Marketing Professional Gets Over 30,000 ‘Interviews’ From Innovative Resume Bot

A marketing professional, David Vidal, had a resume bot that preemptively answer questions he would expect during a live in-person interview.

There is only so much a job seeker can do to get employers interested in their resume. However, one marketing professional thought out of the box to garner a massive amount of interest in his resume.

David Vidal, a 29-year-old marketing professional in Spain, realized that a boring, traditional resume is not standing out anymore.

“I don’t think a conventional resume works anymore,” Vidal told Business Insider. “The most important thing for me was demonstrating my marketing and communication skills and proving that I’m a creative person who thinks outside the box.”

Vidal quit his 10-year engineering career where he had a $112,000 job after “burning out.”

Vidal created an interactive “resume bot” that preemptively answers questions that he would expect to be asked during a live interview.

Human resource agents access the resume bot, which begins, “Let’s start the interview.” Recruiters can select various questions, which Vidal already answered. The questions include, “What’s your biggest professional achievement?”, “What does success mean to you?”, and “Tell me three of your weaknesses.”

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Vidal’s bot delivers his answers to the hiring professionals.

“I wanted to stand out from the other candidates and allow recruiters to get to know me better before an in-person interview,” Vidal said.

Vidal shared the resume bot on his LinkedIn, and it went viral – racking up over 30,000 “interviews.”

“This has all gone beyond my wildest expectations,” Vidal said.

The innovative job seeker utilized an application called “Landbot,” a non-AI conversation creator that required no coding. Another bonus is that the app is free.

Thanks to the bot, Vidal secured 14 interviews and 11 job offers. Now, he is weighing his career opportunities and which job he wants to accept.

“I’ve asked all the companies for between two and three weeks for me to think about all the options,” Vidal said.

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