been the deciding factor in his win, Bucur’s unique method highlights the potential benefits of trying new strategies in pursuit of that elusive jackpot.

Lucky 5s

When Bucur strolled into his local Chevron gas station in Irvine to buy a $20 Millionaire Bucks Scratchers ticket, he had a singular focus: Buy the fifth ticket on the stack.

Bucur’s approach was simple yet unscientific, but it proved successful when he won an incredible $5 million.

Bucur told California Lottery officials:

“I wanted to know how much the last winning ticket sold was worth and what number it was in the stack of Scratchers. I found out someone won five hundred bucks in the stack, and it was ticket number five.”

“Number five in the series was worth five million dollars. I was just gunning for it, and now I’m a multimillionaire.” 

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According to Alec Bucur, the recent $5 million lottery win won’t drastically change his lifestyle. Despite his newfound wealth, Bucur told the California Lottery that he’s not one for extravagant spending.

“I don’t need a Ferrari. I don’t need a mansion. I’m not a spender. I’m going to do some traveling and let this money grow.”

Instead, he plans to use his winnings to travel and invest wisely, allowing his money to grow over time. Bucur’s humble approach to his newfound fortune is a refreshing reminder that not all lottery winners succumb to excessive luxury.

With $5 million in the bank (…before taxes, of course) thanks to his magic number 5, it’s safe to say that Alec Bucur will be thinking about the power of 5’s for a long time to come.

His unusual method highlights the unpredictable nature of the lottery and reminds us that sometimes, thinking outside the box can pay off in a big way.

Good thing he didn’t almost throw the ticket away

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