How Much Money Will Americans Spend On Mother’s Day And Father’s Day Gifts?

Adult son giving present to Mom on Mother's Day

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s prime time for backyard cookouts, family vacations, and leisurely activities of all varieties. It also means Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – joyous celebrations that allow us to express heartfelt gratitude to the pillars of love and guidance in our lives.

For retailers, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a major bonanza to cash in on loved ones opening up their wallets to show their appreciation to Mom and Dad. It’s become a significant commerce season on the business calendar, like back-to-school and the holidays. 

How much money will Americans spend on Mother’s Day this year? 

A new report from found 55% of all US adults will buy a gift for Mother’s Day this year.

According to the report, around 144 million people plan to spend an average of $75 on gifts for their mothers, resulting in retailers potentially earning approximately $11 billion from Mother’s Day shoppers.

How much money will Americans spend on Father’s Day this year? 

On the flip side, found that only 42% of people intend to buy gifts for Father’s Day in 2023, with an average expenditure of $60. As a result, US shoppers are expected to spend around $7 billion on Father’s Day gifts, which is approximately $4 billion less than what will be spent on Mother’s Day.

Shopper behavior for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

The study found that a a higher percentage of men (73%) compared to women (56%) plan to buy gifts for either Mother’s or Father’s Day. Interestingly enough, more women (44%) than men (27%) indicate they won’t buy any gifts for these occasions. Around 30% of women plan to buy gifts for both parents, while approximately 37% of men have the same intention.

There is some support in the survey for the idea of the “Daddy’s girl”. The survey found taht women (10%) are slightly more likely than men (8%) to buy gifts exclusively for their fathers. On the other hand, “mama’s boy” holds true, with men (29%) being significantly more inclined than women (17%) to shop exclusively for their mothers.

Interestingly, although there are differences in the number of men and women shopping for each parent, the amount they plan to spend on gifts remains consistent. Men have a median spending plan of $100 for either Mother’s or Father’s Day, which is double the projected spending of women ($50) for these occasions.

What generations spend the most for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? 

The survey also broke out generational spending habits, finding that Millennials from 27-42 years old will be spending the most. It’s safe to say this correlates with many Millennials entering their peak earning years in their careers

The survey found that 84% of both Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z intend to buy gifts for their mom or dad in 2023.  Among these generations, Generation Y (Millennials) will be the most generous spenders, planning to allocate a median gift budget of $100 for both mom and dad. Gen Z, on the other hand, has the higher likelihood (54%) of shopping for both parents.

When it comes to shopping for a single parent, Millennials (29%) are the most inclined to buy gifts exclusively for their mothers. Interestingly, the survey found that both Gen Z and Millennials share a similar percentage (10%) of individuals who will shop exclusively for their fathers.


Based on the survey, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are major moments, both for families and shoppers. Go give it a read to see the fascinating findings for yourself.

In the end, it’s not about the money spent or the gifts received. What truly matters on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is the thoughtfulness we put into showing our love and appreciation. It’s about the heartfelt gestures, sincere conversations, and the precious moments we share with our parents. Enjoy them while you can. 

So, let’s remember: it’s not about the price tag, but the love we express that makes these celebrations truly meaningful.

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