21 Scams That Costco Is Currently Warning Its Customers About

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Advertiser Disclosure

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Costco is one of the largest retailers in America. From home supplies to food to patio furniture; you can buy almost everything you want from a single trip to Costco. Given its size, Costco is also a breeding ground for scammers who want to prey on Costco’s massive customer base. And these scammers aren’t just trying to commit fraudulent acts in one way, Costco has flagged 21 scams that they currently want their customers to be aware of. Take a look at all of the current Costco scams below to make sure you and your loved ones are protected.

Fraudulent Cart Notification

costco scams shopping cart

Have you ever left an eCommerce website with items in a shopping cart? This scam sends you a notification to remind you to complete a purchase for abandoned goods in what appears to be a Costco-branded online shopping cart. Whenever something like this lands in your inbox, be sure to go right to Costco’s website to ensure that the email isn’t a scam.

Fraudulent Autumn Giveaway Email

Vaccine Scam

Always be cautious of any email that comes to your inbox asking you to “claim your reward” and emails from Costco are no different. This particular one was preying on people in Autumn, but you should always assume that no season is safe.

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