How To Get Paid $2,400 For A 24-Hour Digital Detox

It’s increasingly hard to be truly offline. Our phones and laptops are how we connect with our family, friends, and jobs. When we’re without them, we feel lost and helpless — like a piece of ourselves is missing. We need a digital detox.

In modern life, the idea of spending 24 hours offline is unfathomable to many. Our devices are the tool that connects us to the world and our livelihoods. It’s hard to find time to unplug, especially with so many real ways to make money online.

Because avoiding screens is so hard, is holding a 24-hour digital detox challenge. After filling out an application and being selected by the company, a participant will be awarded $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology.

How To Get Paid For A Digital Detox

In order to participate, you’ll have to totally give up screens for a day.

No phone, no laptop, no video games, no smart speakers, no TVs.

“If you’ve got the desire to ditch your devices for a day but still need to get paid, this is the perfect opportunity for you,” writes on its website.

To participate in the digital detox, you’ll have to give up all technology. The company is allowing selected participants to 14 days from accepting the challenge to pick a day that works around your schedule, so there’s no need to skip out on your responsibilities with work or school.

The company will also provide selected participants with a “techless survival kit” to pass the time, worth about $200. Suggested items include the following:

  • A typewriter to replace your laptop
  • Board games to replace video games
  • Writing stationery to replace text messaging or emails
  • Books from the best-seller list to replace the time you spend mindlessly scrolling through social media
  • Paints and brushes to make a self-portrait rather than taking selfies

With so many people working remotely, it’s a chance to get paid for a much-needed break form doomscrolling, ad nauseam memes, and non-stop Zoom meetings.

To apply, requests some personal information and a 100-word essay about why you should be selected and paid for a digital detox. Applications are open until March 26. Winners will be announced on the company’s YouTube page on March 29.



B. Carlisle

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