TikTok Lawyer Explains How To Negotiate A Raise And What Your Employer Might Say


Learning how to negotiate a raise is a skill that’s not really taught in school, but almost certainly should be. Few things are more nerve-wracking than setting up time with your boss to ask for a raise. That said, if you’re truly crushing it and feel like your contribution to the organization warrants one, don’t be afraid to double-down on yourself.

The worst thing an employer can say is “no.” And if you do get a firm “no”, it could be a blessing in disguise to start exploring other job opportunities in your chosen career path.

Always bet on yourself, especially when your income is on the table. 

And yes, there are ways to get a raise without asking. But if a raise isn’t magically falling in your lap, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.”

Your hard work and time is worth it!

How to negotiate a raise and what your employer might say…

TikToker @attorneyryan – California-based labor and employment attorney – broke down the excuses managers and supervisors often give employees when they ask for a raise.

He also provided some valuable strategies on how to leverage these excuses into a meaningful discussion about one’s value to the organization at all.

Still… Expect push-back when asking for a raise.

But don’t back down! Polite manners and persistency is a winning combination.

Here are the three excuses employers often give to employees when they’re negotiating raises:

“Profits are down”

Emphasize the ways you’ve helped the company during a difficult time to show value

“Let’s talk next quarter.”

A classic delay tactic. Punting the ball down the field often results in frustration.

“You’re already getting a 2% raise!”

A cost of living adjustment is not a raise, especially if you’ve taken on more duties at your job.


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Another thing to look out for: A company that boasts with self-satisfaction about employee perks. Trust your instincts about that in lieu of a compensation adjustment, because the truism often stands – there’s no such thing as a free lunch. IE: Bagel Fridays, unlimited vacation days, the proverbial free lunch, etc.

These perks are all red-flags in the modern workplace.

As enticing as these may seem, allow the Hulu WeWork documentary to serve a cautionary tale.

Attorney Ryan nails it: These perks are often a cost-saving method employed by the company to keep employees content and happy vs. paying raises for labor.

A company may be a great place to work because of these things and how they create a common culture – especially in younger workplaces – but in the immortal words of the Wu-Tang Clan… “Protect ya neck.”


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