45 Best Jobs That Pay Under The Table

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make money? Regardless if you’re trying to survive over the next few days or saving up for your ultimate vacation, finding for jobs that pay under the table provides a simple and convenient way to make money. A lot of people prefer these kinds of jobs because they pay cash up-front. Also, you don’t have to deal with overwhelming documents and paperwork. Chances are, you will find a job or two that pays under the table in your neighborhood. If you want to explore more, here are 50 jobs that you might consider that pay under the table.

What Does Working Under the Table Mean?

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It’s no surprise that few people associate “under the table” jobs with illegal or unreported employment. Since payment is made through cash, these types of hustles are hard to trace. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), employers who pay under the table often violate employment, insurance, and other tax laws. Unreported employment could be illegal, especially if your intention is to avoid paying taxes. On the other hand, working under the table also means working off the books. Though employment does not have official records or documents, these types of employment are not illegal at all. Just make sure to report your income at tax time to avoid possible tax evasion issues.

50 Jobs That Pay Under the Table

1. Cleaning Jobs

house cleaning

House-cleaning is probably one of the most hated errands. A lot of people are willing to pay someone to do the dirty work for them. If you don’t mind vacuuming, dusting and mopping, then this is perfect under the table job for you. Regardless if it’s a one time gig or a recurring job, house cleaners can earn $100 – $300 a day.

2. Babysitting


Babysitting is not only one of the easiest ways to earn extra bucks. It can also turn into a lucrative side hustle, especially if you have tons of previous clients who can vouch for your skill and credibility. You can earn at least $10 per hour by taking care of someone’s child. Other roles could also include establishing routine, feeding, and bathing. Also, you have to be open to working at odd hours. Most parents are looking for a babysitter during an occasional date night or out of town trips during weekends.

3. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting

Pet owners are always looking for someone to take care of their pets when they are away for a few days. If you have a natural fondness for animals, you will find pet-sitting a natural breeze. The job doesn’t require much effort. Others just ask for their sitters to walk their dogs or board them for a few days. You can easily make $20-50 per gig. You can even take several gigs if you want to make more money.

4. Farmer’s Market

farmers market

Almost every town and city have their own farmer’s market. While others do it once a month, there are some towns that have a farmer’s market every weekend. If you want to make quick money, rent out a booth and you can pretty much sell anything – from mouth-watering delicacies to arts and crafts. If your products are good, people will keep coming back to your booth. It’s a great way to establish your brand and reach out to more customers. If you’re not into selling, you can always ask around. Booth-owners are constantly on the lookout for helpers to either man the cashier or load their products.

5. Interpreter

transcription work

Do you know how to speak another language?  If so, utilize this skill and earn upfront cash. A lot of companies are looking for interpreters all the time. To find this kind of gigs, you can either check freelance platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour or Craigslist. Most of the interpreter jobs pay a competitive rate. If you have a certification for the language, you can even demand higher pay. Aside from increasing your rate, getting certified also increases your credibility, hence attracting more potential clients.

6. Tutor

After-school tutor

Tutoring does not just apply to academic classes. Sure, most popular tutors are in the field of Math, Literature or History. However, you can tutor at pretty much everything. From teaching instruments to dance lessons, you will find plenty of students looking for someone that can help them improve in this field. You don’t need to be a certified teacher to be a tutor. You just have to be really good at what you’re tutoring.

7. Music Gigs


Isn’t it sweet to do the thing that you’re passionate about while making money at the same time? This is exactly right in music gigs. Musicians enjoy every minute that they are performing, plus they take home some cash. You can take home as much as $100 for just one gig. And oh, you get free drinks and sometimes food too!

8. Manual Labor

manual labor

Manual labor jobs seem to be the most popular under-the-table jobs. From concrete work to carpentry and moving boxes, there is no shortage of these types of jobs. A lot of companies are always on the lookout to hire someone who will do this hard work. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then you can make decent cash by doing manual labor jobs.

9. Photography

man taking photo of the sunset

Freelance photographers are on the rise. Whether it’s for engagement or wedding photos, or family pictures, people prefer hiring a photographer to capture this important moment in their lives. If you own a decent camera and take picture wonderfully, you can make photography as your side hustle. To stand out amongst thousands of aspiring photographers, it’s important that you create a profile that showcases your portfolio. It can be as simple as your Instagram account or as intricate as creating your own website.

