North Carolina Lottery Winner Says She’ll Finally Go On A Honeymoon After $527,797 Win

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Isn’t it amazing how a little piece of paper can transform lives? For one sweet North Carolina couple, a lucky lottery ticket didn’t just fatten their bank account, it ignited a dream. Sure, $527,797 is a lot of money, but it’s not about the dollar signs or the leap into a new tax bracket. Instead, it’s the key to unlocking experiences that were once out of reach.

Now, they’re packing their bags, ready to embark on the honeymoon they’ve always wished for but never thought possible. Because sometimes, winning the lottery isn’t about the money, it’s about the magical chapters it allows you to write into your life story.

According to a press release from a North Carolina Lottery, Shonda Harrell-Nichols of Wendell, North Carolina – about 25 minutes east of Raleigh – got married in 2021 but never took a honeymoon.

Now the lucky lottery winner is planning a dream honeymoon after winning a $527,797 Cash 5 jackpot. 

“We’ve talked about going to Puerto Rico,” she told the North Carolina Lottery about the trip.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw we’d won the Cash 5,” she said, reminiscing about the moment she woke her husband with the stunning news. “We were both stunned.”

Despite the elation, Harrell-Nichols admits she’s finding it hard to truly grasp their incredible stroke of luck. “It’s still a little unreal,” she confessed. “I’m not even sure how I should be reacting.”

Harrell-Nichols walked into the lottery headquarters on Thursday, a normal woman with an extraordinary tale. After the necessary deductions for state and federal taxes, she walked out with a check for $376,056.

But beyond the dream honeymoon that they’ve been longing for, she has a pragmatic approach for the remaining windfall. Most of the money, she reveals, will go towards investments, painting a secure future with the colors of their present luck.

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