How To Work From Home For Big Companies Like Amazon, Progressive, And Google

work from home

Making money online and working from home is now a new way of life. And large companies like Amazon, Progressive, and Google are creating work from home positions to ensure their operations continue to function and grow.

The working from home trend had already started before the pandemic but now it has clearly become a mainstay. Thanks to technology and the Internet, it has never been easier to work and stay in your sweatpants all day.

You can work from home with big brands like Amazon, Progressive, and Google. The next sections of this article will show you how.

Why Work from Home?

work from home

The leap from traditional to flexible work can be a daunting possibility for many. However, there have been many studies conducted linking flexible work as the trend of the future.

Indeed, considering the fast pace of technology nowadays, almost everything is possible and that includes working in the comfort of your own home.

Being a home-based employee provides benefits that are now being considered by many. Here are some of them.

It saves money.

Working from home allows you to earn more. Traditionally, if you have an office job, you need to consider several expenses. These include transportation, car maintenance, gas, tolls, food, and clothing.

Although the amount can be manageable, it’ll surprise you how much you can save without these costs. And if you work from home, these costs are minimized. Aside from that, you can also use the money you save to create other passive income streams. And who doesn’t want that?

It boosts productivity.

A study performed by Stanford University shows how working from home results in higher productivity. In fact, many entrepreneurs credit their work from home arrangement as a key driver of their success.

With less time spent on commuting and other external factors, employees can now dedicate their time better with the tasks at hand. There could also be fewer distractions depending on your home setup.

Moreover, some employees also tend to work for longer periods while working from home.

It allows employees to have better control of their time.

One of the challenges in working is achieving a work-life balance. This risk is reduced when you work from home since you can manage your schedule according to your preferences.

Gone are the days where you have to wait for your shift to end even though you already finished your tasks hours before. In a flexible work arrangement, you can now devote your time to other productive tasks.

This arrangement allows employees to feel more empowered, which leads to a positive impact on productivity and overall well-being.

It’s safer

This was not really a consideration previously, but with Covid-19 working from home allows everyone to control their environment. You’re no longer forced to work next to people who might be sick, with Covid or otherwise.

What Companies Offer Work from Home Options?


Although the notion of work from home is mostly directed towards employees, it also benefits companies.

Here are some companies that offer work from home options.


Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. With millions of users using their platform every day, the company has become a giant in the field of e-commerce.

There are several ways to earn money on Amazon. You can explore retail arbitrage, product selling, and Amazon Affiliate as some of the ways for you to make money using this platform.

For remote job opportunities, they have listings on digital services and analytics with positions like Senior Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect, Cloud Technical Account Manager, and Digital Devices Support Associate.

As a leader in e-commerce, Amazon makes full use of technology even when it comes to their employment.


One of the leading providers of car insurance in America, Progressive also offers remote job opportunities. These opportunities include being customer service representatives, sales representatives, and claims representatives. They also have corporate positions like recruiters and human resource consultants.

Progressive is looking for dedicated and self-motivated employees that could deliver their jobs from the comfort of their own homes.


Google, a multinational company with niches in technology, internet services, and cloud computing, is also known for its flexible work opportunities. They celebrate diversity by acknowledging and accommodating people’s varied work styles.

Most of their remote job opportunities include being web designers and developers, handling user experience, sales, and improving their analytics. For their remote job opportunity, you can try looking into Google’s AdSense program. You can earn by posting ad feeds on your blog or website. Every time someone clicks an ad on your site, you earn money.

All-State Insurance

All-State Insurance is an American company that provides insurance services to cars, homes, motorcycles, and renters.

They have employees in the field of marketing, customer service, and even software engineering. One of the positions that could be done remotely for this company includes being part of their customer service. They believe in creating meaningful work by doing a job you love. Part of this mandate is expanding the options for their employees to work from home.


Dell Technologies, a multinational digital company based in the U.S. provides different computer technologies in different sectors.

