Everything You Need to Know About ClickBank Passive Income

CB Passive Income


Everything You Need to Know About CB Passive Income


Passive income is a dream for most business people out there. Of course, most individuals want to sustain their companies without having to burn out themselves with the work. Hence, they venture into passive income strategies so that their company runs on auto-pilot while still generating maximum profit for them.

One product that stands out in this area is CB Passive Income (CBPI). In this article, we will be going through its basics – what it is, how it works, its pros and cons, what is included in the training, how much it will cost you, and the most common misconceptions in the field.

What Is CB Passive Income And How Does It Work?

CBPI is a licensing program which was created by a top Clickbank affiliate called Patric Chan. By breaking out the product name, you can already assume that CB refers to ClickBank.

The first CB Passive Income started around June to July of 2013. Chan claimed that the program was able to serve hundreds of newbie marketers to earn money online. A year later, the version 2014 came out wherein it enabled the customers to collect more leads and subscribers from the promotions. Afterward, they developed Version 3.0., whose main selling point is its multiple “secret pages” which can also serve as various streams of income.

The rise of the digital age forced Chan and the team to optimize the program for mobile phones. Version 4.0. also introduced the Facebook Click-To-Option Feature which lets users register and subscribe without having to rigorously type their email addresses. Currently, CPI is on its version 5.0, which banked on the idea of funneling.

CB Passive Income 5.0

This product is an affiliate marketing and list marketing course which lets the users create and set up their online business system that produces a profit with little to no maintenance. Some refer to this as a “Set and Forget” system.

So, how does Version 5.0. work?

Here is the step-by-step guide for CBPI.

  1. The program will ask you to fill up a registration form in the CB Passive Income Dashboard.
  2. You will be provided with various pre-made landing pages within 20 seconds upon joining. These landing pages come with free product offers from the program.
  3. Once you have set up your landing page, you will be tasked to promote it via social media. It can be through an advertisement in Bing, Facebook ads, YouTube, or by investing in paid traffic services. Remember, CBPI will enable you to advertise multiple landing pages in just one seating.
  4. Upon seeing your placements in social media, visitors will opt to register and subscribe to your mailing list for them to be able to receive your offered free products.
  5. Automated marketing emails, containing newsletters, promos, and promotions, will then be sent to these contacts. The content will include various product offers from Clickbank, an affiliate network. Some examples of these products include training courses, e-books, and paid videos.
  6. You will receive your commission EACH TIME a subscriber buys a specific product from the email marketing blast.

In a nutshell, professionals can describe it as a business-in-a-box program due to its ability to generate passive income for its users.

Pros And Cons

CBPI has its upsides and downsides. Let us explore some of these:


  • The landing page is already pre-made for its users. You don’t need the skills of a programming expert to make this possible for you. The landing page created even includes an opt-in form and a thank-you-for-signing-up page as bonuses.
  • If you’re getting bummed out with thinking what kinds of products to offer your leads, don’t worry, CBPI has got you covered. There are already products like “The Affiliate Content Profits” and “The CPA Cash Machine” ready for download. No need to search for a free license product or draft your personal e-book. Chan has already readied everything for you.
  • Remember, the subscribers from your advertisements will not be stored in the database of other CBPI users. The emails collected are yours and yours only. Although Chan will be the one who will send out the follow-up emails, you may also have the option to promote your affiliate products and send the emails yourself. All you have to do is to register in their party email marketing servicing. We recommend GetResponse or AWeber.
  • Passive income does not entail that you’ll be clueless with what’s happening. Enrolling in CBPI will enable you to learn the basics of a campaign flow – how a sales funnel works, the step-by-step guide on email marketing, and how to create the most effective advertisements. You may even apply all of the things you’ll learn into building your website!
  • You will be able to receive your profit in 2-months time and regularly after that. The reason for this is that ClickBank has a policy of not giving out money on its first month to avoid scammers.


  • Training is not updated. The lectures should go along with the latest trends in the digital world.
  • The training only includes text tutorials. To make it more exciting and comprehensive, the creators should also invest in creating video tutorials.
  • The Clickbank products that are offered are sometimes low in quality.
  • There are too many upsells in Version 5.0.
  • The “lifetime commission” strategy by CBPI is exaggerated. Your monthly commissions will depend on the number of products you sell from your unique link.

What Is Included In The Training?

There are three pdf files you can read up for your training. The topics included are the following:

1st Part: How To Make Money Online And About Clickbank

2nd Part: How To Do Internet Marketing

3rd Part: Using CB Passive Income As The Shortcut

The third lecture consists of several subtopics:

Subtopic 1: Creating your unique link page

In here, you will find various pages where your unique link will be located. You will also receive your unique ID in this step.

Subtopic 2: Promoting your unique link pages

This section will show you the best ways to promote all of your link pages. The training will introduce to you seven different funnels which will serve as your guide into creating your own strategy.

Subtopic 3: Driving traffic to your unique link pages

This will cover both the paid traffic and free traffic promotion.

Aside from these lectures, the package also gives out three bonuses:

  • The Email Assassin Home Course
  • The Digital Cover Creator
  • The Traffic From Google Home Course

How Much Will It Cost?

CB Passive Income Pricing

Creating your CBPI-like system on your own will cost approximately $25,000 and will require you more maintenance fees. However, if you use this affiliate commission business, it will only charge you a monthly billing fee of $47 or a one-time investment of $97. This is already a good offer since the creators will guide and support you upon registering up to the sending out of email marketing.

There will be additional charges though that are still not included in the membership cost. These include the following:

  • Paid traffic for generating leads (minimum of $100)
  • Getting an autoresponder account ($19 per month)
  • Your domain name ($5 to $13)
  • Your hosting account ($9 to S19)

CBPI also offers a 100 percent 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced with their training or that you feel the program is ineffective, you may inform the support team. From here, they will give you your refund in 30 days.

Common Misconceptions About CB Passive Income

Misconception about CB Passive Income

There are two misconceptions about CB Passive Income. The first one is that CBPI won’t send traffic to your site and that the program is just all about upselling. Let us debunk these two statements:

Misconception # 1: It Doesn’t Have The Ability To Send Traffic To The Site

Take note that CBPI is not the one in-charged of coming up with ideas to promote your unique links. They are just there to give you options on how to do these and guide you into creating your unique links. The promotions, however, will be up to you. There are two strategies which will drive traffic to your website – the first one is through organic traffic (publishing in blogs and making use of search engine optimization) and advertising (posting in social media channels).

Option 1 is out of the question. Patrick Chan and the rest of the CBPI team are not content marketers. It is your job to hire copywriters, draft your own articles, publish posts, and maintain your blog. On the other hand, Chan provides training on Option 2, as mentioned above, but he will not be the one responsible for creating your posts and publicity materials.

If you feel that these options are not enough, then maybe it is time for you to shell out some money for a reputable solo ad vendor.

Misconception # 2: CBPI Is All About Upselling

If you think that CBPI is all about upselling, then you might not have explored the program’s full capabilities yet. Yes, there might be Upsells here and there, but its presence does not overpower the value of what CBPI offers.

Final Words

CB Passive Income has been in the market for almost six years already. This means that the system is already established and has evolved to meet the needs of its customers. However, Patric Chan always says that you should not solely rely on the training of CBPI; instead, you should also read up on additional readings to be able to supplement your knowledge on this area.  You may start with Chan’s book –  The 72 Amazing Ways To Internet Profits.

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.