Top Boomtowns In America In 2021 – The U.S. Places Where There Is Promising Economic Growth

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SmartAsset analysis reveals the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. to find the top boomtowns in America in 2021.

Maybe you’re looking for real estate in a different state in an effort to relocate to a place with more economic grwowth. If you’re moving out of state, you will want to consider several factors on where to relocate. You may want to consider a relocation to a boomtown – where there are promising economic factors to entice people to migrate there.

Financial technology company SmartAsset released their list of the top boomtowns in America for 2021. A boomtown is a place where there is rapid business growth, where jobs are plentiful, and impressive economic prosperity. These factors make boomtowns attractive locations for individuals to move to enjoy more prosperity.

To determine the top American boomtowns, SmartAsset analyzed data for 500 of the largest cities in the U.S., including population change, unemployment rate, GDP growth rate, change in unemployment rate, business growth, housing growth, and change in household income.

The Pacific Northwest dominated the 2021 edition of the best U.S. boomtowns, including six of the top 10 boomtowns located in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Here are the top 10 U.S. boomtowns:

10. Seattle, Washington
5-year population change: 11.84%
Average yearly GDP growth: 7.02%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 8.12%
5-year housing growth rate: 14.64%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.8%
Total score: 91.6

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9. Bellingham, Washington
5-year population change: 9.95%
Average yearly GDP growth: 8.25%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 8.9%
5-year housing growth rate: 10.87%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 5.2%
Total score: 91.67

8. Vancouver, Washington
5-year population change: 5.45%
Average yearly GDP growth: 6.06%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 16.36%
5-year housing growth rate: 11.8%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.8%
Total score: 92.12

7. Tempe, Arizona
5-year population change: 11.88%
Average yearly GDP growth: 3.77%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 11.96%
5-year housing growth rate: 17.34%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.7%
Total score: 92.34

6. Bend, Oregon
5-year population change: 18%
Average yearly GDP growth: 5.35%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 22.51%
5-year housing growth rate: 20.47%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 4.4%
Total score: 93.78

5. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
5-year population change: 13.53%
Average yearly GDP growth: 3.3%
5-year change in the number of establishments:16.5%
5-year housing growth rate: 18.65%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 3.8%
Total score: 95.45

3. Conroe, Texas (Tie)
5-year population change: 26.03%
Average yearly GDP growth: 8.67%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 20.36%
5-year housing growth rate: 36.69%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 5.5%
Total score: 97.56

3. Meridian, Idaho (Tie)
5-year population change: 31.4%
Average yearly GDP growth: 5.5%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 18.24%
5-year housing growth rate: 27.52%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 2.5%
Total score: 97.56

2. Nampa, Idaho
5-year population change: 15.2%
Average yearly GDP growth: 6.27%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 28.53%
5-year housing growth rate: 13.82%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 3%
Total score: 99.54

1. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
5-year population change: 19.62%
Average yearly GDP growth: 3.71%
5-year change in the number of establishments: 15.95%
5-year housing growth rate: 21.15%
August 2021 unemployment rate: 3.4%
Total score: 100

You can see all of the top 50 U.S. boomtowns for 2022 at Smart Asset.

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