How to Make Money on RageOn!

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How to Make Money on RageOn!

Artists bring joy to our world through entertain and inspiration. When an artist touches a fan’s soul, it is only natural for that fan to want to collect their art in various forms. But as an artist, you may think you have to outsource the creation of products with you art. In reality, you can produce your own quality merch? You can be a designer, whether or not you have the experience.

Once you design, you can passively earn without any monetary investment. Stick with us to know more about how to make your money on RageOn! 

What is RageOn?

“Create, share, and wear.” RageOn! is your merchandising partner when it comes to effectiveness and profitability. The platform allows you to customize and sell your courageous and creative ideas with such convenience. It runs with a Print On Demand service for your storefront. With this, it lessens the need for inventory and storage, achieving zero waste for you and the production facility. 

CEO and founder Mike Krilivsky established this creator platform back in 2013 in San Francisco. Within a year of their operations, Shopify named them the “World’s Largest All-Over Print Online Retailer.” RageOn has been big since its launch. In an interview in e-commerce, the company was able to produce more than 15 million dollars for its stakeholders. Since then, they have expanded their production facilities to Los Angeles and Cleveland. 

Some of the most prominent artists who trust the platform include The Black Eyed Peas, Kiss, Lisa Frank, and Frida Kahlo.

Pros And Cons of RageOn!

Pros and cons


  • Creating the design is easy on RageOn. You only have to upload your image, through your phone or computer, then place some adjustments to the products they offer.
  • They have 53 different product types. This includes items of clothing such as crew necks, hoodies, and onesies for women, men, and kids. Also, they have accessories like yoga mats, aprons, bandanas. You can even customize home goods like pillowcases, duvet covers, and shower curtains. 
  • The clothing size ranges from XS to 5X — talk about inclusivity! 
  • They are connected to Shopify through RageOn Connect. You can easily sync this to your Shopify store to process which purchases are all ready for printing and shipping. No need to have a separate updating mechanism.
  • They handle all the logistics. RageOn is in charge of the inventory of your products. Also, they will handle the equipment they will be used to create your design on your desired items.
  • RageOn is in charge of the shipping. Because of their broad reach, they are now catering to both US and international orders. 
  • You can decide your profit. RageOn will only charge you with the production costs. Other than that, you determine your profit margin. You will be basing it on the demand of your products.
  • RageOn helps you build your brand through training courses. You will be guided through videos, webinars, strategy docs. Although, this is exclusive for planned members.
  • No license negotiation with brands or artists. RageOn will handle the talking. Once you sell your product with their licenses, they will automatically be given Do not have to negotiate with brands or artists for the permit. As you sell your product, there will be money for the brands
  • Has a first-ever patent protection technology. Note that RageOn will be in charge of the licenses. Rest assured, artists and brands will have their revenue for each sale when their Intellectual Property (IP) is used. There will not be issues on theft.
  • Various payment methods. RageOn has different process payments for the customer, including apple pay, Paypal, visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin.


  • Have discounted samples. To know how the actual product looks as it is being shipped to your buyers, you will have to pay for it. Although, RageOn can provide you a discount on your samples, about 20% off. 
  • Self-promoting products. Artists and creators will have to deal with promoting their products on different social media platforms. Although, you would not start from scratch since they have online training courses for you.
  • The app is only available in Apple stores. For non-apple users, do not worry! You can upload your designs on their patent-pending website.
  • Has a problem with the customer service — will take you at least two days for a response.

How to Get Started

Considering the benefits and costs of RageOn, you can now make your way into becoming a member of the platform. We will walk you through from becoming a member to earning more in the site.

Sign Up For A RageOn Account

First, you can go to their website or download their app in the Apple Store. Navigate to the ‘Sign In’ on the upper left menu bar and create your account. Input your email then choose your username and password. Wait for the verification code and make your account official. You can also join through Facebook if you prefer to log in the website easier. 

Set Up Your Profile

Once you are settled, you can proceed with either creating or selling. But before that, make sure to edit your profile. Click on the lower right button to view your profile. You can then edit your information and your picture to show some credibility with your works.

Follow Creative Users

When you create the app, your account will automatically follow some of the biggest users on the platform. You will not start lost in this pool of artists and creators. If you have specific artists or creators in mind, you can venture out in the search bar on the magnifying glass button. You can search for either products or people.

Making Money

counting money

Once your profile is all set, and you have followed some of the trendsetters, you can start making money.

You can create your store wherein you can sell your products in bulk or wholesale. This is where you will be launching your brand. Once you choose this option, you can select which plan you will push through. You can decide from the following plans: Free, Starter, Business, or Enterprise. 

