Online Jobs For College Students

Online jobs for college students


Online Jobs For College Students

Getting a part-time job is challenging, especially if you have to go to university every day. Some people find it challenging to balance their studies with the commute and fixed timeslots of several jobs. However, thanks to the ongoing technological advancements, college students can now work in the comfort of their own homes, on their own time! To help you start your money-making strategy, let us now explore the best online jobs for college students like you. 

Social Media Manager

Social media manager

Starting Pay: $15 to $40 per hour

Job Details

As part of the millennial crowd, it is easy for you to take on this role because of your familiarity with the social media world. All you have to do is to manage a particular company’s website or social media accounts such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Your job description will entail the following: 

  • Promote regular content and exclusive deals
  • Interact with the account’s followers
  • Answer queries of the consumers
  • Understand the latest trends of the customers
  • Assess social media analytics and use these data to come up with more effective strategies
  • Build brand awareness
  • Collect new leads

How To Get Started

There are several ways on how to become a company’s social media manager. You can either do it physically or digitally. For the physical part, you may explore the businesses you patronize and check their job boards if there is an opening. Should there be one, you will have to leave a copy of your resume alongside your portfolio to the reception or manager. 

What’s a portfolio for? It aims to show the potential employers of your creative side. You can include your write-ups, print screens of your social media posts, copies of your self-captured photographs, or whatever artsy material you can show them. You may even give them a digital copy of your videos or links to your blogs to fully showcase your ability. 

If there are no jobs available in your favorite stores, you may try to search online. Visit their websites or social media pages, and send your inquiries. Don’t forget to attach your resume and portfolio as well. 

There are many start-ups there who are exploring the possibility of hiring a social media manager. So, why not start with them and make your way into becoming an integral part of the company?

If you want more details on how to become the best social manager, try reading The Power of Visual Storytelling by Jessica Gioglio and Ekaterina Walter. 

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Freelance Writer

Freelance writer

Starting Pay: $20 to $30 per 1000-word article

Job Details

Don’t worry if you still don’t have enough experience as a freelance writer. As long as you are capable of writing quality articles, have excellent grammar, and can patiently read resource articles, then you will survive as a freelance writer. It’s a plus if you master search engine optimization (SEO), handling a blog, or using various analytic software. 

What’s good about this job is that you are in full control of your own time. Usually, the ones who hire you will give you ample time to finish a specific article. Hence, it is your job to make sure to manage your time correctly. 

Unlike other jobs, robots cannot replace writers. With the rise of the importance of content writing, more and more companies are investing their money to acquire the best people for the job. This is also the best way to start building your writing portfolio. 

How To Get Started

Do not worry if you don’t know how to land your first client. The best way to start your career in this build is through applying in freelance writing websites. 

  • Upwork – If this is your first time in this field, Upwork should be your go-to. They assign you with smaller jobs at the start, but as you increase your rating system, the high paying jobs will come flooding in. 
  • IncomeDiary – IncomeDiary’s niche revolves around the technicalities of writing a blog and building a website. You might see this as a narrow field, but there are endless topics you can create. This includes social media marketing, steps on increasing your website traffic, designing a blog, building your website’s brand, making online money, and more. 
  • TextBroker – TextBroker has a rigorous application process. You need to register on their website, submit your writing portfolio, get your rating, confirm your identity, and accomplish your author profile. This platform has different types of articles you can write – Open Orders (pay is per word), Team Orders (fee is per team), and Direct Orders (salary depends on clients and your profile). 
  • Listverse – Listverse focuses on creating listicles or list articles. Examples of topics under this include “Top 10 Things You Have To Do When You Visit France” or “Ways On How To Deal With School Bullies.” Their goal is to publish new and unique articles that will be appealing to their readers. 
  • Yoga Basics – Yoga Basics pays for original content about Yoga. The only downside in this site, however, is that they require their writers to either be a professional yoga instructor or has extensive knowledge on the subject. 

