Does Acorns Have A Sign-Up Bonus And How Much?

Here’s the thing about investing: When you start to see your money work for you, it’s only natural to share what’s working for you with your friends and family.

Referral bonuses via spare change investing apps like Acorns are a popular way to share investment products with your social circle. The apps then incentivize this behavior for the existing customer, sweetening the deal for beginning investors.

At the end of the day, you’re giving each platform a new customer. Think of it as a thank you for having kind things to say about the platform.

To answer the question:

Yes, Acorns does have a sign-up and referral bonus. Unlike other investment and brokerage apps, Acorns is very aggressive when it comes to its promotional offers. They freshen offers up on a weekly and monthly basis to encourage referrals and sign-ups.

The most recent Acorns sign-up bonus for new customers is a VIP offer to receive $10 after signing-up for Acorns and funding your account.

VIP: Get $10 when you sign up for Acorns

Current Acorns Referral Bonus

Once you’re an Acorns customer, you can receive additional money by referring friends and family.

Update 9/8/2021: The current Acorns referral bonus is $1000 for referring 5 friends.

VIP: Get $10 when you sign up for Acorns

To avoid confusion about when you’ll be seeing your referral bonus, read Acorns’ terms and conditions for referral offers.

Understand that in order to receive your bonus, the people you refer will have to sign-up and fund their account for their first investment. Their account must be in good standing by a certain date for you to receive your bonus.

Friends must sign up between 12:00am PST 09/05/2021 and 11:59pm PST 09/11/2021 (the Promotional Period) and each have a verified account in good standing and make their first successful investment into an Acorns Invest Account by 09/11/2021. Bonuses will be invested within 7 business days once Acorns verifies all eligibility criteria have been met. Referral awards are made at the sole discretion of Acorns. All referrals must be made in accordance with the Acorns Referral Agreement and Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions. Limit one Bonus per Referrer.

Just starting is the first step. When saving and investing, a little here, a little there goes a long way over time. Acorns’ ambitious referral program helps inch this along.

If you’re on the fence about Acorns, read the story of how one person saved and invested $50,000 using Acorns. This person managed to passively accumulate over $10,000 of gains in five years.

After all, what’s better than also helping those in your social circle by sharing what’s working for you?

B. Carlisle

Contributing editor at Wealth Gang. An entrepreneur at heart, he's passionate about meaningful ways to leverage technology and social media for business opportunities and side hustles.