How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Make Money Playing Video Games

Do you enjoy playing video games?

If you do, you can make it an opportunity to earn some handsome money too!

Many of us are enthusiasts of online videos and computer games. However, not many of us know that we can utilize this interest to earn money.  Making money on the internet is nothing new. There are a lot of people across the globe doing it. Making money playing video games, on the other hand, is still quite new. But it is picking up at a fast pace.

Regardless if you are an amateur or professional gamer, you can play video games all day and earn money. As long as you are an eager-learner and passionate at what you do, there’s no reason why you can’t have a slice of the pie.

So how can you turn your passion for video games into a source of earning?

We have gathered a list of how you can make money playing video games below.

1.  Become a Video Game Tester

 Before game developers release their new games to the public, they need people to test their brand new games. This step is crucial because a small problem could be quite harmful to the developers. Bugs and game problems could even cost them humongous losses in millions.

This is where you should come in. As a video game tester, your job is to find the smallest mistake/s and other problems and give your valuable feedback. This role is not as easy as it sounds though. You must have a keen attention to details and must have extensive knowledge about video games.

How can you score this gig?

You can find numerous websites that can help you get hired as a video game tester. There are plenty of video game companies who are always on the lookout for gamers who are dedicated to helping create great quality video games. You will get paid by trying their newly developed game and using your expertise to provide valuable feedback.

You can also send an email to these gaming companies and offer your service to be a game tester. Make sure that your email is as specific and concise as possible. You should provide details about the different types of gaming systems you have and how much time you spend in a day playing video games. This will give the developers an idea of your gaming interest and experience.

As a video game tester, you get an opportunity to play new games that are yet to be placed in the market. As you test these games repeatedly, you need to gather any possible errors or glitches and report your feedback. While it’s good that you play games of your favorite genre, you should also be open trying new game genres. By exposing yourself to a variety of video game genres, you can have a better insight into the whole gaming world. This increases your chance of earning more money.

2.  Ensure That You Have High-Quality Gadgets and Computer


Just like with any other jobs, you must possess the necessary tools to be able to function well.

What are the necessities when it comes to earning money playing video games?

If you want to become a pro and earn big, you must have a good quality computer set, high-speed internet connection, and all the needed consoles. Playing advanced level video games would be hard if you don’t have these tools.

Earning some money at the start may be challenging. But as you get more exposure and experience, you become more polished. Earning good money then follows. It may be a tough start but you must persevere and work hard to achieve what you want.

3.  Sell on Cheats, Strategies, and Tips Online

 Several years of playing video games would certainly give you the knowledge about all the tactics, secret codes, and glitches. Utilize these acquired game knowledge as a cash churner.

How would you make this possible?

Below are the tips on how you can use your video expertise to earn money.

·        Publish an ebook

Publish an ebook about your knowledge of video games. You can write about your walkthrough in the game. You can even offer saved game files with all steps unlocked. You can use selling platforms like Amazon or eBay to sell your ebook.

·        Write about video games

You can create quality content about video games online. Your piece can help attract the attention of different websites and game developers. You can create your own website if you have a nudge for writing along with a passion for gaming.

Create an impact on the entire gaming industry by providing informative and helpful content about video games. Gamers all over the world will flock your website if you constantly provide relevant guides and information. As you build your reputation as an established gamer, you also increase the chance of being noticed and earn money.

· Make your website an affiliate site

Another way of making good money through video games is making your website an affiliate site. You want your website to attract more traffic. You will attract more users when you provide high-quality contents on video games and then present users with passive advertisements.

You must consider though that there are plenty of other affiliate sites already making good money. Many gaming and other companies also don’t allow the use of affiliate pop ups and links. Make sure that your website offers unique content that will make you stand out amongst the plethora of websites in the video games genre.

·        Write reviews about video games

You can even start a free blog on gaming and write reviews about video games. Aside from publishing quality contents on your blog, you can also write informative reviews about the trending video games. Once you have gained a huge amount of loyal followers, you can start inviting ads from Google or other commission junction and make huge money from your efforts.

Once you have established your credibility as a freelance gaming writer, it will be an easy way forward. You will start receiving invites from websites to write for video game articles and/or reviews for them. Not only you will slowly build your name as a gaming writer but you will get paid well at the same time.

4.Become a Developer


This one, in particular, requires an entirely different perspective.