If you’re still not accepted in these platforms, you may try joining freelance writing Facebook groups. Some employers often post their job vacancies there. Just a warning though, make sure to check the profile of these people and assess whether they are legitimate or not. Several people complain about not getting their writing fees at all after submitting tons of articles to some companies. 

Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Starting Pay: $14 to $40 per hour

Job Details

Considering that you still have a lot of information stored in your brain as a student, why not make use of these and make money on the side? There are different topics you can venture out into – science, math, or history. 

However, language tutors are the most in-demand and high-paying tutoring stint out there. The reason for this is that there are a lot of people who want to study or migrate to English-speaking countries. Before they get accepted, they still have to take rigorous English tests in their home country. 

Also, creators establish their own tutoring websites to service home-schooled students. 

How To Get Started

There are several online tutoring services. You just have to prepare the following: headset with microphone, stable wifi connection, valid ID, webcam, and a laptop or computer. Listed below are some websites where you can apply as a tutor: 

  • – It does not require prior experience, but you still have to claim as an expert in a specific subject. There are particular programs which require a bachelor’s degree like economics, finance, college statistics, and accounting. Others only need you to be at least a freshman in college and be able to provide your service at least five hours a week. 
  • VIPKID – In here, you will be an English tutor to Chinese students. The pay is quite low compared to other platforms, but what makes VIPKID standout is the opportunity to earn incentives depending on your rating, participation, and number of students, and the number of classes handled. 
  • Brainfuse – Brainfuse has a wide range of clients, from elementary to college. Unlike other tutoring websites, you don’t need to own a mic or webcam since the mode of teaching here is through the use of a virtual whiteboard. 
  • Elevate K-12 – Instead of the usual one-on-one tutoring, Elevate K-12 employs live online group classes for students who are in school. Don’t worry. You don’t have to create your teaching tools, and presentations since a curriculum and its corresponding reference materials will be provided. As an Elevate K-12, you are required to have a regular timeslot per week to assure the continuity of the educational experience of your tutees. 

Niche Blogger

Niche blogger

Starting Pay: Pay varies

Job Details

Blogging is one of the easiest sources of passive income. You can make a lot of money from affiliate sales or paid ads. The best way to ensure that your blog will sell, you have to venture into your niche. Your chosen niche will have to be something that you’re interested in so that you don’t get bored with handling your blog. Aside from making your blog content interesting, make sure that the content will add value to your readers. 

With excellent time management skills, you can write, promote, and earn passive money in your spare time. 

How To Get Started

To get you going with your first blog, make sure to follow these step-by-step guide. 

  1. Find your blog niche. It can be as technical as economics and finance, or you may try writing about travel and food. Whatever it is, make sure not to choose a broad topic. Go with something focused and specific so that you’ll stand out amongst the sea of bloggers out there. 
  2. The second step is to pick a web hosting service. Your chosen host will provide the bandwidth, speed, and storage to keep your blog running at all times. If you’re still not open into paying for a hosting service, you may start in a free platform like Blogger or WordPress. Take note, however, that these free websites won’t allow you to monetize your blog without a host. 
  3. Next is to choose a domain name or your website’s address. Choose a domain name which will instantly show the brand of your blog, something easy to remember, and unique. You may check whether your chosen domain name is still available in Bluehost. 
  4. The fourth step is to choose a blogging platform which will serve as your tool into publishing your content and building your site’s design. Make sure to select the one which is easy to navigate and won’t limit you from creating your intended content. There are various blogging avenues to choose from – Wix, WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly.
  5. To entice your visitors, you have to publish a unique and exciting design. Remember, no matter how good your content is, but your website’s model does not catch the attention of your visitors, everything will be useless. Pick a theme, create a menu, and set up your pages – these are the main steps into coming up with the best website layout. 
  6. Create your write up for the following pages: homepage, contact page, and about-me page. Make sure to write this correctly so that your website will look authentic. 
  7. Publish your first blog post. 

