How To Make Money On Mistplay



How To Make Money On Mistplay

Ever since the dawn of the internet, opportunities to generate money have existed. Whether as a side hustle or even as a full-time job, the digital world has undoubtedly ushered in creative ways for people to earn more.

One particular industry that capitalizes on this has been the gaming community. Many people today have made gaming a part of their lifestyle. Since becoming so accessible to so many, games have made a significant impact on how people entertain themselves. And some applications will allow you to make money while playing, such as Mistplay.

This article tells you everything you need to know about this app and gives you tips on how to make money on Mistplay.

What is Mistplay?


Mistplay is a free mobile app that works like a loyalty program as you play games. It was launched in 2017 by a Canadian company called Mistplay, Inc. It was made primarily as a testing site for game developers to get feedback on their gaming apps. However, Mistplay enhanced this by providing incentives to users to earn money as they play. In this way, gamers can enjoy a selection of games while at the same time making cash on the side. 

With over five million downloads since it was launched, Mistplay has indeed intrigued many users with the features it provides. Three years after, do we really see some improvements? How does it uphold its promise of financial returns? Is it worth the try?

This guide can hopefully give you a comprehensive review of Mistplay and its developments.

How can you earn money in Mistplay?

Mistplay is a free app. Its audience has grown dramatically since anyone with an Internet connection can access it. Given this, you may wonder where the money comes from. Partnerships with game developers. Mistplay serves as a middleman in getting feedback from potential users of beta versions of the games.

In a nutshell, you can earn by playing games and then providing your feedback. The currency of Mistplay can be measured in units. You can earn these units in different ways, including playing for long hours frequently, joining contests, and other ways.

On average, gameplays range from two to five minutes, and each game has its own set of requirements to finish it. You are notified when you earn units (a message will pop up on the screen as soon as you finish the task). After that, the site asks for your feedback – what you think are the game’s areas for improvement and your general insights on it.

Remember that you are testing the games with the developers. They are still developing it, and honest reviews from you, the user, helps them improve the current version they have. This allows the game developers to update their systems before they launch the game officially to the market.

Once you have enough units, you may redeem it for different rewards. It depends on several factors, but you can earn as much as $50 a month in prizes. 

How does Mistplay work?

As a mobile application, you need to download and install it first on your phone. It is available for download from the Google Play Store.

To access it, the app needs your permission to allow it to display above other running apps. You must also disable your power-saving option to use the app. Another thing to be noted is that you can’t access Mistplay if you are connected to a Virtual Private Network or VPN. The app will block you if they see a VPN connection in place. 

After making the necessary changes in your setting, you can register for an account. Note that Mistplay is restricted to users who are 18 years of age and above. After confirming this, you need to sign up and create your account. You may do so using any email (create a new Gmail or Facebook account if you need). You earn units the moment you sign up (as much as 200 units). From there, you can easily edit your profile and explore the app’s features through your phone.

Play-by-Play on Mistplay: A Quick Overview

Mistplay’s user interface is direct and easy to navigate. The landing page is its game page, which displays all the games you are currently playing along with other featured games. It also shows your progress in each game, and the units you have earned so far.

A navigation tab is also available at the bottom of the screen. It contains the icons of other pages to make it easier for you to go from one place to another. These tabs include the game section, chat, shop, bonus, and your profile.

We will be giving you a quick overview of each of these tabs. 


Mistplay Play Games

Mistplay’s primary function can be easily seen on its Games page. You can browse through the games available in their system, download them and start playing. These games are automatically added to your Mix list, which contains all the games you are currently playing along with the points you are earning. This allows you to track the points you are getting more easily. Unfortunately, the games are region-based. This means that you can only access certain games depending on your location. 

Late in June 2019, a new user interface for the games tab was launched. In this new update, your games can be classified into different lists according to the genre, popularity, and other features. These lists are to be updated regularly by the developers to update new games frequently.

This update also allows the users to view multiple games all at once than the previous single column display. Some of the permanent lists include “New Arrivals” and “Mistplay Favorites.”


Mistplay Chat

Aside from playing games, Mistplay also allows its users to interact with each other through chat rooms. Everyone is free to join any chat room they want to be part of. These chat rooms range from personal, public, and private chat rooms. Users can invite their friends into their chats and discuss their gaming and other interests. 

A public room can be accessed by anyone who has a game chat. On the other hand, private rooms are those that can be joined by users with approval from the room’s creator. A personal chat room can be a one-to-one chat with another user you want to communicate with. In its latest update, you can now personalize your chat rooms. You can change the color and avatar of your group chats, so you are more motivated to interact with others.

Another new addition to this is the game chat. Contrary to the other chat rooms, game chats can only be accessed by users who have reached level 5 in a game you are playing. This is a step the developers took in making Mistplay as a “highly social mobile gaming platform.”


This is the section where you can claim your rewards and choose from a selection of gift cards you want to exchange it with. As you play the games, you earn units that you can convert into points that allow you to pick a gift card. A selection of gift cards can be easily seen once you go to this section.


One of its new features, the bonus page, showcases additional steps for you to earn units. Getting bonus points could be as easy as inviting a friend to download and use Mistplay. These bonus units help you in getting rewards faster.