As a company centered on innovation, Dell has also recognized how technology is driving a change in workplaces. Through their Connected Workplace program, Dell offers multiple work arrangements including flexible schedules, remote work, job-sharing, part-time schedules, and compressed workweeks.

For their remote job opportunities, you can be a software engineer, advisory architect, and even an account manager. These jobs are full-time and it can be 100% remote or partial.

JPMorgan Chase

The work from home option is also available in financial companies like JP Morgan Chase. If you are someone who works in fields like accounting and finance, marketing, operations, computer & IT, or sales, then you might just be what they’re looking for.

Most of their openings are full-time with an option to work from home. Although not required, you can take this option if you prefer so.

As a Client Service Manager, for example, you will be responsible for leading market meetings, monitoring client reports, and even supporting national strategic implementation plans. If you think you can do this job remotely, then you are welcome to do it.

As the sixth-largest bank in the world by assets, JP Morgan Chase is expanding its range of remote job opportunities. As digital economies are becoming a trend, the company is also looking into maximizing technology to improve their operations.


Sodexo, a leading provider in food services and facilities management, is also an advocate for flexible work arrangements.

One of their projects is its global FLOW initiative that encourages “agile ways of working.” This initiative empowers its employees to create their own workstyle that allows them to gain better control of their work and life balance.

Sodexo offers temporary, remote, part-time, alternative schedule, and occasional jobs. Under their work from home opportunities, they have postings on being an Application Developer, a Controller, and even as a Senior Director for Supply Management.

Although not all of these jobs can be done 100% remotely, they mostly have options to do it that way. For example, being a Controller can be done remotely. You’ll be involved in monitoring and analyzing data, working on presentations, and updating databases among others. As long as you perform the tasks within the agreed deadline, then you can be part of Sodexo’s workforce.


When discussing work from home jobs, one of the top opportunities is being part of the customer service.

Concentrix mainly deals with that through their customer engagement services in over 40 countries. They are the world’s second-largest provider when it comes to client services operating more than 70 languages.

They offer remote work, full-time and part-time, seasonal, and temporary job opportunities. Since 2004, they have been working on an extensive work-from-home program that allows their agents from all over the world to work from their home offices.

As long as you are an effective communicator with the discipline to provide great customer service, then you can be one of their agents.

However, their remote job opportunities are not only limited to that. Some positions like being a Practice Leader in Financial Services or as a Senior UX Designer can also be done remotely.

American Express

American Express is known for its services on credit card, financial, and global travel. They are also an advocate for flexible work options.

They offer full-time positions with an option for doing it remotely. Some of these positions include being a Collections Specialist, Project Analyst, and Finance Manager in the fields of Consumer Lending and Client Management.

American Express’s remote flexibility feature is considered one of their strengths. It is also aligned to their vision of what careers should be: rooted in an inclusive culture.


In 2019, Appen ranked as the number one company to have the highest number of remote job opportunities worldwide. Based in Australia, this technology services company offers reliable training data in transforming the fields of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

They support a variety of work from home opportunities like Search Engine Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, and Crowdsourcing. Most of their remote job opportunities rely on improving web and social media content to support their services.

As a Search Engine Evaluator, for example, you are required to be keen on analyzing data and handling online learning tools that could be used as a reference for developing AI technologies.

Appen’s flexible employment allows them to expand their market while also supporting people who want to earn additional income on top of their primary jobs.

Preparing to Land a Job

There has been an explosion of work from home opportunities. And if you’re interested in exploring this lifestyle permanently, it’s important to be prepared.

Interviewing for a work from home position is not the same as a corporate job. This training guide will provide you the information you need to find the right position. It will also show you how to tailor your resume for a work at home position and how to prepare yourself for the video interview.

Final Thought

work from home

The flexibility of working from home has created several non-traditional ways to earn money. As seen from this list, these opportunities can be full-time or as a side hustle. The options may seem endless but you also need to make sure you are prepared for this type of work style.

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