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Many people grow fond of watching random videos nowadays. If you’re one of them, you can benefit from it more than just getting a good laugh. Wherever you are, as long as you have a stable connection, you can make money watch videos online.

You won’t earn enough cash to make you an instant millionaire but it is a good opportunity to make some side cash while doing something you’d be doing anyway.  

Different digital platforms allow you to earn, even without upfront capital money, but you have to be meticulous. Some websites you might commit to might not deliver their promises, so you have to be careful. You have to be wise to do a bit of research so you only work with legitimate platforms and not wasted time and effort. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know on how to make money watching videos. 

How to Make Money Watching Videos

Can you make money by watching videos? 


Here are several proven websites that you can use for this side hustle:



It is a popular site that employs a rewards program for accomplishing short tasks online. One of which is watching videos and ads. The website has already paid out 400 million dollars in cash and gift cards to different users. 

Swagbucks pays you to get entertained. You would be asked to view contents that are within a wide array. It ranges from advertisements, viral clips, and even recent news. In such a case that you’re not having the content given to you, leave it on background play. Doing your other tasks while it’s on that mode is a sneaky but allowable move. It is not like the management would individually check each user. 

However, you cannot earn as much compared to completing surveys when you’re watching videos. For every playlist that usually runs at 15 to 30 minutes, you can get 2 or 3 SB points. It might be low, but as you watch several video clips, especially when they are entertaining, you wouldn’t even notice you’re garnering plenty of points already. 

There is a 150 SB point limit per day, and it’s entirely achievable. Grind for a couple of weeks and earn as much as £100 cash for every 16,000 SB points. Swagbucks works on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers. Even before you start accomplishing tasks on the site, you can already earn $10 for a simple sign-up. 


Since its foundation in 2000, Inboxdollars has offered different paying jobs. All of which is doable even when you’re just chilling on your couch. You don’t have to physically exhaust yourself to earn extra money for your expenses. 

If you love Netflix and other movie streaming applications, then working for inbox dollars is a piece of cake. You can make money while you lend your eyes and ears out to a variety of videos. It includes recent celebrity gossip, food recipes, technology, and health-related content, trending news, and even classic entertainment clips. 

Inboxdollars is often considered as the Swagbucks alternative, but it is in itself a remarkable website as well. At present, it has already given out about 50 million dollars to its members. It has a $5 giveaway just for signing up. Be a member and grab that five bucks right away! 

Aside from watching short video clips, the website also rewards its members with passive income by completing other tasks. It may be answering surveys, performing web searches, playing online games, or signing up for promotional offers.

Inboxdollars works on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers (except Internet Explorer/Edge). 


It is a digital rewards program that offers a variety of short opportunities where you can earn virtual points. These points are exchanged with legit and real money. Generating money on MyPoints is quite simple as well. You can garner points by accomplishing surveys, playing games like Bejeweled 2 and Solitaire Rush, and of course, watching videos. 

The website permits $25 as the minimum withdrawal, but you don’t need to worry! Since the platform offers various tasks, achieving such an amount is easy-peasy. Just remember to keep enjoying what they send you. Dealing with it that way rids of the weight, the work builds up as you play videos for countless times. 

Signing up isn’t mind-boggling because you would only need a name and an email. Other details are unnecessary, which makes the website more accessible to web users. Into the bargain, MyPoints gives $5 cash for first-time users. 

The platform works only on desktop browsers. It is not Safari-supported, but if you use its standalone mobile app called MyPoints TV, it works just fine in iOS and Android.


Whether you want PayPal cash or gift cards, you can earn it using iRazoo. Just like other paying sites, it remunerates its members for watching entertaining video clips. It also has a point exchange system. The videos often sent are short films, app, and cooking trailers, movie reviews, and advertisements. 

You can also maximize your points through other short opportunities, such as sharing your opinion in various surveys, playing games, etc. When you sign up, you may not receive a cash giveaway, but the platform helps you lock 100 points. It is still a great deal since you’re off to a good start.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

It is a famous global analytics company that is responsible for TV ratings. Unlike the aforementioned websites where you exchange your points, this platform offers a direct annual pay of $50 cash. 

Now, how does it work? 

You only have to download the application and register by providing the necessary information and selecting a suitable username and password. Once you’re in, watch anything you would like to watch online and earn money. Some say $50 is only a few bucks, but it’s not bad of a deal since you don’t technically work. You only entertain yourself and get paid. 

