How To Make Money In Vegas

Las Vegas

You spent a few amazing nights in Sin City, had a blast, but are now left with no cash in your pockets. You took advantage of the great entertainment, expensive food, and wild parties that the big life in Las Vegas, Nevada had to offer. But if you want to experience more of these, then you have to replenish your bank account as soon as possible. With this in mind, here are the best ways to make money in Vegas. 

Be A City Guide Writer

There are over 40 million visitors that go to Las Vegas each year, but many don’t come with a clear plan to enjoy all of what the city has to offer. If you’re confident enough about your knowledge regarding the city and you have a passion for writing, then being a city guide writer is perfect for you. 

According to Business Insider, cities and governments hire city guide writers as a way to promote their locations. Your task is to provide a local yet unique perspective on what the city can bring to visitors. Focus on insider tips on culture, recreation, activities, shopping, public transportation, and more and start creating a name for yourself in that city. 


There are a lot of tourists in Vegas, and most of them rely on Uber and Lyft to take them to places (especially after a long night of drinking and partying). It’s really the easiest way for point-to-point travel. No one wants to explore a city using slow public transportation when you’re on a vacation. The demand for ride share is very high, and you can maximize the this opportunity to earn big bucks on the side. 

Take note that you will most likely earn more during weekends and holidays. You might be able to make $20 to $25 per hour over the weekend. However, on average if you’re working full time (9 am to 5 pm), expect to make closer to $17.50/hour


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Gamble In Casinos


There are professional gamblers that make a living playing casino games and do fairly well. The trick is managing you emotions and learning the tips to maximize your return on good hands. Here are some tips that you should consider when going inside these sin buildings. 

Do Not Play In Sucker Bets

You might hear the term sucker bet from some gamblers. A sucker bet refers to a game where the mathematical possibility, also called house edge, of winning, is low. One example of a sucker bet is the game of keno. According to experts, this game has a house edge of approximately 15% only. 

Quit While You Are On Top

No one will take home a massive sum of money from a Las Vegas casino if they play nonstop, the odds are just built against you.  The more hands you play, the law of averages will start getting closer to the mathematical outcomes expected. So since every game is rigged to give an advantage to the house (no matter how small), the more hands you play the less of a chance you have to beat  the house. You need to careful manage your betting to create opportunities for yourself. 

So, if you hit a big win early on your games, then the best decision is to allocate a portion of your winnings as profit for the evening. The rest can be used for gambling because you know you’ve already won.. For example, if you won $5,000 on your 5th spin on the roulette wheel, then you can already cash out $3,000 to make sure that you already go home with a profit. You can then use the $2,000 to play other games and see whether you will be adding money to your earnings. 

The best guide for you in this situation is to stick to your win goal and stop-loss limit. For instance, you set it at 20% of your cash in. This means that if you cash in $1,000, you have to stop gambling once it reaches $800. This is 20% less from your original payout money. 

At the same time, the rule also requires you to set aside a portion of your money once it reaches your win goal. So, if you currently have a $1,200 cash on hand, then you have to set aside the $200 and consider it as your savings already. You have to force yourself not to spend any of these. Once you have claimed the said amount, then you are back to your original cash-in level, and you have to follow your win goal and stop-loss limit once again. 

Learn To Play Poker

Gamblers learn the hard way, and one thing they realized after spending a lot of their time in casinos is that poker is the best go-to game there is. If you want to control your money, then you have to stay away from the “casino games” and play poker instead. 

You rely mostly on luck in most casino games. However, what sets poker aside is its inclusion of the skill element to be able to win. Yes, there’s luck, but you can still win with strategy. All you have to do is to master the art of reading your opponents and know when it’s time to back out from a fight. You also have to make sure to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the rules to be able to maximize your playing. 

According to studies, only 10 percent of the players earn a profit on this table. This might be a small chance to work with, but this is a bigger percentage compared to you playing the slot machines. 

Check out Scarne’s New Complete Guide To Gambling to help you work your way in the casinos. 

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Host A Guest

As mentioned above, there are times that there is an influx of tourists in Vegas. The greater the demand in terms of accommodation, the higher the hotel rates will be. This is a great opportunity for you to rent out your house/apartment to incoming visitors at a premium. If you offer a slightly lower price compared to the hotels in town, you will fill your location very quickly. 

To be able to do this, you can sign up with Airbnb. You have complete control over your accommodation offering in this channel, and it will significantly depend on you when you want to rent it. For example, you have the option to make your space available for just a few weekends, or you can open the booking for the whole year — your choice. 

