California Woman Wins $2 Million On Scratch-Off Ticket, Says It’s The Second Time She’s Won A Big Lotto Jackpot

Scratch off lottery ticket
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They say lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice.

But that certainly isn’t the case for a lucky California woman who recently won a $2 million lottery jackpot on a scratch-off ticket. 

Ruby Evans bought a $20 Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers ticket from a donut shop in the Los Angeles County city of Compton. She scratched the ticket off in her car in the parking lot, initially thinking she won $2,000. 

When the owner of Sweet Time Donuts scanned the ticket, the number was much higher than what Evens initially thought, by three extra zeros. Instead of $2,000, Evans won $2,000,000 – the top prize for the $20 Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers game. 

Incredibly enough, this isn’t the first time Evans has won a big jackpot. She told the California Lottery she won $100,000 playing a scratch-off ticket in 2013.

“I’ll tell you what, this is a big blessing. It’s given me a chance to pay off my bills, my mortgage, and help my daughters,” Evans told the California Lottery in a statement. “I’m having fun,” she added.

Evens told the California Lottery that her recent big win isn’t going to stop her from playing the Crossword Scratcher. According to the California Lottery, Evens also said she also recently won $5,000 at Sweet Time Donuts on another ticket.

Her lucky streak has lead to some lighthearted heckling from other regulars at the donut shop. 

“They say ‘Ruby, haven’t you won enough? Save some winners for all of us,'” Evans joked to the California Lottery.

Sweet Time Donuts will get a $10,000 bonus for selling her $2 million ticket, according to the California Lottery.

Interestingly enough, another jackpot ticket for the same Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers game was recently claimed. Job Aguirre bought his lucky ticket at Studio City 76 located at 12863 Ventura Boulevard, also winning $2 million. 

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