10. Gardening



Maintaining a luscious and healthy garden is not an easy job. Additionally, some people simply don’t have the time or skill to perform this task. If you have a green thumb, you can turn this passion into a money-making opportunity. Though this could be a seasonal gig, you can tend to someone’s garden and take home instant cash. Other jobs may require just a few hours of your time, while there are some that require you to come several times a week.

11. Handyman

under the table jobs


If you’re good at fixing stuff, then you can earn money repairing stuff for people. Companies and professionals charge a huge fee for these kinds of work, therefore a lot of people prefer hiring contractors. Look for local repair jobs through Craigslist or Facebook groups. You can also print out a flyer enlisting all the services that you offer. Not only you are earning some extra bucks, but you are also helping your community.

12. Yoga Instructor

under the table jobs


Teaching yoga may sound like a dream job. It’s all about serenity, stillness and yoga pants. No wonder a lot of yoga enthusiasts devout their time teaching yoga while earning money on the sides. You have to hustle hard though if you want to support yourself by solely teaching yoga. To increase your earnings, go beyond teaching public classes. Teaching corporate or workplace yoga is an excellent way to upgrade your paycheck. You can also conduct live classes via Skype. It’s a genius way of getting more students and reaching a wider market.

13. Writing

lady working on her computer


If you have a knack at creating content that is compelling, entertaining and informative, then you must give writing a go. With the evolution of digital marketing, there is no shortage for clients who are looking for great writers. Create your own website and showcase your previous works. Then, sign up on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr to look for writing gigs. Rates may vary depending on your experience and the complexity of the article.

14. Snow Removal

GMC truck in snow at the gas pump.


If you live in an area that has cold winters, then you can make extra bucks by snow removal. What’s even better about this gig is you don’t need anything except for a good snow shovel to get started. A lot of people would rather sit indoors sipping a cup of hot coffee than deal with tons of snow blocking their driveway. This is where you can offer your business. You can charge $30-$100 per walkway/driveway.

15. Graphic Design

Graphic design to earn money online


There’s always a high demand for graphic designers. Every industry employs graphic designers to help them with their marketing materials, branding and establishing their websites. Graphic designing offers both an outlet to express and nurture your creativity as well as an opportunity to make money. You get to set your own working hours and you can choose projects that you find interesting.

16. Caterer



Working as a caterer is a perfect job for amateur chefs. You can open a small catering business and start catering at small events. You are more likely to achieve success in the catering business if you have a specific niche. Focus on a specific type of food or event. Once you acquire your permits and licenses, you can start offering your service. You can either run your catering business part-time or full time and potentially earn $30,000 and $80,000 a year.

17. Crafter



Is crafting one of your hobbies? Take your crafting to the next level and earn money from this skill.  You can sell your handmade items on several online platforms such as Etsy.com. If you’re looking to attract more local customers, then you can set up a physical shop or rent a booth during the farmer’s market.

18. Driver



With the rise of ride-sharing apps, there are plenty of opportunities for people to make money driving. Become a driver for Uber, Lyft or Curb and have full control of your working hours. The hours are flexible, you can work whenever or how long you prefer. Though these companies take a cut from your pay, you can still bring home a decent amount of money.

19. Garage Sale

garage sale


Rather than letting your unused stuff to crowd your entire space, why not spend a few hours decluttering? You’ll be surprised at the amount of junk that we accumulate. Separate the ones that are still useful and organize a garage sale to sell these items. Plan and organize your yard sale ahead and you could potentially make $1500. Now that’s a sweet deal of getting rid of your junk.

20. Junk Haul

Junk Haul


The junk removal industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades. Businesses and people need help emptying a foreclosed property, clearing out an attic or hauling away broken furniture. Offering a junk removal service is both rewarding and profitable. To start your junk removal business, you would need a large van or a truck and basic tools and cleaning supplies. You can charge $125 per hour or $500 for each truckload of junk.

