How To Make Money On Online Arbitrage (Zazzle)

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How To Make Money with Online Arbitrage (Zazzle)

Whether you’re someone who crafts ideas, a visual designer, or someone well-versed in marketing, this is the platform for you. With the digital age branching out and being more accessible to others, buying and selling have been made easy. If you like to craft, finding the perfect clients can be very challenging. As for designers, getting connected to partners isn’t as easy. Through Zazzle, all of this can be hassle-free. 

Do you want to know how to make money on online arbitrage via Zazzle? Continue reading to find out the answer.

Get To Know Zazzle

Considered as a virtual marketplace, Zazzle helps designers, crafters, and associates put their creativity out there. The platform is composed of 600,000 designers, over 550 brands, over 150 makers, and millions of customers. The website marked its 10th anniversary, celebrating over a billion dollars worth of products sold, helping designers and artists worldwide. With their ambition to go global, they’ve launched localized sites in various countries to be more inclusive and well-known. 

At the moment, they are locally present in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan. However, despite these localized sites, they have an excellent online presence in about 16 countries.

Zazzle’s Story


Unleashing one’s imagination is one of the main goals of Zazzle. The CEO, Robert Beaver,  was a graduate from Stanford and engineered the company together with his sons. Being new in the business world, they explored and found the excitement of focusing on tech-based knowledge. Through this, they were able to touch many more lives around the world. As the company grew bigger and bigger, the team handling Zazzle became more diverse, perfect for handling a growing community. 

Now, Zazzle is a world-class design tool open to people in the arts and crafts or production scene. More than the art aspect, Zazzle serves as space for associates to practice marketing skills and earn as well. It is a virtual space where your creativity can blossom anytime, anywhere. 

Zazzle’s Network

With the platform being locally present in several countries, there are many ways for you to meet and deepen connections. Zazzlers, as it’s called, are people who make the work happen. Over the ten years, the passion and grit of these people have helped in making the website reach massive milestones. 

The network of the platform is amazing because you get to share the purpose of the craft even to people who have yet to become members. The whole program involves designers, manufacturers, customers, marketers, and a whole lot of people touched through the products and promotions. The scope of the network can be really amazing because you get connected to people worldwide, and this massively helps out in making money. 

Passion To Profit

If you are quite crafty, Zazzle can be a platform for you to earn money through your passion. The hardest thing about making money has to endure hours of work you hardly like. But with platforms like Zazzle, designers and artsy people out there can make a living easily. 

Selling your artworks and designs is one of the many ways for you to earn on Zazzle. Whether you are a visual artist, graphic designer, photographer, painter, or a digital art maker, your work can be profitable. Like any other marketplace, Zazzle allows designers to find the perfect customers to work with. With the community growing, the audience diversifies every now and then. Not only that, but you can also find people who are searching for customized work, which is much more profitable. 

From Zazzle’s different programs, users can earn money depending on what their skill set is. The platform offers three various programs: Designer, Maker, and Associates. Each type follows a systematic process of reaching out to a community and earning money for yourself. It would definitely be a good way for starters to promote their artforms, and for professionals to continue making money hassle-free.

Earning As A Designer

Once you visit Zazzle and decide to sign-up as a designer, there are various opportunities for you to earn money. Unlike being a freelance commissioner or part-time digital artist, Zazzle helps the user with the customer service aspect of selling your art. What makes it exciting is that it is open to people who practice different art forms and not just the usual stuff. Whether you handcraft art or you use photography as a medium, all of these can be profitable items once appropriately done. 

With the designer program, the user can upload his or her artworks and designs to be used on various products. If a buyer online finds your work interesting, the buyer can make a purchase in which will notify the designer. Zazzle intervenes by helping out with the technical part. The platform handles and processes transactions and manages the customer service technicalities for the designer. 

Once settled, Zazzle connects with their partners to produce the products, and after, will be shipped off to the customer. Zazzle then sends the buyer receipts and official documents, and of course, a paycheck for the designer’s percentage of the sold item. It’s through this that Zazzle helps designers make their own money, and earn enough income for them to run their operations.

Another exciting feature of earning as a designer through Zazzle is that you can upload your designs for free! There are plain products to choose from, and your designs will be put on it for comparison to over 30 million potential customers. Zazzle handles shipping themselves, and you can even set your own royalty rates from 5% – 99%. Hassle-free, don’t you think?

Earning As A Maker


Do you own a manufacturing company? Planning to branch out? Not to worry because Zazzle can still be an open platform for you to make money!

With over 31,407,970 customers around the world, the demand for items can be really exciting to work around with. The amount of customer traffic increases day per day, and the amount of profit that comes with it can really help your business grow. 

By joining Zazzle as a maker, welcome yourself to a variety of ideas and assistance that comes with the website. Being a maker here allows you to have regular bulk of orders, instead of waiting on it by yourself. The platform serves as a “supply chain for made-to-order goods” without having any middlemen in the process. Zazzle continues to develop its systems and methods of making the customer’s order to reach their doorstep quickly. As a Zazzle maker, you can make all of this possible. 

As a maker, you can maximize your business’ potential through the assistance of Zazzle. Not only will you be eligible to make orders for customers, but you can also let your creative juices flow through customization options. When partnered as a maker, your brand does not only gain more profit, but your online reach increases as well. You can get your brand name to be known faster with the help of Zazzle’s servicing and processes. If you have been stagnant in your craft, this is one of the best ways to increase your sales efficiently. 

For product customization, Zazzle offers tools for you to upload how the product would look like. If you’re marketing to a million customers, the chance of getting a deal is a no-brainer. If you’re worried about tiny details like labels, shipping, and managing orders, Zazzle offers assistance for that too!

