How to Make Money Vlogging

make money vlogging

Being camera-friendly in this technology-embedded age can be handy and rewarding as long as you know how to use it. If you do not wince when in front of the camera, vlogging is something you should consider. It gives you a chance to share your talent with the world. Into the bargain, you can earn a lot of money doing random content.

Vlogging is the most versatile online career you can commit to. You can make videos about gaming, food recipes, beauty, etc. Your content can be anything under the sun. For this reason, making videos let you enjoy whatever you love doing.

Listed below are some of the people who continuously prove that vlogging can both be fun and lucrative. Read on and learn ways on how to make money vlogging.

Successful Vloggers


Perhaps, every person who loves watching gaming content and memes on Youtube knows PewDiePie. He has the biggest fanbase in the platform with over 100 million subscribers, as of writing. His real name is Felix Kjellberg, but if you are active on Youtube, chances are, you already know him. He started his channel in 2010, and now he earns more than 15 million dollars a year.


A group of people who have a talent in sketch comedy owns the channel. They make videos almost about everything. It can be about music, online games, food, or about an Apple product that just got released. No definite category can encapsulate what the group does all for the sake of a good laugh. Their channel was created in 2009, and they have earned over 50 million dollars since.


Shane Dawson is one of the most subscribed beauty vloggers on Youtube. You can get a lot of beauty tips when you visit his channel. He has over 23 million subscribers and the number speaks volumes of how much he earns. He makes over 7 million dollars annually.

How to Make Money Vlogging

make money vlogging

Of course, you cannot earn as much as them overnight. You have to know first how vlogging works and how you can earn while doing it. There are three definitive ways on how you can go about it. You can make money either through advertisement, sponsorship, or affiliate links.

Sponsorship/Paid Post

Many companies expand their promotions online since it is where most consumers spend their time on. Sponsoring influencers is one of the most common strategies they do apart from posting something about their businesses by themselves.

Vloggers are paid to make video content where brands or services of the companies are advertised. A product review is often the video format when doing a sponsored post. Influencers are tasked to promote businesses for higher sales productivity. Content makers would do it in exchange for money or product supply.

You should know that compensation for work done mostly depends on you if you wish to become a vlogger. You can negotiate with the brands if you want money instead of products, or otherwise.

However, there is always a catch.

Doing sponsored posts is not as easy as it seems.

You should first establish a large subscriber base. Brands only offer sponsorship to vloggers with a big fanbase to ensure long reach. Any promotion is designed that way. It should reach a decent amount of people to be deemed effective.

Consider signing partnerships with brands after you managed to get a significant follower crowd. Accepting just any offer is risky. Make sure to review the company background before signing anything. A bad fall for them can be a problem for you too. You may choose businesses that fit your content.

For instance, you are a beauty vlogger. You might want to do sponsored posts for make-up companies. They would certainly send you a sample of their products which you can try in front of the camera. Testing out a lipstick is a good example.

Choosing to partner with such companies is a way of maintaining the brand you build for yourself on Youtube. It is also staying true to your audience. Following the 80/20 rule is important so your subscribers do not lose interest. Your video should have 80 percent of your signature content and 20 percent promotional content.

Sponsorship is a good way to earn. However, it takes so much patience and effort before you can land an offer. Just keep creating content to pique the interests of different businesses!

Youtube Ads

Account monetization is how most vloggers make money regardless of the size of their subscriber base. What you only need to do is reach the threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year or 12 months. After that, you can apply for the Youtube Partner Programme. You would be showing ads to your videos once it gets approved.

Adsense matches ads to your account. You make money every time your viewers watch the ads and the amount depends on the duration. Vloggers usually get only a few cents per ad but it can add up quickly when you have thousands of subscribers. Imagine having millions of Youtube viewers. It would bring you great fortune.

Monetizing your account is the easiest way to earn money when vlogging. You just have to create any content you like and money would keep rolling. It is great to fill your pocket while having fun.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

You can also earn through affiliate sponsorship. The amount you can make here is less than how much you can receive from sponsored posts. Nevertheless, it is a decent amount of money.

If you wish to become an affiliate marketer, here are the things you should do.

  • Try to look for products and brands that you want to promote. Afterward, apply for their affiliate programs. One of the companies you can apply for is Amazon. Once you are accepted you can review products that you already own or buy from them.
  • Getting unique affiliate links is also one strategy you can do. There are links that your viewers can use for a discount. When your subscribers use them, you can get a percentage of the sell.
  • You can add the affiliate links anywhere in your account. You can place it on the video description or even on the video itself. It is completely up to you. You would certainly get a commission once your subscribers use your link.

If you vlog about gaming content, you can look for game-related affiliate links. Place it on your channel and earn money.

The aforementioned methods are often how vloggers earn, but there are non-traditional ways on how you can make money. Listed below are some of the rarely used money-making strategies on Youtube.

Video LUTs

Selling video LUTs is for vloggers with remarkable editing skills. LUTs or Look-Up Tables are filters in simpler terms. For instance, you are a travel vlogger and you showcase different photo enhancements in your videos. Chancers are, your viewers or other vloggers would be interested in knowing what tricks you do in your content. Of course, aesthetics is important in Youtube content.

You can sell your LUTs to them. Many people buy them. Who does not want to achieve the same beautiful look in your videos? Keep presenting your content in ways that would promote greater audience impact. It augments your brand and lets you earn some extra cash.

Photo Presets

You might wonder how people earn through photos when vlogging is all about making video content. Well, vloggers are not only present on Youtube but on other platforms as well. Vlogging helps them increase the audience and market.

Some vloggers make youtube content about how to use photo presets. Afterward, they will post links about photo preset packages that viewers can buy. And that’s how they earn!

