Retired Colorado Nurse Wins $3.8 Million In The Lottery, Says First Thing He Wants To Buy Is A New Vacuum Cleaner

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When life tosses a golden coin into your lap, it’s not always the Ferraris or the mega-mansions that spark the flame of desire. Sometimes, it’s the everyday luxuries that ignite the most excitement.

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your living room, scratching a lottery ticket, when bam! You’re suddenly $3.8 million richer. Would you head to the Ferrari dealership or look for the next available flight to the Maldives? No, our Colorado man has grander plans – he’s on a mission to upgrade his vacuum cleaner.

Such is the story of retired Colorado nurse Bill S.

A lottery win is an express elevator ride to a life of luxury, but it’s often the little upgrades that make the difference. Forget the diamonds and the designer duds, we’re talking here about pure Dyson-level delight, a vacuum that could suck the chrome off a bumper. That’s the ticket to happiness for our newly minted millionaire.

Why? Because the best part of a windfall isn’t always adding new heights, but elevating the everyday. So, brace yourself as we dive into this unusual tale of an unexpected millionaire whose first stop isn’t the bank, but the appliance aisle.

It’s time to rethink what it means to strike it rich.

Retired Colorado nure wins $3.8 million in Colorado Lottery

In a delightful twist of fate, a man going by Bill S., a retired trauma nurse from New York City living in Carbondale, Colorado, proves that life in retirement can still be full of exciting surprises.

Swapping his scrubs for ski boots, Bill took the retirement journey from the relentless hustle and bustle of NYC to the soothing tranquility of Aspen. In a press release from the Colorado Lottery, Bill S. describes head over heels in love with Colorado during a youthful ski trip with his parents in 1972 and held a fondness for ski bum life in the Rocky Mountains ever since.

Dipping his toe into the lottery pool every week for the last ten years, Bill’s perseverance finally paid off. The moment he realized his numbers matched – those magic digits 5-13-14-16-30-33 from the June 10, 2023 draw, using the Quick Pick option.

According to the Colorado Lottery press release, Bill was “beyond belief” when he found out he won and “nervous and trembling since the big win,” and suddenly finds himself $1,948,019 richer after deciding to take the cash payout option.

Talk about an added bonus to your retirement plan.

You’d think a sudden millionaire would be ready to splurge on something big, right? A mansion, maybe, or a shiny new sports car? Not Bill S. He dreams of the simpler things in life with his suddenly lottery windfall.

Top of his list? A bucket list train trip that’ll take him down memory lane, and a brand new vacuum cleaner to boot (how refreshing is that?).

He certainly can afford a top-of-the-line one now. 

With his budget no longer fixed to a retired man’s purse, Bill plans to return to the hobbies that once filled his heart with joy. He’s ready to jump back in the saddle and soar through the Colorado skies, reclaiming his love of horseback riding and paragliding – two activities he’s sidelined in retirement due to cost.

Plus, in an act of sheer kindness that makes us adore him even more, Bill plans to buy 100 gift cards for the hardworking folks at his local City Market grocery store, “because they are nice to him,” according to the press release. 

In a press release from the Colorado Lottery, Bill laughs off the idea of reentering the dating scene as he approaches his 69th birthday, insisting he’s “getting too old and ugly” (we disagree – plenty of other “old hippies” in the sea, Bill!). With his charm, generosity, and now a millionaire status, we suspect there may be potential admirers waiting in the wings.

So, here’s to you, Bill!

We can’t wait to see how your life unfolds in the beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors, funded by your incredible windfall. 

You’re living the dream, Bill.

Enjoy every second of it. 

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