Earning As An Associate

Well, maybe it would be hard to venture in Zazzle if you are not crafty. But of course, Zazzle aims to be as inclusive as possible to reach more people worldwide! If you think you are not well-versed with designing or crafting, there’s still another way to earn through Zazzle.

Behind successful brands and income growth would be strategic marketing. Of course, Zazzle is not an exception. For the platform to disruptively grow bigger and better, marketing associates would be a great helping hand. In order to reach a broader range of potential customers, product promotion and marketing are really needed. And if you are not as crafty, maybe this is the one for you!

Besides designing and making the products, you can earn in Zazzle through joining as an associate. The job description of this role involves simple, easy steps. First, you have to register on the website, which is absolutely easy and quick to do. Next, among the millions of products being sold on Zazzle, you have to choose which one you would like to share online. Whether you share the merchandise on your own blog, social networking profile, your own website, or even just through email, you can already earn a part of the sales. 

Among all the three ways to earn, this is definitely one of the easiest and manageable. The idea of earning as an associate plays along with the importance of sharing the product and getting paid a percentage for it. Win-win situation, don’t you think?

By helping promote Zazzle’s products, you may earn 15% per sale with added volume bonuses and have the option to support other pages from reputable and well-known brands. With a much more elaborate program scheme, you can better see the ranges of how you can earn more through time. 

Pricing System

Since Zazzle is a platform for people with amazing ideas if, of course, respects the integrity of these people. Zazzle offers a pricing system just for you if you plan on selling your own designs through their website. The system ensures that you, as a designer, dictate your own limits and margins whenever you successfully sell a product to a customer. This is enabled through the royalty rates. The company follows a simple formula of adding up your indicated base price, the royalty percentage you wish for, and as a result, the retail price. 

Unlike other selling platforms, Zazzle follows a process of the maker to the customer to avoid a whole lot of unnecessary meddling of parties. They follow a framework that takes inspiration from a simple commerce value chain. They believe that each person should have the freedom and power to make anything the human potential is capable of; thus, the purpose of having designers, makers, and associates. 

Value Of Zazzle


The beauty of being a Zazzler is that there is less pressure from external factors. Basically, you are an individual focusing on your own growth and potential, and the platform gives you the chance to maximize such opportunities. By turning one’s interests and passions into something profitable, people will be able to use their time better. 

Many testimonials of Zazzlers reveal that the platform has helped them focus on their other priorities more because of the flexibility Zazzle offers as a virtual marketplace. Whether you are a designer or not, it allows users to have more time because of the assistance and systems they offer. More than this, a lot of activities can be freely done without charge. 

If you are a designer who wants to explore your specialty, you can freely upload tons of designs to be sold for free, without any specific deadlines. It allows people to grow, improve, and appreciate more the value of life. Thanks to Zazzle handling the transactions, shipping, and other technical stuff, users have extra time to bond with family or focus on self-growth. Where else can you find an opportunity like this?

Products And Items

Maybe you are wondering what specific items can be sold, created, or marketed through this platform? Well, to break it down for you, it ranges from arts and crafts to clothing, to home decors, to gift items and even electronics. This is important for potential designers and makers to know because it gives Zazzle an even better chance to reach out to more people. If you are someone who has knowledge or skills in the creation or aesthetic of a particular item, this makes you a potential user already. 

A lot of people usually get intimidated when thinking about “design,” but it does not always have to be the case. Maybe you’re good with greeting cards? Or perhaps you know how to do typography? You just don’t know it yet, but these starter skills can be good potentials to maximize to be able to put in a product like a t-shirt, a coffee cup, or even a phone case! Here are some of the items which you can design for and sell through the Zazzle marketplace:

Create Your Own

As mentioned, Zazzle gives designers the flexibility to work on made-to-order products. Whether you’re a designer or a maker, customizable products give Zazzlers an edge to cultivating their creative juices. 

Stationary and Prints

As simple as a greeting card for any type of event to designing postcards, you can be a designer! If your specialty is around the field of making post-it note templates or redesigning envelope packaging, all of this a potential product.

Clothing and Accessories

Of course, most common of all would be designing clothing and accessories. Maybe you know how to layout well, or you do typography as a hobby. Once finalized, you can put this on a shirt, a reusable bag, a watch, or even a customized necklace. With many themes and styles to explore, you will surely get a potential buyer. 

Decors and Equipment

Never thought designing could apply even to a bathroom mat? Of course, it can! Zazzle allows designers and makers to design even unexpected things such as pillowcases, bumper stickers, yard signs, room lighting, or even dinnerware. Designers are not limited to designing with a pen and paper or laptop software but also people who specialize in glassware, or model lightbulbs. 


Shocked you could sell artworks for electronics? Sure, you can. Simple items made for gadgets such as phone cases, phone grips, laptop cases, power banks, and other gadget accessories; all of this can be a possible product for designers and makers to work on together.

Event and Presents

Ever thought about being able to help someone on the other side of the world design the best gift for a loved one? You can make it happen! As a designer, you can also design for event-specific items and possible presents for special occasions. In cases like these, you can explore wedding layout invitations, birthday party cake toppers, or even loot bag designs. 

You can even design the everyday gift items such as t-shirts, puzzles, pillows, jugs, or notebooks. Who knows, your design can attract a potential buyer who may ask for customized designs?

Never Stop Learning

Maybe you’re interested in earning through this platform, but you think you still lack some skills needed. Treat it as a sign to never stop learning then! 

Mastering your specialty in design or learning how a product is created takes the initiative to learn and practice. If you really want to pursue earning through avenues such as Zazzle, it’s never too late to get going. What better way to make money than by something you enjoy doing? Sooner or later, you might already be designing or curating crafts for bigtime clients too!

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