How Do Boxing Odds Work: Top-Rated Tips for Placing Bets

how do boxing odds work

Have you ever wondered how do boxing odds work?

As a sports enthusiast who wants to put their money on the line, betting on boxing can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience.

However, it can also become even better if you know all of the best ways to bet.

By understanding how odds work when it comes to boxing as well as having tips and tricks from the best of the best, you’ll be more likely to earn a considerable payout.

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Understanding Money Lines

The first step to getting an idea of how boxing odds work is to know that they rely on money lines.

If you’ve ever watched sporting events in the past, you likely know how odds work, as some teams may be 41-to-1 to beat another team.

Money lines are slightly the same but are expressed in a different way, which can cause a little bit of confusion.

A hypothetical example would be Floyd Mayweather -280 vs. Conor McGregor +240.

You’ll notice at the end of each fighter’s name, there’s a value, this is the value that you will use to determine what bets are necessary to win the most.

Let’s take Mayweather’s money line as an example first.

If you were to bet on Floyd Mayweather at -280, you would have to bet $280 per $100 you would want to win.

With McGregor, on the other hand, the money line tells you that you will be receiving more money if he were to win.

For example, per $100 you bet on McGregor, you would receive $240.

Every single fight will have a matchup where both fighters will have money lines, one with a positive and one with a negative.

The opponent with the negative sign is the favorite, while the other is the underdog.

It’s easiest to remember that minus means how much you need to bet, and a plus means how much you will win per $100.

How Much Should You Bet on Boxing Matches?

Although we used $100 as an example to quickly explain how boxing odds work, you surely do not have to place $100 as your bet.

You can use any amount that is comfortable for you, and the odds would break down appropriately.

When you start to look into odds, you’ll find that most don’t fall on a whole number, which is why money lines are as prevalent as they are in boxing.

What Are Boxing Odd Totals?

Totals are commonly referred to as over or under bets, and they are quite different from traditional odds where you will pick the fighter who is going to win.

With totals, you will be responsible for betting on how long you think the fight will last in total.

The bookie you’re with will provide a specific number, which signifies the projected total rounds the contest will continue, for example, ten rounds.

You will typically see totals relayed in this form:

  • Fighter A -400 vs. Fighter B +300, Total: 10.5 Rounds

In the first half of the odds, you’ll find the typical betting style while in the latter half, the totals.

Over in this situation would be 10.5 (-240), while the Under will be 10.5 (+180).

When you opt for over or under bets, you’ll have two different choices to make, deciding whether the fight will last more or less than the suggested rounds.

As an example, if you think the match will be under 10.5 rounds, you would choose the under at +180, alternatively, if you believe it will be longer than 10.5 rounds, you’d select the over at -240.

Similar to the money lines we discussed earlier, with -240, you would have to bet $240 for every $100 you want to win.

If you choose the +180 odds, you’ll earn $180 per $100 you bet.

how do boxing odds work

What Are Boxing Parlays?

Now that you have a clear understanding of straight betting for boxing as well as over and under betting, let’s discuss boxing parlays.

When you place a bet with a parlay, you’ll be putting down at least two picks on the same bet.

To win, all of your picks need to be successful.

The reason boxing parlays are so popular is that they have quite a hefty payout, but as your picks need to be perfect, and they can be challenging to achieve.

You can guarantee that a typical parlay is your best chance at winning some money, though it won’t be as substantial as if you were to opt for an underdog parlay.

An example of a standard parlay would be Boxer A (-270) vs. Boxer B and Boxer C (-255) vs. Boxer D on the same ticket.

With this parlay, you won’t put a lot of money into betting on the favorites as individuals; instead, you would be choosing to put the favorites on a parlay.

If you placed a $100 bet on these picks, you might be able to get as much as $90 in winnings, which isn’t very substantial.

The alternative, the underdog parlay, would look something like this: Boxer A (+360) vs. Boxer B and Boxer C (+500) vs. Boxer D.

On this ticket, you can see that all of the fighters chosen are underdogs.

Since the success of the underdog is less likely, the payout will be higher.

You may be wondering why people would even bother betting on the underdog, and the most straightforward answer is because upsets happen all of the time.

If you can easily predict an upset or if you have a good feeling about an underdog, you can make as much as $2660 with a $100 bet on the above parlay bet.

Similar to trading on the stock market, higher risk equals higher reward.

The Best Tips for Betting on Boxing

There are multiple ways you can get a good idea of how to place the most effective bet for a specific fight.

Whether you rely on your intuition or the help of seasoned professionals, the options are endless.

Below, we will discuss all of the best tips for betting and potentially obtaining the highest possible rewards.

1. Search for Upset Elements

As previously mentioned, there is always a possibility of an upset, which is something that keeps underdogs motivated when matched against successful rivals.

If you can keep your eyes open for any elements of an upset, you might be well on your way to making profitable bets.

It’s important to remember that anything can happen, but it’s not a good idea to throw your money onto an underdog if they don’t have a chance.

You’ll want to take note of both fighters and determine if the favorite has anything that the underdog can use to their advantage.

For example, if the underdog has a very authoritative punch while the favorite has a questionable chin, it could be a good time to bet on the underdog.

2. Find the Right Price

Everyone has a certain amount of money they are comfortable with investing in betting, and you will need to find yours.

Another essential element is to consider whether a particular fighter is worth the investment.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this specific tip; however, the best thing you can do is to figure out whether the favorite or the underdog is worth your money.

Some bettors prefer to take risks because they have the chance for a heightened reward, whereas others prefer the satisfaction of winning every time.

You need to determine the value of a specific fight to decide if it’s worth your investment.

The most significant rule of thumb to remember is that no one ever profits from “almost winning.”

3. Get Professional Help

With the ability to get free betting tips from expert tipsters, you can revolutionize the way you put your money into boxing.

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Although betting on boxing isn’t an exact science, you can bet there are highly useful tips and tricks you’re missing out on by not joining the platform.

How Do Boxing Odds Work: Final Thoughts

Being able to answer how do boxing odds work is quite simple once you know what money lines are and how they work.

With the tips in this guide, you should now be able to place more effective bets with a higher chance of winning than ever before.

Also, with the help of Betting Gods, you can put your money in the most effective pockets for its highest possible return.

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