How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

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How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

If you are someone who really loves binge-watching videos on Youtube, series on Netflix, and movies on streams, then this post is for you.

A lot of people consider watching videos as their past time. However, are you aware that despite this, you can still earn money from it? Get a bowl of popcorn and get yourself comfortable as you learn how to earn money by watching videos. 

How to Earn Money By Watching Videos

There are several websites and apps where you can spend your time and generate your own profit. This article will focus on one of the best which is Earnably.

What Is Earnably?


Earnably is one of the most popular get-paid-to (GPT) sites. This means that the business offers payment and rewards once the user completes specific tasks such as watching videos, completing offers, and answering surveys. Engaging with Earnably is a straightforward approach to earn money since the assigned tasks are not that complicated. All you need to have is a laptop or computer with a wi-fi connection to it and has a browser that has enabled flash. 

Is Earnably Legitimate?

If you scroll through the landing page, you will quickly learn more about the legitimacy of the website. First, it uses sites such as AdGaterewards, Peanut Labs, and AdscendMedia to facilitate some product and services offers. In the marketing world, if you engage with these kinds of agencies, then there is a significant possibility that you can trust the website. 

How To Earn Money With Earnably

Signing Up

Signing up for Earnably does not require a lot of resources to do. All you need is a working laptop or PC and a stable internet connection. If your gadget is running day and night, there are more chances of winning.

To sign up, all you have to do is go to their website and answer a couple of registration questions. There is an allowable one account per household. Additionally, a user must be of legal age to sign up. Just ensure to cross-check whether or not Earnably is available in your country. As of now, they add up to the countries it can be available in, depending on the increasing demand of the users in the given area. 

Watching Videos

Earning money has never been made easier with Earnably. In this hustle culture kind of society, it can be efficient to have an extra source of cash inflow. Also, some people do not have the luxury or the resources to go out there and get a formal job. Websites like Earnably gives people who need to work at home an avenue to earn without exerting much effort, or having extra time to do more things.

Just by simply watching videos all day, you can earn a certain amount of money already depending on how much. This is made possible by the advertisements present in every video. Various video providers, in partnership with Earnably, pay points for the videos watched. The user has their own discretion on which videos are to be viewed or played. It can keep running the whole day, depending on your availability. Users earn points which they can, later on, convert to money. 

How many points will you earn by watching videos?

In some cases, videos that are three to five minutes long will garner you 1.2 – 2.5 points. Do you wish to earn more points and earn more money? The answer is quite simple. Watch a lot of videos so you can multiply your possible cashout. Once you have reached a certain number of points, you are allowed to redeem these through different options provided in their website. It is a good source of extra income. And it does not take a lot of your effort to accomplish the task. 

Compared to the other avenues to earn money, watching videos is considered to be one of the most time-consuming and tiring options. With this, it would be better to choose which tasks to consider to make the return of investment worth it and not a waste of time for the user.

Other Tasks For Additional Points

More than just watching videos, there are also additional tasks that users can do to garner more points for cash!

Although it’s not required, it can be an extra cash cow for people who have time to spare or are working towards a particular financial goal. These tasks may involve various skills that are easy to do but takes a lot of time and effort to execute.

Administrative work

The responsibilities can include a lot of administrative work that would need the user to invest a lot of time and be more intricate.

Writing academic paper

Are you good with research? Then you can choose options that would involve coming up with an academic paper. This task requires you to have excellent and well-done study and proper writing.

Audio transcription

If this is not in line with the user’s interests, there are also other options such as audio transcription that do not need a lot of skill.  However, you must have a lot of time, patience, and effort.

Reports and presentations

Other than this, there are also additional tasks that involve creating reports, powerpoints, doing creatives work and some graphics, and a lot more of digital work. However, despite the additional functions that users can choose alternatives from, it does not change the bearing of the points that can be earned even if the tasks are more time-consuming, more detailed, and would need more effort. 

Engaging in other digital activities

Besides doing additional tasks that are more output-based, other options would involve the user engaging in other digital activities. Examples of these would be trying out games. Most of the time, game developers do this to know whether their creation is interesting, touches the interest of their target market, and get general insights from people who get to experience their game. By doing this, creators can better improve what they have done, and the partner website also earns from it. Other options would involve games that are paid, such as virtual casinos, which enables you to spend actual money. If you are a strategic gambler, it could give you more income than ever!

Trying out applications

Another additional task for points would be trying out applications. Same as game developers, app developers partner up with such websites to make their app be tested or tried out by different users.  They want to have a general feel of how their app would look like overall. This involves getting insights for the interface if it is user-friendly, does it meets its purpose and lot of other general and specific objectives. The great thing about this particular task would be, in some cases, if you reach a certain level in the hierarchy provided by the app itself, you are allowed to receive more points and even get bonuses for the challenges done or achievements unlocked. 

Signup offers

More than these additional tasks, the user can also opt to explore other avenues, such as going for signup offers or going shopping. Sign up offers involve being rewarded if a user registers for websites that say “free trial” or some of the same kind. There are always some dangers financially when signing up, so it is best to be careful not to spend extra. As for shopping, there are avenues for retailers to give users a point if they shop through the website. Points can get as high as 2,000 to 3,000, depending on the deal available and the grounds for it. 

Referral Bonus 

refer a friend

What better way to grow a website community than through referrals, right? With Earnably, you can receive additional points if you help the website expand their network. When you invite others, the site can offer up to 10% of what the respective referrals earn through the different tasks and challenges readily available. Through a link specifically made for referrals, the website can allow existing users to make referrals. Though for those thinking about it already, the site has a way of tracking referrals that are of the same IP address, so they know if you used your family member as your referral, which in the case of Earnably referrals, is not allowed.

How Much Will You Get Paid?

