How To Make Money On Twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter

Making money on Twitter is something that many internet marketers are doing these days, and it’s a task that is not so difficult when you know how!

There are many different methods out there which you can use to make money using Twitter, including selling and promoting your products, affiliate marketing, sponsored tweets and much more.

If you are curious to find out how to make money on Twitter, then look no further as we share some tips in this article! We hope this will give you some inspiration to try it out for yourself!

What do I need to start?

In order to begin making money on Twitter, you should start by carrying out some research online to find out the most popular methods other internet marketers are using. Sometimes it can also be inspiring to read other user’s success stories, to give you a little bit of motivation!

Once you have decided which method will work best for you, you will need to make your Twitter profile. This must include the following factors:

Quality Followers – and a good amount of them!

Followers are your audience, and technically, your customers, as these will be the people who will be exposed to your tweets and most likely be clicking on them. Therefore, this means you will have to follow people that match with the type of content you are posting.

You do not want to follow people who are not likely to engage with you, as this is just a waste of time. Similarly, it is recommended that you do not fall into some ‘buy followers’ schemes as these only provide you with a load of fake profiles, which will not give you any returns whatsoever.

Engaging Content

Once you have got your Twitter profile up and running with a good amount of followers, it’s time to post valuable content to keep them engaged. Each tweet you post is important as you will want to create a sort of timeline of things which are likely to be liked, retweeted and saved by your audience. The more engagement you receive from your following, the more popular your account will become, and this is very important if you want to get into making money on Twitter.

Advertisers will mostly be interested in involving accounts with regular activity, a good following and engaging content.

How to Make Money on Twitter

Now, we will share certain ways you can get started making the dollars!

Affiliate Marketing

Probably one of the most popular ways to make money via Twitter is through affiliate marketing. This is because there are so many brands out there who are desperate to share their products and services to their customers.

Brands like iTunes, Groupon, Amazon to name a few, offer big affiliate programs which almost anyone with a good set of internet marketing skills can register and be part of!

This method to make money is so simple! All you need to do is sign up with your chosen company, and then they will provide you with a personalized invitation link. This link can be shared almost anywhere online, and each time someone clicks on it and signs up to the website, you will receive a bonus!

The bonus depends on the individual company, but most of the time it is cold hard cash!

Twitter is, therefore, a very popular platform to share affiliate links as there are so many active users. If you already have a good following of say 10,000 followers, with a $5 for every new user created, think of the earning potential you could make!

Sponsored Tweets

Another favorite way people are making money on Twitter is through sponsored tweets. Sponsored tweets are basically tweets that you post including an ad from a company, and each time they are clicked on by one of your followers, you get paid simply for them clicking on it.

This makes it really easy to make money as it usually doesn’t require a full sign-up to earn, and simply a pay-per-click alone.

You can find many sponsored tweeting sites online to start with, including Twittad, TwitPub, Magpie or These all provide lists of various ads which are trending at the moment which you are free to share. Some sites will let you set your own cost per click, while others will already have a price per ad set. Some can even allow you to schedule a number of ads to be posted at the same time, allowing you more opportunity to earn big!

Promote Your Products

Many people also use Twitter to promote their own products. This is good if you already sell things for example on eBay, Etsy or even through your own website. If you are looking for new customers, merely share direct links to your products, and this might help create new leads.

If you sell products within a particular niche, for example, beauty products, then it makes good sense to follow beauty accounts and people who are interested in purchasing makeup, and skincare products. Sometimes even checking out competitor accounts and following their customer base is a smart way to find new clients, and direct them to your products. This is a pretty effective way of in-direct marketing, and which many people and brands are doing nowadays.

Share Knowledge

A final way that some people also make money via Twitter is by sharing articles. Websites like allow you to write for them and then make money off the advertisements from each article. You can work your way up with this company, and the more clicks you get, the more you get paid!

Final Say

So there you have it! We hope this article on how to make money on Twitter has given you some fresh ideas on how to make a killing using Twitter. There are many people out there who are earning good extra cash every month using some of these methods, so why not join in and give it a try yourself?

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.