Couple Who Saved $2K On One Walmart Trip Shares Where Biggest Deals Are In Every Store

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About a year ago, a Florida couple turned their passion for finding the best possible deals at Walmart into a popular YouTube channel. Angel and Manny launched Angel on the Go.

The couple tried to cruise the aisles of other stores too but are adamant that – when it comes to secret sales – no store comes close to Walmart.

The pair were recently featured on Yahoo Life and shared some tips and tricks for saving thousands of dollars shopping at Walmart.

Angel and Manny attest that Walmart is “a goldmine of hidden clearance deals” that no one else knows about. The couple admits that when they find a product marked obscenely low, they end up buying in bulk to increase the amount of savings.

For example, the couple tells Yahoo Life they once saved $2,250 in one day by finding 50 weighted blankets on massive clearance — just $5 each, marked down from $50.

The couple shared their keys to success saving money at Walmart, and just like any endeavor, it involves actual work and planning.

“So how do Angel and Manny actually make the magic happen? They say that they have to wake up pretty early in the morning to score deals like these — at the crack of dawn, in fact.

‘Before COVID, the Walmart stores in our area used to be open 24 hours. Our best shopping was at 3 or 4 in the morning!’ says Angel. ‘But since COVID they’ve changed their hours. Now they open at 7, so we’re usually in the parking lot by 6:40 a.m.’

It might sound like a rude awakening for some, but the couple says the wee hours are when Walmart is truly a treasure trove. You just have to know how to hunt.”

Angel and Manny explained the key to their success are UPC codes and the Walmart app, usually because the prices marked on shelves and items are dead wrong.

“When we scan the UPC code — the little code in the back with the numbers — with the Walmart app, we find that sometimes two items will look exactly the same in the same packaging. But if you look closely they have different UPC numbers on their stickers,” says Angel. The couple discovered this little-known hack one day while scanning the code of a doll that retailed for $45. They happened to scan the same doll right beside it, and it was just $2.

“Both dolls had the same packaging, they were the same doll. The only thing was the numbers were different,” says Angel. Even the cashier was confused, but it turned out that these identical items came from two different shipments. Walmart needed to make room for the new batch, so the duo scored that “old” toy for just two bucks.

If this all sounds like a ton of work that’s because IT IS a ton of work, however, the couple shared one tip with Yahoo Life that will save everyone money. The duo wants everyone to avoid the one area of the store that seems like the place to find the best deals – the clearance aisles.

“’When people look for clearance at Walmart, they go to the clearance aisle, that’s it. They can’t find anything [they want], and then they leave,’ says Manny. ‘We go through the regular aisles. Yesterday I found a huge Better Homes and Gardens pillow discounted to $1.50. And I’m like, ‘How come this is not in clearance?’.

The regular aisles are where the hidden stuff is. Because if they’re in the clearance aisle, it’s not a secret.’

So the next time you head to Walmart, download the app, avoid the clearance section, and scan every item.

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