How to Make Money with Push Notifications?

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During this pandemic, many people are trying to look for a new source of income because their businesses or employers were struggling. Push notifications typically is not the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of making money online. However they can be great ways to create some well needed side income.

There are tons of ways of making money online, but be one should be careful when choosing the right method for them. They all take work and the goal is to find a healthy return for that effort. This article will help you understand what push notifications are and how it works and you can decide if it’s the right method for your side hustle. 

What is Push Notifications?

push notification

With all the technological advancements in this modern world, we can already earn money online. Aside from selling products and services online, you can explore the deep web and find another source of income. Push notifications are a revenue-generating platform that started to become popular in 2018. You may have seen this before, but push notifications are the one that appears when you open a website. 

For some websites, you’ll receive notifications when a new post is published or something similar to what you checked before. When you open an eCommerce website, you will also see push notifications of discounts or sales. There are also times where you’ll get random notifications from different websites or companies. 

The last one, where you get random notifications, is where you make money. The others are more on increasing traffic and sales for the owners. Push notifications aim to make people interested in your website, product, or content. Unfortunately, only a few websites use it correctly, while the others do it by having a ‘script’ only. 

Push notifications can be used in different platforms such as streaming websites, Mp3 and movie websites, Adsense or Amazon, etc. It means that you can try it on different sites that you think many people use. 

Aside from the platforms, push notifications also come in different forms. You can use pop-ups, redirects, native ads, etc. However, the problem is that Google penalizes those who use too many ads because it affects the user experience. 

How Can You Make Money From It?


Subscribers of push notifications get around $7 to $25 per day. The rate is done per day because push notifications use a script throughout the month. There are times when the subscribers are few, and there are times when there are many. To cut it short, the more subscribers you get, the higher that pay is.

Looking at it every month, you can earn as high as $400 per month. This is possible if the website can earn around $300 a month from ads. However, you should know how to maximize the use of push notifications so you can earn more money. 

The top publisher earns $28,569.28 per month, so those at the bottom can still earn more. You can increase it by getting more traffic, and target those websites that have many visitors (e.g. online shops). With this amount of money, you can already save up for your car insurance or use it as spending money. In case you are saving for your car insurance, you can find more details here

Statistics of Push Notifications

Aside from knowing how you can earn from it, it’s also necessary for you to know the statistics. The numbers can help you better understand how push notification plays its role in user-experience. The following are the key push notification statistics that you might want to check. 

  • In the US, an average smartphone user receives around 46 app push notifications a day. 
  • The highest push reaction rate is usually during Tuesdays.
  • There is a 7% push reaction rate for Android devices while for iOS devices, there’s a 4.9% reaction rate. This is because Android devices automatically allow push notifications to work, while iOS requires user’s consent. 
  • Push notifications are more effective in finance (72.3%), travel(70.2%), and e-commerce websites (68.0%). Given these percentages, push notifications in Android and iOS also have a high gap where Android is much higher. 
  • Looking at continents, push notifications are more effective in South Africa (69.4%), and Africa (68.3%). 
  • Only 8% of marketers utilize push notifications in promoting their brand and products. 
  • 10% of users receiving notifications for one week will most likely disable it, while 6% will delete the app. Many of them report it because they find it bothersome when they use the application. 
  • 31% of users don’t find push notifications useful, while 18% find it helpful. Many find it not useful because push notifications may contain expired offers, clickbait, and irrelevant information. 

Pros and Cons of Push Notifications

Pros and cons

If you want to know why you should use push notifications for extra income, here are some of its pros and cons. 


  • Push notifications have high conversion rates
  • It is easy to carry out using the ad format
  • It does not affect on the user interface
  • Money is earned after the user left the website


  • Users may opt to stop receiving notifications
  • Some people say it’s spammy because it appears here and there
  • It may not work on some browser and operating systems. Android and browsers like Chrome uses a lot of push notifications. iOS doesn’t support push notifications because it’s not in their system, but they’re still discussing if they’ll allow it soon. 

How Can You Implement Push Notifications

After knowing what push notifications are and how you can earn from it, you’re probably wondering how you can implement it. If you wish to try push notification, you can do it with Monetizer. Monetizer is a webmasters network that enables you to monetize traffic through push notifications, smart links, etc. 

This tool allows you to create a script for the push notification, and choose the website where you’ll put it. Just sign up as a publisher to get started and earn extra money. However, push notifications need to require publishers to have a Secure Socket Layer or SSL (HTTPS) certificate for your website. You can get this through different platforms such as SiteGround

Now that you know another way of earning money, you must train yourself with financial literacy too. This can help you manage your money better, and avoid seeing yourself in difficult situations like scams. Since you’ll be handling money, it’s good that you know how to budget, invest, and track your cash flow. You can enhance your financial literacy by going into training that you think will be helpful for you. 

To conclude, there are many ways to earn extra money for your savings or spendings. If you’re interested in doing techy work, you can try doing push notifications, and find your name on the leaderboard. However, you should also learn how to responsibly handle money by learning more about financial literacy. 

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.