When you start with the free plan, you will get $3 for each t-shirt, $7 for sweatshirts, $8 for shoes. This already includes payment processing. This is okay for beginners who have yet to find their niche.

The difference in the plans is the amount of profit you can get. Also, it will differ on the privileges you will receive as a seller. If you have been selling long enough, you can choose to switch between the business or enterprise plan. Although if you change your mind, you can still switch which method to take. 

An advantage of getting the upgraded plans is that they get their shipping label. They can also have the chance to promote discount codes that are specifically for the brand. Also, they can enjoy stricter IP protection. 

Creating Products

Once you settle with your plan, you can go ahead by creating your first design. If you are using the app, the app will ask for your permission to use your camera and photo gallery. The designs of your products will be coming from a quick snap, or photos you have already captured before.

The image you will be selected shall be the product’s main feature. You can resize it to how you will feel it fits. There is also an option to add filters to your images to mirror the artistic vibe that you feel appropriate for your design. 

From there, you can place additional texts to make it uniquely yours. There are about 39 fonts to choose from — whether it is regal or screamo. You can further customize this with the color scale available. There is no limit. 

If you want some additional touch, you can add licensed stickers. If the product sells, the baseline cost will include the royalty price. Although, when you have already used the sticker on your design, you can place it unlimited times.

If you need some layout designs, you can check out the templates from Canva. They have templates ready for any type of occasion. You can pattern your designs from their alignments with their elements, and they help beginners find the right combination of features.

Launching Your Brand

Once you are done with your design, you have the option to post your design to everyone or privately. You can place a title and description so that your product is searchable. You can share your post to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email once your design is incorporated into how you visualize it. Your job here is to promote your designs as far as you can.

Shipping Your Products

Once your products have sure buyers, RageOn will be shipping this to their doorsteps. The standard shipping will reach up to a month.

Monitor Your Transaction

On the upper left button, you can check your account balance. You will see here how much money you are earning and how many products you are selling. From here, you can probably forecast how your merch is doing in the market.


Once you have an increase in sales, you can cash out your earnings. Although, your revenue must exceed $50 before you can turn it into cash. Also, you will have to wait for the product’s transaction to last after 30 days before cashing out.

How To Make More Money On RageOn!

how to make money on Rageon

Below are several ways on how you can make money on RageOn!

Sponsored Brand Rep

If you sign up for an account, you will receive your discount code for promotion. Later on, you can earn cash or store credit. This will be based on your performance in promoting the code.


Your homepage will serve as your feed. This is where you can see the products freshly designed. There is also a Popular Page wherein you can check the designs that are appealing to the market. 

Superlikes is a way to support your fellow artists and content creators. Once you ‘superlike,’ you will help increase their chances of making those products visible in the market. If you ‘superlike’ early, you will get a higher commission.

Note that you only have a maximum of 5 ‘superlikes’ every four hours. It is best to maximize this during the given period. You will be earning a small commission for each sale the product makes. 

To earn more, focus on ‘superliking’ your product. Then place one on the popular page. Lastly, on the hidden gems, you find on your own. 

To keep tabs on your earnings for the ‘superlikes,’ you can check the dollar button on the upper left. They will be providing you a view on your earnings within the day, yesterday, a week, and a month. Also, note that the ‘superlikes’ will reset after 60 days. Take note of those products if it is still in demand.

Becoming An Influencer

Are you a big deal on the other social media platforms? You can share your reach to RageOn! They will give you either cash or free merch to promote their platform and products.

RageOn Affiliate Program

You can promote the design by affiliating the text to the end of the URL you are sharing. Every time someone clicks on the link to purchase a product, you will earn a commission. Even with the free plan, you will have your URL up for promotion. You can check the sales you are making on the dashboard. From there, you can earn 15% of the transactions within 30 days.

Tips For New Store Owners

First, make sure that your products are in demand to make the process worthwhile. The system works when you know your customers, and you can consistently provide for them.

Next, you have to invest your time and energy into your products. You have to work on it for the long term to sustain your branding with potential customers.

Lastly, have the entrepreneurial spirit. Do not stick to the ordinary and work your way to knowing what is trendy. 

You do not always have to work hard for money. Making money passively online is becoming a thing. If you want to learn more, you can check out how to earn on Soundcloud and Reddit. If you want to make more money, you can check this out for non-traditional ways.

To avail of any clothing, shoes, or jewelry made by RageOn! artists, you may check out the link


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