Other than the annual payout, the company also offers different prizes. Just watch as many videos as you can, and you might become eligible to receive rewards. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel split a large amount of money, summing up to $10,000 cash to 400 winners monthly. That’s an additional $25 cash! Moreover, it gives a grand prize of $1000.

If you commit to the company, you would be giving them access to your browsing history. It is deemed necessary to record data like what URLs you visited and how much time you invested in them. 

Don’t fret! You remain anonymous. Data like IP addresses or other information that would compromise your identity are guaranteed secure. If you’re still doubtful, you may check their website for FAQs. 



If you love binge-watching, chances are, you’re often doing it using Netflix. The platform offers a series of good shows, so watching them for money is quite a good catch. 

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming service, with over 158 million paid subscriptions scattered around 190 countries. You can watch a vast collection of movies and series split into different genres. The platform also provides its users with in-house productions. 

How can you earn in this big and known company? Well, you only have to continue with your usual binge-watching activities since Netflix occasionally hires content taggers. Work in this company is not always available, but grab it once you’re given a chance. 

You can enjoy good Netflix finds while you get paid just by helping the company categorize the TV series and movies. It’s done to make searching less hassle. If Netflix asked you to tag content fit for thriller/crime, you should find movies agreeing with the given theme. 

You wouldn’t want any missed opportunity, so make sure you visit Netflix Job Boards every once in a while. Binge-watch while you fill your pockets with cash!


The application continues to grow as it rewards its members with gift cards or cash through a Prepaid debit card. You wouldn’t sweat when you commit to Viggle. You only need to tap the app whenever you would watch or stream on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

It allows you to enjoy good movies and earn at the same time. Where can you get a deal like that? Some videos offer a 10x bonus. It equates to 10 points per minute of viewing, so make sure you finish as many as you can.

You can also garner points by playing in-show games that Viggle offers. It can make your binge-watching more enjoyable, especially when you do it with your friends. Viggle works both on iOS and Android. It serves all types of users, which gives it high accessibility. 


The platform was founded in 2012 and now has approximately 270,000 members. It has paid out its members with over $25,000 cash. If you sign up on this website, you can earn just by watching advertisements.

Successbux has a lower payout compared to the other online paying websites, but it’s worth the tasks you need to complete. It’s still a win for you. You can earn without bringing out personal money. Your time is the only investment required. 

Other than watching videos, you can also make money by answering surveys, getting referrals, and listening to the radio. It’s hassle-free. It might not be lucrative, but it can be a good side hustle, especially for people who just started earning online. 


The website lets you earn cash while watching videos, but unlike other platforms, Fusion Cash offers different payment gateways. You can receive your hard-earned money via checks, PayPal, or even direct deposits. 

FusionCash has been running for 12 years already and has sent out over 3 million dollars to its members. It is also one of the alternatives for Swagbucks and Inboxdollars. You can earn $5 as soon as you sign up. The website opens an avenue to address all your questions about making money online. 

Being an excellent and frequent contributor can make an additional $3 cash in your monthly income possible. 

The platform works on iOS, Android, and any desktop browser. However, you should make sure the flash is always enabled. 


Youtube homepage

The platform was founded in 2009 to improve the user base in different youtube videos posted online. You can make money with this website by watching videos or commenting on them. Paid2Youtube also remunerates you for every referral you make, and every subscription or mention your referrals leave on the video. 

It’s a good side hustle if you have just started exploring money-making opportunities online. Its threshold is set at $10. Once you’ve reached it, you can already withdraw as you wish. Achieving such an amount is a cakewalk. 


Slidejoy pays you a decent amount of money for watching movie trailers and online advertisements. Although the platform won’t help you sustain a living, it can be a good side gig. Besides watching videos, you can also earn by making referrals or linking your Facebook account to the app. 

What makes Slidejoy different from other money-making apps is its option setting. You can either cash out your earnings or donate it to your favorite charity. Either way, you get to benefit from it, financially or spiritually. 

You should know that the app allows you to swipe videos left or right. When you direct it to the right, you will end the video. If left, you would need to finish it. Given that the app is designed this way, you can dismiss ads you don’t want to continue watching.

Watch and Earn: A Good Mantra in the Digital World

Indeed, you would not get rich overnight with these money-making platforms, but consider the fact that your earnings from them can cover some of your expenses. It doesn’t require much, but it can give you something. The watch and earn approach is a good way to relax. Staying in bed isn’t as fruitful when you don’t engage in online paying opportunities.

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