How To Make Money on Honeygain


With the pandemic still being felt in most parts of the world, more and more people are having a dilemma between needing to work for money and staying at home for their safety. But, you don’t have to choose between these two when there are a lot of ways to earn money at home. There can be investing, streaming, selling of in-game items, advertising- you just have to choose. 

However, if you are not convinced with any of that, then you may try Honeygain. I promise you, it is by far, the easiest way to earn money passively. You just need a device that will do all the work for you!

What Is Honeygain and How Do You Earn With It?


Honeygain is an application where you can turn your internet connection into money. You can just easily install this on your mobile device, computer or laptop. It utilizes your internet connection so it can run multiple queries for its clients. Honeygain lets businesses, which are primarily involved in the research industry, use that network to gather data. The twist here is; the network is installed in a variety of devices and IPs all across the globe so their clients will have different sources. 

So if you are talking about how to earn passive income, this might just be the most passive that you will get. And, unlike bitcoin, Honeygain is not using your device’s computing power to mine them, instead, Honeygain is just using your internet and nothing more. 

Also, they are not someone who is spying on your behavior and will monetize it by selling it to marketing companies. What Honeygain is doing is use your internet connection to run multiple queries from clients and search about subject matters that they are interested in.

The most common query is about search engine optimization research. Therefore, Honeygain searches Google and other search engines on your device and compiles the results about it. This is indeed a very essential piece of information. The reason behind that is because marketers of companies place huge importance on how they appear in the result. Through this, they will also be able to learn if their efforts have been effective. 

Price comparison websites are also one of the cases they highlighted on their blog. Any enterprise can decide on how much their product or service would be, as long as the purchasing power of users would be considered too. 

For example, someone living in New York City is likely to have a higher purchasing power than someone living in Charlotte, mainly because New York City has a higher cost of living. This information are compiled and reviewed by price comparison websites so that users can check the prices of products and services in a certain area.

How Much Will You Earn Using Honeygain?

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This might be the most interesting part for you since earning money is the main reason why you are here. So, let’s stop the chit chat and discuss how much you will earn using Honeygain!

It is a given fact that Honeygain uses your internet connection for their business. However, you must know that your earnings will be based on how much of your internet connection have consumed and not by how much data you have consumed. 

Currently, the rate that they pay for the Default Network Sharing is one credit for every ten MB that they will use from their network. They need to consume ten gigabytes before they pay you with one US dollar. This only means that every credit that you will earn gives you a penny.

Moreover, they also have the so-called “content delivery” service where you will earn six credits for every hour that this service is up and running on your device. 

The only complicated part of earning through Honeygain is that the demand for their services is uneven. If there are high demand and only a few users of the application in your area, then you are lucky enough because you will really make a lot through this application. However, if there is a high demand but also a lot of users of Honeygain in your area, then queries will be spread out to all of you, leaving you with minimal opportunities for earning.

This is why it is really hard to predict how much you will earn through Honeygain given a span of time. It will depend on how much demand Honeygain has for their network and the competition that you have in your neighborhood. 

The good thing is, when you already reach a 20 dollar-earning, you can now request for a cashout via Tipalti or Paypal. 

Make the Internet Earn

What a good feeling to earn without putting so much effort, right? If you want to feel that, join Honeygain and make your internet earn for you!

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.