21. Mowing Lawns

best gig jobs


Residential lawn mowing business is a good area to explore. You would need a huge vehicle to haul your equipment and lawn care equipment such as trimmers, weed-eater, mower, etc. You can start small and offer your services to your neighbors. Once you have gained enough experience and a list of satisfied customers, you can expand your business and advertise your service online. When done right, you can earn between $5,000 and $50,000 during their first year of business.

22. Mover



Moving can be stressful and frustrating. This is why many people prefer to hire movers to help them alleviate possible moving issues. If you’re capable of lifting heavy items, then you can work under the table as a mover. A lot of people prefer local movers rather than hiring larger companies. To scout for possible clients, you can keep an eye on the real estate listings in your area.

23. Musician

music gigs


We’re past the time where music is only a favorite past-time. Musicians are now finding tons of opportunities to make money within the realm of music. Aside from scoring gigs on bars and parties, you can also conduct workshops and classes. Additionally, offering voice lessons presents a perfect side hustle especially for lead singers.

24. Painter



Painting could be a perfect side gig if you’re looking for jobs that pay under the table. There are several ways that you can make money out of your masterworks. You can auction a few of your paintings on your local paint exhibits. In addition, you can create a website that will serve as your portfolio. Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote your paintings and attract more potential customers.

25. Personal Assistant

Businessman in front of his computer


Personal assistants carry a variety of roles – from managing calendars and bookings, organizing events, providing customer service to remind your client of schedules and important tasks. If you are organized, good at multitasking and have a strong administrative skill, you may want to try venturing out on this field. You can scout Craigslist for local executives in need of personal assistant or you can use other freelancing platforms to score a client across the globe.

26. Rent Out Your Room

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List your spare room on Airbnb and make money out of this free space.You can charge from $200-$800 per room, depending on your location and the size of your room. If you don’t have any problem with strangers living under the same roof, then this could be a form of passive income for you.

27. Reselling Discounted Items

List Items for Sale on eBay


If you want to become an entrepreneur but don’t know how, a reseller business could be a good start. You can sell almost anything – clothing, pet supplies, car accessories, cosmetics, etc. Look for the cheapest wholesale products. You can also scout for suppliers that offer bulk clearance items on sale. Additionally, you can find good deals from trade shows which you can sell later on for a higher price.

28. Sign Worker

sign spinner


You have probably passed by a guy on the side of the road spinning a sign. Sign workers make money by literally standing in a corner while holding a sign. Oftentimes, business owners hire someone to attract more customers by spinning signs. Being a sign worker could be a lucrative gig. Just make sure that you’re physically fit to get through the hours.

29. DJ



Not everyone have this in mind when it comes to job options that pay under the table. But if being a DJ is your passion, then why not go for it. Before getting started, you must decide first what you want to do. You can either be a DJ for more formal occasions like a wedding, you can choose laid-back like bars. Of course, you can be both, but it’s better if you carry an area of specialization.

30. Tour Guide

tour guide


Here’s another opportunity tourist attractions bring. Working as a tour guide is a fun way of making money. It clearly has its perks – exploring wonderful places, learning its culture and history, and meeting different kinds of people. If you know how to get around pretty well and have a quirky and friendly personality, then you should give being a tour guide a go.

31. Website Development

Tattooed woman with laptop


Website development used to sound intimidating. Thanks to today’s technology, designing a website is no longer a grueling task. There are tons of platforms that will do the work for you. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SiteBuilder, and Squarespace are just a few website builders. Most of these are even free. Reach out to your local businesses and offer your service.

32. Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter


There is never a shortage of clients looking for people to help promote and build their brands. Just take a look at freelancing platforms and you would see tons of job posts for content creation and social media management. If you know how to craft a captivating brochure or an interesting social media post, then marketing online could be an excellent choice for jobs that pay under the table.

33. Software Development

work from home


If languages like Python, PHP, Javascript, and C++ don’t sound foreign to you, then you’re more likely a software developer. Software development offers a competitive salary. You can either work for a company and help them create apps, or you can become a freelancer and score several clients across the globe.

34. Building Trades



Construction jobs are another great alternative if you’re looking for jobs that pay under the table. There are tons of opportunities available – from construction companies looking for seasonal workers to homeowners building their houses. Working in construction is a satisfying job. You get to see the tangible result of your hard work once the project is done.

