How to Make Money on Small Acreage


Perhaps, you have already experienced this if you have a small acreage under your name.

You’re standing on one spot as your eyes roam around your small owned land. And you’re thinking — how can farming be so demanding but remains non-rewarding financially? 

Because it’s true! You just earn a little amount of money. Sometimes, you even get losses, especially when the weather is acting against you. Albeit the challenges, we bet you would never trade a peaceful farm life for a nice house in the city. So how can you address both without comprising? 

In this article, we will tackle some money-making strategies that you can do on your small acreage. You don’t need to give up self-employment, tranquility, and close connection to nature anymore just to earn a profit. You can say, that’s the best of both worlds — going beyond mere farming. Consider yourself side-hustling! 

How to Make Money on Small Acreage

Are you thinking of giving up your small land or farm because it’s not generating as much profit as you want? 

You should not sell your land and sign up for city land. There are several ways that you can maximize profit from your land. And it doesn’t just stop at raising animals or growing crops. 

Below are several ways on how you can make money on small acreage. 

Turn Your Land into a Campsite

Letting other people rent some parts of your land for a few days is a good way to earn. It is highly recommended for acreages near an urban area. Many people occasionally want to go on an outdoor vacation to experience a change in scenery while some want to relax.

So what are the things you need to prepare to successfully turn some parts of your land into a campsite? Easy! Invest in the construction of toilets and showers. Make sure to consult with local authorities regarding the main sewage and drains. It’s important to know if it is possible to install a septic tank. 

Some campsites provide electric outlets but it is completely optional. However, you should consider installing them if you are near any tourist area. Of course, people on vacation need their phones to capture memories!

Additional tips:

  • Open a small food shop. Most people would rather buy from you than travel a few kilometers or more to get food from town. And yes, even if your prices are slightly higher, they are more likely to put orders through. 
  • Offer free Wi-Fi! Well, camping has changed. It is not about detaching yourself from technology all the time. Some still need to have internet access for different purposes such as business reasons. 
  • If you’re going to establish a brand of a pet-friendly campsite, make sure you do it right. Build a dog latrine by fencing off a specific area in your field. It would benefit both pet lovers and otherwise. 

Allow Rental Space

What Type of Income is Received Through Rent?

Consider accepting rental requests for a wide array of gatherings such as business meetings, classes, etc. This money-making strategy is fitting if you own a barn or other structures in your small acreage. However, looking for clients can be difficult. 

To address it, advertise on local newspapers or better yet, on social media. Many companies look for places to hold meetings, especially if strictly confidential. You can earn money while sitting at home. How’s that for a steal? 

Additional tips:

  • You can designate a parking area for your clients. You can say, it’s a bonus. People want to leave their car somewhere safe and secure. Accordingly, many customers look for the inclusion of a parking area before reserving a place. It can be a strong point for your acreage.
  • Open a food shop! When your customers hold meetings, it is understandable that at some point they would need refreshments. It is your opportunity to earn extra cash. You can be a hundred percent sure that they would buy from you. Traveling back to town to get food seems an impractical choice. 

Open Private Fishing Lakes

Whether you already have lakes or just about to dig, opening private fishing lakes can be profitable. You can do it in two ways. You can either create a catch and release fishing approach or catch and pay. 

The former is where fishing is for the sake of enjoyment. People need to pay an entrance fee to start fishing. Whereas, the latter is where they pay for the fishes they can catch. After fishing, it would be weighed to set the price. 

Whatever you choose, your money is guaranteed. Of course, you need to stock your lakes. Nonetheless, the return on investment is secured. So what are you waiting for? Dig now if you have not done it yet. 

Additional Tips:

  • Open a food shop! Not all people bring their food when going out. Having a store near the fishing area is a wise choice! Your stocks would certainly sell out!
  • Consider having a souvenir shop. You can customize small items such as keychains and relate them to fishing. 
  • You can rent out rods and reels. Just because someone wants to go fishing, it does not mean he owns the equipment. Cater to all your customers by giving them a choice!

Share Your Culture

bed and breakfast

We cannot deny the fact that the world is getting more overwhelming. Consequently, many people look for adventures that deviate from their normal lives. Life in the city can be exhausting and a vacation on a farm can help them refresh. It is getting more popular these days. Many want to experience farming chores and peaceful life even just for a minute. 

So why not start a bed and breakfast?

You can pull this off if you own a barn that you can convert into separate rooms. In terms of the type of accommodation, it highly depends on your target market. Design it accordingly. If your acreage is near companies with many workers, you can transform your barn into a small hostel. 

Additional tips:

  • You can rent space to anyone who needs it. However, partnering with companies is better because payment is guaranteed on time and regularly. Or you can do both! Either way, you can make money from it. 
  • Build a canteen in your acreage. Of course, renters need food. They are more likely to buy from you than stock up.

