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The constant longing for relief from the hassle of in-office jobs has reinvented means of money-making for millions. The increase in demand for at-home alternatives for working has prompted companies to innovate. Transforming the usual work-place into something more efficient and accessible has given rise to a diverse range of remote job opportunities online.

Many people have turned to call centers as a means to earn cash as these companies require a big volume of employees. This allows for more frequent job openings. Many of these companies rely on technology to get their work done, which is why remote call center jobs are familiar.

If you’re looking for remote job openings in the call center industry, check out these pointers on how to find the right one for you!

Remote Call Center Companies to Consider

The workload of a call center agent may tend to get employees frustrated due to poor working conditions even when online. There is a good deal of companies that pay little respect to them as workers, providing poor benefits and compensation. Albeit common, there are still companies that do provide proper working conditions and exciting benefits. So, don’t lose hope! 

You can consider starting by looking into some of these major companies that offer remote call center jobs:

  1. Conduent – Headquartered in Jew Jersey, they tend to the different needs in business and government through digital platforms. This company is a divestiture of another company, Xerox.
  2. Liveops – Based in Arizona, the cloud call center is a perfect match for those looking for a flexible working schedule. You decide what hours you want to work, and this is what keeps most of its employees. The company has been in service since 2002.
  3. SYKES – This company, focused on technical support and customer service, is fit for those looking to land a short-term job. Salary is reported to be not as competitive as other companies but will most definitely hone your skills in a good work environment.
  4. Working Solutions – Founded in 1996.They emphasize their flexible working schedule, although has a strict weekly quota for working hours. Not to mention, this company is also fit for those looking for fast and efficient job applications. 

Tips on How to Land a Remote Call Center Job

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There are hundreds of remote call center job opportunities out there, but the challenge lies in finding which one is right for you. Before applying for a job, make sure that you do a background check on the company. Take note of their history, standing, and their current employees’ satisfaction with the work environment and benefits.

Where Can I Apply?

Making use of online job listings will also help speed-up your search for the right one. Here are some of the most reputable platforms that could help you in finding that remote call center job:

  • FlexJobs – One of the biggest players in the online job-hunting scene, they offer paid subscription-based job opportunity listings. Each of the job listings is evaluated by its team for legitimacy for a scam-free job hunting experience. Moreover, you can also find reviews for each listing.
  • Dynamite Jobs – Launched in 2017, the site offers a diverse selection of jobs that you can filter out to find the one that suits you the best. You can subscribe to their “Job Placement Program” for free to receive regular updates on job openings.
  • Remotive – they started as an article with a newsletter sign-up form posted on Medium in 2014. This received an influx of support from viewers at the time, prompting the author to create an online community. They have several initiatives aside from the usual listings, such as seminars, interviews, and a newsletter— all for free.
  • Skip The Drive – This particular site offers a bigger range of remote job opportunities compared to others. Aside from redirecting you to remote jobs, they also have listings for micro job sites, perfect for those looking for a side hustle. 
  • – This site offers not just remote job postings, but also a Q&A section for both companies and workers, a remote job blog, and a newsletter. You can join this community through sign-ups, free of charge.

In this day and age of the “new normal” and work-from-home setups, adapting to drastic shifts in the way we live and work is a must. Fortunately, the spotlight is now on for the efficiency and accessibility of remote working options.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

According to Glassdoor, remote call center agents based in the US receive an average salary of $28,500 annually. As of May 2020, workers make roughly $10-20 per hour. 

Companies are looking into online means of delivering their products and services, increasing demand in online jobs. As a future remote call center agent, rest assured that this season will only bring you closer to landing the right job.

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