35. Repair Service

repair tools


Are you good at repairing things? You can offer your repair service and make money fixing stuff for people. People in your neighborhood need someone to help fix things such as appliances, computers or smartphones. They prefer to have a local repairman since companies and professionals charge a huge amount.

36. Personal Trainer



There is no doubt that you can make money as a personal trainer. If you want to have a steady cash flow though, you must master the art of attracting new clients and retaining your loyal ones. A personal trainer could earn $100 per hour but this amount could potentially increase if you know how to capitalize on your skills. Offering in-home personal training, selling membership models, hosting boot camps, providing personalized meal and workout plans and creating online workout subscriptions are just a few ways of earning more on this field.

37. Jeweler or Silversmith



Not everyone is capable of crafting intricate trinkets and jewelry. Sure, making your own statement earrings or necklace piece could be a fun way of killing time. But why not leverage this skill and make money out of it. You can organize a small auction for your creation, or you can display them at flea markets. Additionally, online platforms such as Etsy and Instagram offers a great venue to promote your products and generate more sales.

38. Dance Instructor



There’s a huge market for people taking dance lessons. If you want to venture on offering dance lessons, you can rent a small space and turn it into a dance studio. You can either specialize in one genre or you can teach several types of dance. If you want to increase your earnings, try writing an ebook about a specific dance genre or you can book several dance classes online.

39. Boxing Instructor


Behind every great boxer is a great boxing training. Though there’s a slim chance that you might train the next Muhammad Ali, the opportunity in making money as a boxing instructor is not slim at all. You can set up a small space to hold your boxing lessons or you can create a YouTube channel for your instructional videos.

40. Selling Used Books

Best Books on Investing


Do you have books that have been sitting in your bookshelves for several years? You can free up some space and make money out of these used books. You can get in touch with your local retailer that can flip it for profit. Additionally, you can use online platforms such as BookScouter, Half Price Books and Amazon to sell your used books.

41. Short-Term Rentals

What Type of Income is Received Through Rent?


Are you going on a vacation for a few days? One of the most ingenious ways of earning a passive income is by renting out your space while you are away. You can list your house at Airbnb or local classified ads for short-term rentals. You could potentially earn at least $100 per night, depending on the size of your space and your location.

42. Delivery Service

delivery boy riding on his bicycle


Freelancing has become popular to keep up with today’s high demand for productivity and time. From customer service, marketing to administrative tasks, a lot of companies hire a contractor to help them with the workload. To ensure their items are delivered on time, lots of companies hire freelance couriers to carry out this task. You must have a good running mode of transportation such as a car or van to get started. Promote your service through social media, business listings or yellow pages.

43. Hair Stylist

jobs that pay under the table


Our hair is our crowning glory. No wonder a lot of people are willing to spend tons of money just to have a shiny and gorgeous hair. If you want to make a career out of hairstyling, you must have completed a program from a licensed cosmetology school. Starting your own hair salon is a good idea, but if you don’t have enough capital, you can start offering your services to friends, family or colleagues.

44. Massage Therapist

jobs that pay under the table


A massage therapist can work in different environments – from private practices, vacation resorts to health clinics. Before you can call yourself a masseuse, you must earn a certificate or diploma in Massage Therapy first. As the job can be physically demanding especially on your wrist and hand, you can work this gig part-time.

45. Tattoo Artist

jobs that pay under the table


Tattoos are no longer frowned at. In fact, 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo. Being a tattoo artist is a great side hustle. Before opening your own tattoo parlor, just make sure that you acquired all the licenses and certifications that you need. More importantly, fully sanitize all the tools and equipment that you will be using. You can charge $100-$300 an hour, depending on the size and design.

Final Words

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There’s no shortage of opportunities to make money. If you want fast and hassle-free gigs, then our list of 50 jobs that pay under the table provides a wide selection of side hustle that is perfect for you. Paired with dedication, hard work, and quality service, these jobs can’t just help you earn a few extra bucks. They can even get you out of debt and become financially stable. Are you in between jobs and want to earn money while job hunting? This article is a good read. Click here to find alternatives on how to make money while unemployed.


C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.