Finding A Remote Billing Job

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With the advancement of digital technologies and the Internet, career and profit-earning opportunities seem endless. For instance, you can explore ways on how to make passive income on top of your full-time work. You can’t also ignore that remote jobs are increasingly becoming popular. Especially as the world change, employers turn to work from home arrangements.

Aside from freelance writing, online teaching/tutoring, and transcribing, billing is also among the most popular remote jobs available. Billing staff is needed across various industries. Medium to large-sized companies and organizations need someone to deal with their cash flows and billing process.

Do you think a remote billing job is suitable for you? If yes, know more about the companies hiring remote billing workers and the kinds of jobs awaiting you.

Companies Offering Remote Billing Jobs

Billing processes are part of various industries. Although, most companies offering remote billing jobs are in the healthcare industry. You’ll also notice that in most cases, healthcare business solution companies will hire you rather than direct healthcare providers.

Some of the companies that you can explore include FlexJobs, TruBridge, and Biobills. These platforms work with healthcare organizations and insurance companies to solve the usual problems encountered with billing and handling patient claims. If you’re specifically comfortable in processing claims, posting payments, and managing account receivables, these ones are for you.

But few companies also provide non-medical-related remote billing work. For example, ConvergeOne, an IT services provider for medium and large enterprises, also hires home-based billing specialists.

Remote Billing Job Opportunities

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Other than checking the career pages of companies, you can also maximize job search engines when finding work opportunities. Based on several sites, the following are the top 4 remote billing jobs you can consider.

Accounts Receivable Billing Specialist

Here, your main responsibility is to efficiently and effectively provide account receivable services to your clients. This includes assisting from initial billing to payment and collection, as well as, amending billing rejections/errors and denials. You also have to monitor accounts receivables and to maintain records properly. Yearly salary is about $30,000 – $36,000.

Billing Account Manager

Aside from generating invoices and resolving billing discrepancies, you’re also tasked to coordinate and direct other staff/team members. Communication skills are important since you’ll be doing outbound calls. You are also responsible for following up on claims until payments are made. The yearly salary for this position is approximately $51,000 – $73,000. Some companies even provide commissions on top of the base wage.

Medical/Dental Billing Specialist

Regardless if you’re a Medical Billing Specialist or Dental Billing Specialist, generally you’ll closely work and coordinate with insurance companies. You have to accurately bill them for the healthcare services the patients received. Ensuring proper data entry is crucial to avoid mistakes. Thus, extracting and cross-checking information like invoices and medical records are necessary. The annual salary you’ll receive for this work is $ 32,000 – $44,000.

Patient Services Representative

As a Patient Services Representative, you’ll be in charge of reviewing the patient’s account and managing the patient’s billing-related questions and concerns. Thus, part of your work will be handling outbound and inbound calls. You will also assist in resolving patient accounts and credit balances. You can expect to earn between $35,000 and $38,000 for this position.

Go For It!

Whether you’re looking for full-time opportunities or just considering side hustles, remote billing jobs can work based on your preference. If you think you’re good with numbers, then you can give this side gig a go. Though you don’t necessarily know how to multiply and add without the use of a calculator, it’s important that you have keen attention to details. After all, you’re dealing with bills and invoices. A single miscalculation could lead to a huge error that could tarnish your client’s reputation.

Additionally, you should also possess strong customer service skills. Most of the time, you will be dealing with irate customers who don’t understand their bill or dispute the charges. You should know how to pacify them and provide resolution to their problem. Having a remote billing job could be challenging, but it’s definitely rewarding.

Finding a remote billing job is not an arduous task. The internet provides a vast option to score this gig. You can check the companies’ websites provided here or use job search engines for broader choices. You can also use the remote billing job opportunities provided on this list as a guide.

Are you just starting or exploring remote jobs? The world of remote work could sound intimidating and challenging, especially if you are relatively new. Here’s a special treat though.

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