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Distribute Cards Or Fliers

There are thousands of cars and people who pass by the streets of Las Vegas daily. This substantial foot traffic enables the distribution of cards or fliers to be a viable marketing strategy for the businesses of the city. If you can afford to stand the whole day in the Las Vegas Strip, then this can be the perfect job for you. 

Some companies will pay you around $15 to $30 per hour to hand out their promotional materials. Some examples of these include spas, hotels, restaurants, and many more. You can look for job openings like this in job boards such as Indeed, Jobs2Careers, or Craigslist

Pawn Something


Do you know that there are overflowing pawn shops around Vegas? The reason behind this is that most gamblers put their jewelry and billions on the casino table once they don’t have money left. When other people win these things, they rush to the nearest reputed pawnshop to exchange those pieces into cash. 

If you’re not into gambling, then you can also go to these places to pawn your collection of gold and silver coins. Take note that the pawning prices might differ from shop to shop, so make sure to go around first before settling with the best deal. 

You may also use a gold and silver calculator so you’ll know the approximate value of your item. This will give you leverage when bargaining with the shops. 

Download The Gold And Silver Calculator

Officiate Weddings

Aside from the casinos, Las Vegas also takes pride in being the go-to place of lovers for a quick marriage ceremony. With this in mind, you can also earn money by being a wedding officiant. All you need to have is the love of attending weddings, confidence in speaking in front of a lot of people, and registering as an officiant. 

If you want to be in this business, start by checking the local and state requirements in setting up this kind of business. Once everything is taken care of, you can market yourself online and book the wedding dates. 

Believe it or not, you can make a lot of cash from this sideline. According to an article in The Penny Hoarder, you may receive $300 to $500 by just officiating a wedding. 

Make sure to read on the Wedding Officiant’s Guide by Lisa Francesca before entering the said business. 

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Deliver Food

The people in Vegas are mostly awake at night. Therefore, they struggle to keep awake and alive during the day time. They opt just to order food online so they won’t have to walk through the busy streets of the city. There is an opportunity in this kind of mindset, and that’s by delivering food to your customers. 

DoorDash allows you to earn money by entering the food delivery business. This platform lets a customer place an order from a list of restaurants such as Chipotle, Burger King, Starbucks, and other restaurants in the area. Your role is to check the app once in a while and check whether there is food ready for pick up near you. Once you have the food on your hands, you can already drop it off to the given address and get paid. 

What’s good about DoorDash is that the delivery men get to keep 100 percent of the delivery fee. The company also doesn’t require them to surrender the tips they receive from the customers. With this, you can earn an average of $15 to $25 per hour, depending on how long you will be able to serve the food. 

Advertise On Your Body

It might be a little odd for you to hear this. But with the wildness and endless surprises on the streets of Vegas, anything can happen. 

Believe it or not, various companies in the area are willing to hire and pay people to get a tattoo of their logos. They opt to put it in visible and unusual places. The weirder the body part where it is located and the more exposed the tattoo is, the higher the payment rate. The reason behind this is that it gets a lot of publicity. 

For example, a 30-year-old woman in the streets of Vegas opted to have a tattoo of a gambling website on her forehead. Because of the tons of publicity it received, she was able to receive $10,000 for the said tattoo advertising stint. Not bad for the pain she received, right?

If you have the confidence to walk around the city with these logos on your body but do not have the pain tolerance of getting the permanent tattoo, then you may opt to go with the alternative. Several companies are open to recruiting consumers who can wear temporary tattoos for advertisement. 

Be A Fashion Consultant

Vegas houses the best high-end shoppers out there. Upon receiving their winnings from the casino, there is a significant possibility that they will go straight to the mall and buy the latest fashion trends. Since these people want to stand out, they opt to spend a large amount of money just to hire fashion consultants. They even give these people the freedom to select their entire wardrobe depending on the season. 

As a fashion consultant, your role is to meet with your clients and familiarize yourself with their personalities, likes, dislikes, and fashion goals. This is to ensure that what you’re giving them is aligned with what they aim for. 

According to an article by The Art Career Project, savvy styling can provide around $50 to $500 per hour of work. 

Final Words

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Living or visiting Las Vegas might require a lot of money from you, but don’t be discouraged by this. There are also countless side hustles to do that will let you earn more money. All you have to do is explore these jobs and find the right fit for you. Once you have established yourself, you can enjoy the pleasures of Sin City once again. 


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