Transact with Metal Detecting Clubs

This money-making strategy is one of the most overlooked opportunities for small acreage owners. Perhaps, its low popularity status is to be accounted for. Nonetheless, you can earn a decent amount of money while doing it. You can either allow metal detectors to scan your land or bury objects. 

The former works by allowing them to do their job. Accordingly, you would get half of the amount, if they find a bounty. Whereas, the latter more on giving metal detectors an avenue to practice. You need to bury metallic objects and they will try to find it to improve their skills. Don’t waste time!

Call the nearest metal detecting clubs in your area and ask for their requirements. If your land fits the criteria, you can start earning cash!

Additional tip:

  • Offering refreshments does not disappoint. It can be a good side hustle. Sell cold drinks when the sun is too high. Offer hot coffee or chocolate when the weather is too cold. 

Turbines, Antennas, or Solar Panels in your Land

Ever thought of seeing turbines, antennas, or solar panels in your acreage? If yes, good for you. If not, now is the right time to consider it. Allowing companies to rent your land for the installation of turbines, antennas, or solar panels is profitable. 

If you wish to follow this money-making strategy, here are some of the things you should consider. The installation of antennas is often plausible in lands with a high point. You can consider better client attraction if your acreage has that. Contact cellular phone or internet companies to start earning cash! However, you should know that such action poses risks of developing cancer. 

Research first before you close a deal. 

As for wind turbines, it is specifically true for windy land areas. Partner with companies and get paid handsomely. On the other hand, letting companies put solar panels in your area can benefit you more than you realize. Apart from getting paid, you would also have free electricity! Don’t you think it’s an excellent deal? 

Additional tip: 

  • Consider the benefits and risks before signing a contract with other companies. It would save you from any unexpected losses. 

Allow Public Visits on your Farm

grape picking

Believe it or not, some landowners earn more cash in agro-tourism than farming itself. What are you waiting for? Open your acreage for public visits now. Create an avenue for families to explore a safe environment. Let them see the animals and the crops you take care of in the field. 

If you are wondering how money flows, it will be through a charge upon entry policy. The public can enjoy the farm life for a day while you make money from it. Usually, visits happen on weekends. But don’t worry, you can earn through some other way. 

Schools often bring students to local farms as an exposure trip. Capitalize on it. Contact schools near your area to build a larger customer base. 

Additional tips: 

  • Open a food shop and offer refreshments and light meals. Those in the middle of exploring the farm will surely hate to go back to town just to buy food. Just work it! Provide them something to eat and drink. You would be saving more money then. 
  • Sell food pellets! Adventures in the farm are often observed in small children. Let them feed the animals and enjoy farm life. 

Make your Land a Storage

There are policies that everyone should follow when it comes to parking their vehicles. Some of these policies restrict the number of transportation machines an individual can leave on his premises. Consequently, other people seek for lands to occupy and store their vehicles. It can be a motorhome or boat storage, you pick! However, such a money-making strategy is only effective when your land is level and dry. 

Additional tips;

  • You can build an area where they can have their vehicles clean. It is another great way to earn a decent amount of money. 
  • Renting space can be lucrative. You can charge your customers monthly or yearly. It is entirely up to you. 

Rent Out Beehives

Sweets don’t fail your taste buds. Hence, honey is becoming more popular these days. Making a business out of it is a great choice as of the moment. Imagine earning almost $140 for each hive you provide. That’s a lot! 

Additional tip:

  • Coordinate with professionals. The bee sting may cause sharp pain, swelling, redness, and itch. So before you find yourself swelling all over, consult with skilled people in the said category. 

Grow Mushrooms in your Land


Growing mushrooms is one of the most common and most profitable strategies you can employ. Maximize your small acreage by using every bit of it. When growing such, you have to opt for a specialist type of mushrooms. It is more fitting for cultivation.

You can either grow mushrooms for medicinal or restaurant use. Both are profitable and in-demand. Make sure the quality and pricing of your mushrooms are better to have a competitive edge against supermarkets nearby. You can harvest after 15 weeks depending on the type of mushroom you selected. 

Additional tips:

  • Don’t just push yourself right into mushroom growing practice. Learn the basics first by doing thorough research. 
  • Connect with local restaurants and take orders before harvest. 
  • Review the laws and policies before growing mushrooms if you choose to sell medicinal ones. 

Make Money Through Small Acreage

It takes a creative mind to earn more money. Stop enclosing yourself in your farming bubble. Learn how to work beyond it. Put your small acreage into good use by following different money-making strategies. 

You can consider doing any of the ideas mentioned above. All of them are sustainable and can help you with your finances on a long-term basis. You just have to be confident about convincing the public to visit your land. Get past that stage and you will be seeing your money flow. 

Into the bargain, you will be achieving all the financial goals you set for yourself in no time. Stop delaying it and stark working. A bright tomorrow awaits those who strive harder!



C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.