Vlogger Essentials

Putting elements you use on your video in a convenient pack is a way to earn easily. The vlogger kit is a digital product that covers the effects, styles, and other tricks you do on your channel. Just keep adding elements that are worth paying for and you would be making some extra cash in no time.

Tips for Aspiring Vloggers


What makes a successful vlogger? Below is the perfect recipe on how to make it into the competitive world of vlogging.

Decide about your brand

Of course, you have to know what brand you are going to endorse in your videos. Select one or two specializations. It will increase your chances of getting more supporters. Yes, some vloggers just do random videos. However, their cases are often different.

Most influencers who create random content were able to establish a large subscriber base. And that’s often the product of them getting viral at some point. If your content is disorganized, viewers would often lose interest in the process.

If you enjoy make-up and other skincare so much, beauty vlog is for you. Gaming content is for people whose hearts are into applications like League of Legends, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, etc. Unboxing is also on the table if you love surprises. If you are an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, fitness vlog is your best bet.

Food vlog would not be off the list of brands you can establish. If you love trying different recipes, why not do it while earning? Similarly, tech vlog is for people who have skills with digital devices. On the other hand, comedy content is for aspiring vloggers with a great sense of humor.

Travel vlog, on the other hand, is of the most common yet subscribed content on Youtube. If you are a wanderlust, why not create a video about your journey? Apart from keeping a memento, you can earn a huge sum of money. Choose what brand represents you best.

Create an account and get started

Starting your channel early increases the chance of bringing in more money. Establishing a substantial subscriber base is essential before you receive a dime. Time can be your enemy or friend. Today is the best time to create an account and vlog.

Billions of people watch videos online every day. Start creating your content and share your story with the world. No one knows how things would go. Nevertheless, vlogging is a good avenue to become a star. It can also be a lucrative full-time career. What are you waiting for? Start making videos.

Always look out for current trends

Vloggers become successful because they pay heed to the current trends. It is essential because it is a way to make your subscribers stay. Viewers often look for videos where they can relate and trends are relatable.

The more you integrate them into your content, the higher the chance your subscribers would support your channel. Apart from that, trends are always leading the search results. Getting a touch of it can increase the number of your views. And that only means one thing — you would earn more.

Produce only quality content

If you want to get far doing vlogs, make sure you offer quality video content. Viewers would only subscribe to your channel if your videos are worth watching. Creating below par videos would decrease your fanbase. Thus, you would not get enough views to earn a decent amount of money.

Chancers are, viewers would find other vloggers with quality content. Do not let bad content decrease your credibility. Create awesome videos and be proud of it!

Include your subscribers

Of course, viewers need a connection to stay. Talk to them on your videos as if they are your close friends. Be genuine and they would always support you.

Choose the content that you like

Viewers are keen observers. They would know if you are just vlogging for money. And it often turns people off. Subscribers demand authenticity and doing what you love would make it seamless.

Originality hits harder

Many people easily get enough content that is too mainstreamed. Following the trends is important but always include a touch of your brand. No one likes to repeat the same video every day unless it is extremely hilarious. Stand out from other vloggers and gather more subscribers.

Think about your unique talents and do not hold back. Express and share it with the world. It can do so much help. Nothing beats someone who knows his game.

Read and respond to comments

Engage with your viewers. It is a good strategy to build a loyal fanbase. If you show that you are relatable and within reach, they would love it. Video content has become a way of connecting to people. Viewers often support vloggers who know how to treat them right.

Read and respond to comments for them to know you care. Be kind to your subscriber base. They are the ones who hold your career. One wrong move and you can be canceled!

Start Vlogging and Make Money


Now that you know what it takes to be a vlogger, get started. Let the money roll in and enjoy your career!

  • Create a Youtube account. Use your other social media accounts to promote the channel.
    Upload video content to get more viewers. Make sure they are high-quality videos to catalyze your fame. Moreover, follow the Youtube community guidelines when creating content. Not everything can be posted on Youtube. Anything that promotes violence, drugs, etc are not allowed.
    Try to reach at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in 12 months.
    After you reach the goal, apply for the Youtube Partner Programme (YPP) to monetize your videos.
    Once your application is approved, sign the partner program terms and make your AdSense account.
    Afterward, Youtube would review your channel. The review usually takes about a month so you have to be patient. Vlogging might be demanding but it is worth the work in the end. Just keep creating content while you wait. You can get more views that way.
    If everything is within the guidelines, you are good to go. Start earning money while you confidently do your hobby.

Strive to Avoid Demonetization

There are things you should look out for even after you become an established vlogger. One of which is the possibility of demonetization. Here is how you can avoid it.

Many famous vloggers faced demonetization issues for several reasons. It is quite frustrating when you experience such a dilemma. Your hard works would not pay off if it happens. Now, how can you make sure you do not get demonetized?

  • Do not make any nudity or sexual video content. It is against the Youtube guidelines.
    Violence or any other harmful/dangerous content is not allowed. Uploading such videos would only be a push factor for demonetization.
    Never include any hateful content on your channel. It is often reported and just wrong in any angle.
    Graphic content is also not allowed. There are underage viewers online and such videos should be censored.

How Much Money Can You Make in Vlogging

How much you can earn in vlogging is one the most frequently asked question online. You can earn 5 cents to 10 dollars per view. It depends on your subscriber base. If your videos are watched from premium countries like Canada and Germany, it would bring you more money.

However, you would not make as much if your audience is from third world countries. Nevertheless, the amount is reasonable.

Final Thoughts

Grab the opportunity right now. If you have the time, resources, and talent, start doing vlogs. Your earnings could increase every year provided you are consistent. You can do the things you are passionate about while making money. It is a good steal!



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