U.S. Companies Are Offering These Insane Incentives In An Effort To Lure New Employees


There is a job crisis in America. But not in the way you would expect it to be. There are currently more job openings in the U.S. than before the pandemic. And yet, it has never been harder to fill those open positions.

Companies in the U.S. scaled back on headcount during the worst months of the pandemic, and a lot of them are now desperate to hire new employees. So desperate, in fact, that even minimum wage jobs at fast food companies are being offered with insane incentives attached to them.

Why is this happening? For starters, the pandemic changed people’s perspective on life. It has had a big effect on Millennials and Gen-Z, and they are flat out quitting the 9-5 rat race in order to pursue work that provides them a better work-life balance.

With less people wanting to return to traditional work, finding and retaining quality employees is harder than ever. And companies are getting creative in finding new ways to hire and keep good talent.

Recently, John Pompliano compiled a list of several of these insane incentives in a twitter thread.

If these already seem unreal, just wait. They get better.

Instacart with the deep pockets. Kidding!

Are a lot of these incentives just ways to put lipstick on a pig? Of course, a new iPhone isn’t going to help pay your rent when you are still making minimum wage at a fast food restaurant. But the lengths that these companies are going proves that if you are currently seeking employment, you have more negotiating power than you think.


C. James

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