26-Year-Old Starts Profitable Luxury Picnic Side Hustle, Brings In $30,000 In Two Months

Running a business is no walk in the park, but a luxury picnic side hustle is showing signs of scalability.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Business, much like life, is all about how you pivot.

The 2020 pandemic forced millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses to pivot. With a little outside-of-the-box thinking and innovation, many entrepreneurs found themselves stumbling upon even bigger opportunities. Ultimately, this meant bigger business windfalls from those pivots.

For example –  an in-person video game conference finding even more opportunity with less hard costs with virtual conferences. Or Bauer, the hockey equipment company, shifting to making PPE for medical companies.

Austin B. Chen was forced to pivot from his tutoring and education businesses at the beginning of 2020.

According to Acorns, the 26-year-old entrepreneur pivoted to a completely different side hustle enterprise with his sister and his cousin.

The focus? A so-called luxury picnic side hustle.

Since starting just over two months ago, the business – based in Chino Hills, California – has brought in more than $30,000. The owners claim “about 80% of that is profit.”

That’s a pretty good business!

OC Luxury Picnics has done more than 60 picnics for parties of 2 to 20 people since launching in late-February 2021. Total revenue also includes income secured for more than 20 reservations for picnics at a future date.

After making a booking, clients arrive to a luxurious picnic set up at a location of their choice. The base package includes that setup, along with a charcuterie board and beverages. It costs extra for bonus items like a paint kit, a cupcake Ferris wheel, fondue, sushi, mini-cakes, or a floral backdrop.

A picnic for two costs $240. Each additional person, up to four people, costs an extra $30. Picnics of five or more are $70 per person.

The Chens have already hired three employees to help with setting up and breaking down.

Instagram and TikTok-friendly luxury picnic businesses are booming right now.

Many event planners in municipalities around the country have pivoted to picnic catering businesses. In some instances, a properly executed luxury picnic – catered to the right crowd, in the right market – can charge up to $3,000 for a single event, according to Good Morning America.


B. Carlisle

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