The amount of effort you put in these tasks is pretty minimal and the amount of payout is also not very large (individuals and locations have different perceptions on the value of money). But the work is easy. As long as you are careful about not making any purchases within the website, the amount you can redeem is pretty fair. 

The income a user can get paid depends on how many tasks that are completed and how many additional challenges are unlocked. For the various jobs, there are different corresponding points so that it can depend on the prioritization of the tasks done.

Redeeming Your Points And Getting Paid

To make it clear, 1 point does not equate to one dollar. There is a specific “conversion rate” that exists in the world of Earnably. For every 100 points, the user gets approximately 1 dollar. If you reach 500 points, the user has the option to exchange it on his or her personal PayPal account, Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards.

In order to redeem your cash, the user must accumulate at least 125 points. If the user garners more points, the conversion rate from points to dollars can also improve.

Other Websites Where You Can Earn Money To Watch Videos Online




Swagbucks is one of the websites which has a wide variety of video options to choose form. You can earn big bucks for watching videos ranging from sports highlights, world news, and other themed videos. They also have the option to pay you higher should you stumble upon a sponsored video. 

Aside from getting paid to watch videos, you can also thicken your wallet by taking online surveys, surfing the web, and shopping online. Rest assured that with Swagbucks, you won’t get bored. 

Once you have reached a certain number of points, you can then convert it into either Paypal Cash or gift cards for retailers. It’s your choice. 

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Netflix Tagger


Netflix Tagger is the best platform if you want to earn money by watching kids’ movies. So, what is the role of a tagger? All you have to do is watch programs or videos that Netflix will assign you, and you will have to sort these into categories. This strategy helps them to suggest easier the best plan to its users based on their choices. 

Take note that this work will require you 15 hours per week. However, this position is not always up for grabs. You have to patiently wait until Netflix opens and advertises the role on its career page. 

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InboxDollars allows you to collect money by watching various short videos daily. The videos available range from different categories such as entertainment, food and beverages, showbiz, and a whole lot more. Asides from watching videos, InboxDollars is also known to be one of the best avenues to earn money just by answering short surveys.

Though there may be advantages and disadvantages to answering such surveys, it is recommended to be vigilant with disclosing such personal information. Similar to Earnably, InboxDollars allows users to cash out using PayPal. However, the minimum redeemable amount must be at least 30 dollars. They are one of the most legitimate websites to earn extra income online.

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Rev Captioner

Rev Captioner

If you are into transcribing work, this is the best online website to earn extra income from.

By watching different videos and typing what has been said, you are bound to make some money already. The challenge for Rev Captioner is just like taking notes out of a school documentary and ensuring the transcription is correct. The best thing about Rev Captioner is that you do not need much skill or experience to get the job well-done. As long as you can type normally and hear what is being said on TV, this can get you an extra source of income already. The usual income that one can earn through this website would be around 200 to 1,500 dollars.

Definitely worth it compared to other jobs. 

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Different from the other mentioned websites, Perk TV does its operations a bit more easily. It doesn’t ask users to do numerous tasks. It doesn’t require them to gain points through challenges and bonuses either. All Perk TV requires from the users would be to sign up on their site and watch your own favorite shows Perk TV or Viggle TV. The more you view, the higher the chances of getting cash points and even gift cards of high quantity. The website is also available as an app to make watching for viewers more efficient and more comfortable.

Need some cash? All you need is a lot of spare time and a good internet connection. And just like that, you can make some bucks out of it already.

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Ever wondered how some apps have a lot of interruptions such as application trailers, teasers, or ads? App trailers are actually a means for people to get additional income. Exciting and fun as it sounds like, you can earn extra income just by watching the trailers of different game apps or innovative applications. The purpose of such activities is to make the trailer reach a bigger audience and in some way, promote the said app as well. Reviews say that the cash income from this is not as much as the others. However, it’s not that bad given the required amount of effort. 

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National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel is a company that allows people to earn money through various activities. Members can earn points only by registering on the said website and reporting their different shopping activities. By reporting about their first shopping trip, NPC gives users a chance to earn rewards and points. Unlike other sites, the National Consumer Panel has special incentives for users who stay in the app and use it more frequently. Examples of this would be birthday bonuses, 6-month anniversary bonuses, and 1st-anniversary bonuses. The more loyal you are into using the apps, the higher the chances that you will get higher incentives and cashpoints.

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Grab Points

Grab Points

Just like the other websites, Grab Points is an avenue for users to earn money by doing simple tasks in their day to day life. Examples of functions would include simple ones such as taking short surveys and watching a bunch of video clips. You can even have other activities such as exploring and downloading different applications. By doing these activities regularly, users can receive points which are redeemable and can be converted into actual cash. The usual mode of cashout is through PayPal, and the processing time is usually speedy and efficient. 

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Just like Perk TV, Viggle allows users to earn income only by streaming online or watching shows or series. The income generates when you use their specific application to view the said shows that are provided by them. More than just the usual watching of shows, Viggle also offers other avenues to generate income through different Perk Points. You can incur these points by playing games, unlocking daily bonus shows, and unlock different challenges in the app. The best part about Viggle is that there are different ways where you can multiply your points to up to a thousand. You can even exchange it for various gift cards that can be very useful for your everyday needs. 

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There are many different ways for an ordinary person to generate income. At first, it can feel risky or too sketchy. However, exploring and venturing into these different avenues can help people all around the world meet needed expenses, pay bills, and so much more. Many tasks are available to accomplish for a user to earn money. If you have not yet found the perfect job for you, there are limitless opportunities to explore around the web. There are different incentives and benefits that one can get from trying out these different websites. Yet, it is still essential to remain vigilant as not to be fooled or scammed by other sites on the web. 





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