Investment Banking: Valuation Leveraged Buyouts & Mergers & Acquisitions Review

Investment Banking: Valuation Leveraged Buyouts & Mergers & Acquisitions Review

Are you looking to get into investment banking? Then perhaps purchasing a good book on the subject will be a helpful way to get started.

Investment bankers can help their clients raise money through issuing debt, or by selling equity. They can also assist their clients in mergers and acquisitions as well as derivatives. If these concepts are all new to you however, then perhaps starting with an informative book, such as the one in this article, will help you to get on your way to becoming an expert in the field.

We take a look at a best-selling book by authors Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl- Investment Banking: Valuation Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers. This is an excellent book which focuses on investment banking techniques, and we will explore them in this article.

Investment Banking: Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers & Acquisitions

This book was written by talented authors Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl, who both have experience working at Wall Street. They decided to write this book after realizing that not many people were talking about the work that corporate investors do, namely valuating, and so they decided to write this book and help others who are breaking into the industry.

Who is This Product For?

This investment banking book is aimed at all those workers in the finance field, and mostly to aspiring investment banking candidates. This can also be a perfect book for college students who are studying business as it shares a lot of technical valuation methodologies, which can be useful when it comes to exams and interviews for jobs.

In terms of price, this book is a little pricy and features the same price digitally as hardcover. Therefore, if you are a beginner who is serious about starting a career in investment banking, then it may certainly be worth investing in,

What’s Included?

This book is a second edition that features 464 pages in total. When purchasing this book, customers have two options to choose how they would like to read the book. The first option that is made available is via Kindle, meaning it can easily be bought, downloaded and read on the Kindle device right away. The second option is of course the hardcopy version which will be posted and received in the mail within 3-5 working days depending on location.

Overview of Contents

Access the key valuation methodologies used on Wall Street

If you would like a behind the scenes look into what goes on at Wall Street, then this is the book for you. This book focuses on all of the primary valuation methodologies, featuring valuation techniques used for both private and public companies.

Step-by-Step How-To Approach

The authors take you through each method using a simple and easy to follow, step-by-step approach, which includes the definition of key terms, financial concepts and several processes throughout the entire book. You will certainly not want to put this one down.

A wealth of information

Datasets as well as investment banking tools are all mentioned in this book to give you a realistic idea of what is being used today, and the types that are most trusted. Real world examples are also included such as a model which comes with separate excel models that can be downloaded by readers to use and practice with.

Kindle version does not include models

When purchasing the Kindle version of the book, the example models are not included

How to Use

This investment banking book can be downloaded and read on Kindle, or read in its printed form.


When it comes to shopping for books on investment banking, you are guaranteed to see many choices available on the market because investment banking is such a popular topic, and one which has many sub-topics to explain. If you are shopping on a budget, and therefore want to shop around for a good deal, you could always try and purchase this book second hand at a lower price. Otherwise, here are a couple of similar alternatives you maybe could choose from instead.


Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity

This book was written by the CEO of the New York School of Finance, and provides the fundamental tools necessary for assessing stock investments. It is built around a case study to provide a real-life example, and shows how to carry out an in-depth analysis of the company’s financial standing. This is a great read as it provides step-by-step development of financial models, just as they do at Wall Street.

Investment Banking for Dummies

Another great alternative is that of the ‘For Dummies’ series, this one being Investment Banking for Dummies by Matthew Krantz and Robert Johnson. This book provides an overview on investment banking, providing all the necessary methods required to succeed in the field. It includes information on carrying out mergers and acquisitions, how to read financial statements, performing industry analysis, leveraged buyouts and a whole lot more. This book is perfectly suited to the absolute beginners in investment banking.


When it comes to learning a new topic, especially one such as Investment Banking, it is essential to start by reading from those experts and professionals who have experience in the field.

We highly recommend the Investment Banking: Valuation Leveraged Buyouts and Mergers & Acquisitions book by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl as it includes step-by-step valuation methods which are the exact ones used on Wall Street, and they are extremely easy to follow – especially for beginners. It is also a book that is known to be a best-seller and one which is highly popular on the current market.

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