While you can do the rest of the tips above as part-time, becoming a developer can potentially offer a full-time career option. You can even make a successful career ahead for yourself.

There are numerous colleges and universities these days where you can find dedicated courses that provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to carve a bright career in something that you love to do – playing video games and as a developer of these big games. If you are keen and have nudge for computer programming, you can easily utilize your skills by winding up with the biggest titles for consoles, such as PlayStation, X Box, Wii and 360.

It’s much easier and possible for anyone now to develop games and applications. Thanks to the easy proliferation of applications and games on platforms like iOS and Android, developing a game at the comfort of your home is now possible.

5.     Participate in Online Gaming Tournaments

There are numerous online gaming tournaments happening every now and then and the way all these work are quite similar.

You can challenge other gamers participating in the tournament and win big rewards and even cash. There are some reputed gaming tournaments that pay thousands of dollars as cash prize. Also, you can earn a great deal of reputation if you win.

Some of the biggest and best gaming tournaments are organized in South Korea. People across the world come to participate. You can try your luck in one of these tournaments if you’re extremely good in gaming.

6.     Live Stream and Get Paid



The growth of video game live streamers has quite increased in the past years.

It’s no surprise why a lot of video game players try their hand in live streaming. You don’t just let the world see your gaming expertise but it’s also a clever way of earning money.

Slowly build your audience base. Once you have gained huge followers, you can make your channel profitable with the help of ads. Twitch is one of the most popular platform for gamers to live stream. You can try your hand in Youtube too.

This approach takes time though. You can’t just establish your channel and gain thousands of followers overnight. You must consistently provide relevant and unique content to attract viewers. All of these hard work will eventually paid off once you have reached your success.

How do you start your career in video games live stream?

It’s not that hard as you think. All you need is a good computer system with necessary streaming software. Of course, you would also need hands-on experience on games which people watch or play. Having a pleasant personality is also necessary.

In the world of overfilled and saturated streaming platform, you must wonder what would make people watch your videos. The answer may be simple yet tricky – you have to stand out amongst other by being more descriptive and communicative. Display precise gaming skills to crack puzzles and stages. Play those video games that are popular but have very less participation.

7.     Be a Gaming Coach

Being a gaming coach might sound a little over the board. You may be thinking that becoming a coach needs a lot of expertise, awards and proficiency. It’s not as complicated as it sound though.

If you have a few years of experience in playing games, you can become a coach and use these expertise on games of different genre. You don’t need to undergo formal training or certification either. You will attract many private gamers as long as you have established yourself a good reputation as a gamer.

Use your own blog site or website to attract potential clients. Establish your presence as a reputable gamer by constantly providing informative articles and guides. This will serve as your portfolio when you’re offering your service as a video game coach.

There are also numerous websites that are seeking gaming coaches. There are a lot of online gaming teams and e-sport communities that look out for coaches who could guide them through difficult stages and promote them.You can use these platforms to promote your service and earn cash.


8.     Provide Customer Service for Gamers

Customer Service

There are many gaming companies that hire online gaming customer support to provide the buyers of their game real time online support and assistance.

You may not be getting paid directly for playing games but it’s another way of earning money by using your gaming expertise to help others. Most of the customer service for gamers are part-time positions only but you get paid well.

So can anyone be a customer service for gamers?

While there’s no racial, age or gender preference in this field, you will have the edge if you have years of video gaming experience. Other gamers would appreciate your professional insight and tips. And while earning money may be your primary goal, you must also remember that your primary purpose is to provide help and assistance to other gamers.

Now you surely know how to put your gaming skills and expertise to good use, right?

Don’t just sit in front of your console and spend a lot of money on games and just play. Maximize your video game experience and use it to earn money. Search for companies online who are looking for video game customer support. Use your experience and expertise to help other gamers. It doesn’t hurt that you’re also getting paid doing what you love the most.

Don’t forget that if you’re hired to test a new video game, there is no guarantee that this game will be a hit. What really matters is that you have become an instrument in developing a video game that will bring joy and entertainment to thousands of gamers.


A lot of people have no idea on the opportunities that they are missing out.

There are so many different ways to make money online. One of which is playing video games. Use this comprehensive guide to do things that you love while earning money at the same time. If other gamers have made a fortune playing video  games online, so can you.

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.