Drop-Shipping Seller

Earn money through dropshipping

Starting Pay: Varies depending on the items

Job Details

Dropshipping refers to the process where you can sell third-party items of a particular Drop Shipping Company without having to ship the item yourself. The product automatically gets sent to the customer after you make the sale. Let us show you how it works: 

  1. A customer places an order through your eBay listing or your website. 
  2. He or she then pays you with the product amount and the shipping cost. 
  3. As the seller, you take your profit margin from the payment of your customer. 
  4. You then forward the order to your dropshipper and pay them online. 
  5. The drop shipper processes the order, and they will also be the ones to ship your item to the buyer. 

In other words, you’re just a middleman.

How To Get Started

If you are just starting in this area, try following the five steps below. This guide will help you establish your own drop-shipping business from the start of the process up to the end. 

  • Select your product niche – Make sure that the product range is focused and that you’re genuinely interested in selling it. If the niche is too broad, it will be tough to market to your online audience. On the other hand, if you are not passionate about your product, you might feel lost and unknowledgeable in selling it. 
  • Research your competition – You have to study your competition. Competition does not necessarily entail the other dropshipping operators. You should also consider retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. From here, you should also try to analyze whether your product has a market. If you find that there is little to no competition on your niche, then it might be a sign that there is no significant demand for that item. 
  • Partner with a supplier – Your supplier can make or break your business. Do not rush this step and study all the possible dropshipping suppliers located overseas. Read reviews, talk to them via email or phone, and check their websites.
  • Build your website – You may use Shopify as your e-commerce platform. There are already pre-made layout and themes in here. 
  • Advertise your website – Having a great website and product is vital; however, this won’t matter if you won’t be able to acquire traffic to purchase what you’re selling. Hence, you should also venture out on Facebook ad campaigns, email marketing, and SEO. 

Search Engine Evaluator

Starting Pay: $12 to $16 per hour

Search Engine Evaluator

Job Details

Earn money by cleaning up search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. Your role is to provide feedback on the usefulness, accuracy, quality, effectiveness, and relevance of search engines and social media ads. This kind of online job will require at least 10 hours per week. Therefore, it’s not that disruptive to your every day at the university. 

How To Get Started

There are many websites which pay you to become a search engine evaluator. However, the two companies that we will discuss below are the most reputable ones. 

  1. Appen – Appen is a company focused on information evaluation and internet-based research of companies all over the world. They are known to pay around $14 per hour. The only downside to Appen is that it does not bill the actual time spent in reviewing; instead, they estimate how much time it should take on average and send an invoice based on this. 
  2. Lionbridge – Clients of Lionbridge ask for the evaluators’ help in testing websites, translating content, and providing quality website measures. There is a first-come, first-serve basis which means that there are times no work will be assigned to you. 

To get started, all you have to do is visit these websites and sign up. Once you have registered, you can search for open positions as search engine evaluators, dibs on work, and start doing your assignment. 

Virtual Assistant

Earn money as a virtual assistant

Starting Pay: $10 to $20 per hour

Job Details

A virtual assistant (VA) has a broad job description. One day you are helping in the company’s social media management, the next day you’re assisting in the data entry and customer service. However, businesses hire VAs so they can outsource tasks that do not need a physical presence. This strategy also prevents employers from paying additional taxes. 

How To Get Started

Are you ready to apply as a VA? Here are the steps you need to do before getting hired in this position: 

  1. Determine what services you will venture on and specialize in this. For example, are you more into content marketing, or do you prefer administrative tasks?
  2. From here, you can seek expert training to expand your knowledge on your specialization. 
  3. Promote yourself as a VA in various social media platforms or through your website. This will make you look more professional, which will land you more clients in the future. 

You may start your expert through one of the best-selling VA courses entitled 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. 

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Final Words

Do not worry if you do not have experience in these fields. The best thing about working online is that it is task-based so that you can engage in these jobs as a newbie. At the same time, it also works well with your university life since the gigs are usually part-time and flexible. You might even turn these gigs into a full-time career if you’re really passionate about it. 

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