A standard section to most smartphone apps today, your profile displays your avatar together with your username. It shows the recent games you played, and your current statistics and rank. An “About Me” section is also available for you to write a short description about yourself. This may help you connect with other users online.

Mistplay also aims to be a social app so you can also follow your friends, influencers, and other users whose content and progress you wish to see. You can search for them in the app since a search button is also present. Moreover, a leaderboard is also generated with your friends so that you can get as competitive as you want when playing. 

How Can You Earn Units?

Units are points that allow you to redeem your rewards. You can see your units by clicking the green hexagon icon on the uppermost right at the top bar. It shows you your unit history – how much have you previously earned and spent and where it came from. Your full unit history can also be viewed by clicking that option on the screen.

There are now many ways to gain units. Before, your units generally come from the amount of time you spend playing games. The time you spent playing is one of the easiest ways to earn points. Take note, however, that this only applies when you are actively playing the game and not just keeping the app open.

The longer you play a game, the more units you earn. From here, you can also gain Game Experience Points (GXP). GXP are points that you can gain whenever you advance in the level of the game you are playing. Although initially, one might think that GXP depends on skills you played in the game, Mistplay actually capitalizes on the time you spend playing it instead – motivating you to use Mistplay as often as you can.

Another thing to note in earning units is that the points may vary each time you play. It usually fluctuates, so the units may differ even if you are playing the same game as before.

Aside from these two primary ways, there are other ways to earn units. One of which is through Player Experience Points (PXP). These points determine your rank on the app, depending on how many GXPs you have gained so far. This scheme leverages users who spend the most time playing games in Mistplay until they attain a certain level.

Another way is through bonus points. In the bonus section of the app, you can view the options to earn more units. Inviting friends to Mistplay and following Mistplay’s social media accounts are some of the most natural methods here. Other ways include completing Daily Play streaks and joining Contests.

Daily Play

The Daily Play feature is a measure of how consistent you are in playing games. Your streak can be increased by one unit if you play a Mistplay game every day for five minutes or more. It is a streak primarily because if you miss even just one day, your Daily Play units will reset to zero. That is why you must be consistent in playing. Your daily bonuses increase day by day, and Mistplay rewards you for it.


Joining Contests is another way for you to earn big bonus points. By accomplishing the instructions displayed in the Contest tab of the top bar, you get a chance to win the grand prize. This grand prize can include significant unit points, gift cards, and even gadgets as big as PS3 or Xbox, so make sure to visit this tab frequently.

Game Badge

Along the way, as you play games, you can also receive game badges. You may easily see these badges by clicking the violet badge icon also found in the top bar. Game badges are the rewards you get from playing games. These rewards vary depending on the game you are playing. 

Some of these badges include the following:

  • Recruit badge
  • Night owl badge
  • Pro gamer badge
  • Elite VIP badge

You can unlock these by advancing your level in the game you are playing. Each badge corresponds to a certain number of units or other features that may help you increase your points.

Now that you know how to earn units let’s proceed with what you can get from them.

What Rewards Can I Get from Playing?

Once you have enough units, you can select gift cards to exchange it within the Shop section. These rewards range from gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, GameStop, iTunes, Nintendo, PlayStation, Virtual Visa, and even Starbucks.

Upon being redirected to the Shop section, you can already see the gift cards you can get. Claiming your rewards is easy. After browsing the selection of gift cards, you can just click that deal, and instructions are already included once you open it. In filling out your rewards order, make sure you entered the right currency and your email address. Cancellation of claiming your rewards is not available, so double-check if you entered the correct information correctly.

In most cases, a code will be sent to your email to generate the actual gift card. It usually takes 48 hours to receive them. Copy the code and use it when you pay for the item you want as long as it is within the terms and conditions in the gift card. Many of its users usually prefer the Amazon and Visa gift card. This is because it has the most diverse options in buying the items they want to have.

What’s New with Mistplay?

Its team of developers has continuously applied updates on the app’s system. This is evident in its recent updates on its user interface, interactivity, and avenues for socialization. From May 2018 to September 2019, the developers of Mistplay have been listening to the requests of their users.

On its page on Google Play store, Mistplay currently holds a 4.3-star rating from almost 72, 000 feedback. For an app only in its third year, it surely has made its mark in generating extra revenue for gamers.

As of now, it is only limited to Android users, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, its developers are also planning to launch it on iOS. A waitlist is available on their website. You may opt to subscribe to their newsletter to get it first, along with information on their updates and upcoming plans for the app. This exciting development may just be the opportunity for Mistplay to have a greater reach to the online gaming community.

Is it Worth it?

couple playing games

Now for our final thought:

Mistplay prides itself not only as a money-making app but an avenue for interaction and collaboration. Its system has been continuously improving, and its customer care hotlines are always present to take in more feedback.

As many users suggest, Mistplay is an excellent app to earn money. However, it goes take a lot of time to earn larger amount of benefit. The best it could do for you is little extra cash, in the form of gift cards. You wont be paying your rent or shopping for food with what you make from Mistplay.

However, if you like to try new games and plan on spending time gaming anyway, why not consider it and make a little side income on a hobby you would do anyway.

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