The 20 Most Desirable Neighborhoods In The USA, According To Internet Interest

Houses in La Jolla, California
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There’s something undeniably thrilling about browsing through homes online, even if you’re not in the market for a new place.

With the rise of house listing sites like Zillow, it’s easier than ever to indulge in this guilty pleasure. Not only does it offer a satisfying dopamine hit, but it also lets us satisfy our curiosity and compare our own living situations with others. And with Zillow receiving over 10 billion visits in 2021 alone, it seems we’re not alone in this delightful pastime.

Despite the high interest in browsing listings on real estate apps, there has been a decline in home sales and a rise in monthly mortgage payments, making it difficult for active buyers to make a move. There are signs that the red hot real estate market of 2021 and 2022 is starting to cool down.

However, with sellers flooding the market and prices starting to drop, the tide could soon turn.

The most desirable neighborhoods on the real estate apps

HouseFresh analyzed user patterns on Zillow to discover which neighborhoods are most popular among potential homebuyers.

In order to do so, gathered sales listings data from Zillow in the 100 most populous cities in America, and for each home listing, they recorded the neighborhood, number of days listed on Zillow, and the number of page views. They then calculated the average number of page views per day for each listing and averaged the daily views across each neighborhood.

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The list of most viewed neighborhoods on Zillow reveals that people are drawn to various neighborhoods across the United States. It includes the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles and New York City’s Upper East Side, two neighborhoods associated with wealth, business success, and aspirational living spaces. 

The list also includes the suburban charm of metro Dallas and Phoenix, showing how many are looking for highly-rated schools, diverse shopping and dining options, and access to outdoor activities like parks and golf courses. 

Below are 20 of the most desirable neighborhoods, along with their related daily views, according to online interest and views on the real estate apps.

Northeast Dallas – Dallas

Total daily views: 36,113

Hollywood Hills – Los Angeles

Total daily views: 32,216

Houses in the Hollywood Hills
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Camelback East – Phoenix

Total daily views: 30,366

La Jolla – San Diego

Total daily views: 25,735

Upper East Side – New York City

Total daily views: 24,125

North Mountain – Phoenix

Total daily views: 22,527

Summerlin North – Las Vegas

Total daily views: 22,221

Elkhorn – Omaha

Total daily views: 20,519

Lake View – Chicago

Total daily views: 20,465

Deer Valley – Phoenix

Total daily views: 19,624

Northwest – El Paso

Total daily views: 19,430

Preston Hollow – Dallas

Total daily views: 18,859

Centennial Hills – Las Vegas

Total daily views: 18,209

Upper West Side – New York

Total daily views: 17,304

New York City brownstone
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Far North – Dallas

Total daily views: 17,020

Chevy Chase-Ashland Park – Lexington, Kentucky

Total daily views: 16,952

Brickell – Miami

Total daily views: 16,823

Downtown Miami skyline
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Encino – Los Angeles

Total daily views: 16,736

Princess Anne – Virginia Beach

Total daily views: 16,407

Woodland Hills – Los Angeles

Total daily views: 16,174

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