13 AI-Powered Websites To Help You Work Faster

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Let’s be real, it’s AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) world and we are living in it. Or at least that is what it seems like recently. Will AI replace your job? Maybe, but probably not. But you could potentially become a much more productive employee thanks to AI. Or maybe you can start leveraging websites powered by AI to help you make money online in a more efficient way.

From ChatGPT to Scribe to Stock images made completely from AI, the world is being taken by storm and it’s time to either ride the wave or get out of the ocean. With that, below are 13 products and tools the use AI to save you hours of work each day. Who doesn’t want that?

13 Websites Powered By AI That Can Save You Time At Work


We have all heard of ChatGPT by now. And it is great, but WriteSonic puts ChatGPT in the yesterday’s news category. Why? Well, instead of being stuck in 2021, WriteSonic has all the relevant information you need, right now.

CutOut Pro

Cutout.Pro is one of many AI-driven photo and background editing tools. It can save a person time by accurately removing backgrounds from images, which obviously make editing easier and faster. With Cutout.Pro, users can create perfect photo montages, remove backgrounds in a single click, and perform a range of other tasks. It’s a great tool for photographers and the like.



Making tutorials and guides is a laborious process (See also: boring and annoying). That’s where Scribe comes in. In literally seconds, Scribe can make an step-by-step guide to any process.

Murf AI

Murf AI

Hate the idea of having your voice on video? No problem. Murf AI can turn your text into human-sounding voices that are very, very realistic. This is ideal for creating videos for YouTube, Instagram or anything else that requires an actual human to speak.



Glasp has a number of logical uses, but its ability to generate text summaries of any YouTube video might be our favorite. When people talk about how AI can save you hours and hours of work, this is what they mean.


We live in the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” era. With so much information, it can be overwhelming sometimes. That is where TLDR This comes in, by preventing an overwhelming amount of information. The site can remove ads, popups, graphics, and other distractions to provide a clean and focused reading experience. *Chef’s kiss*



This image was created with AI. Is it as real-looking as a actual dogs? No. Is the woman’s hand extraordinarily long? Yes. (Wow, that is SOME hand). That all said, stock images generated using AI are only going to get better and more life-like. This will be a huge benefit to bloggers and creators who are constantly looking for unique images to use.

That is where DALL-E 2 come in. It is a powerful artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI. It is designed to generate images from textual descriptions, and it can generate images of never-before-seen objects based on the text input. The images generated by DALL-E 2 can be surprisingly detailed and accurate, and the system can learn to generate images of abstract concepts, such as feelings and environment. Now if they could only perfect creating human hands to scale.


Runway allows you to take any idea you have and make it real just by writing it. What does that mean, you ask? It means you can use Runway’s 30+ AI Magic Tools, and real-time video editing, to make amazing content. Content like your own AI-powered videos or movies. Whoa.

Supermeme AI

Supermeme AI

The name Super Meme says all you need to know. Memes made using AI and zero cleverness on your part. Super!

Jasper AI

Jasper.ai is an AI copywriting tool that helps users create content faster. It is trained with direct-response marketing frameworks and real high-converting ad copy, so it is able to generate content that can effectively engage users. It also includes a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly write emails and create content directly in their browser. With its AI-generated content, users can save time and produce better copy in a fraction of the time.


Avatar AI

Avatarai.me is an AI-powered avatar maker that allows users to easily create digital art from selfies or images. It uses NVIDIA’s foundational graphics, simulation, and AI technologies to generate realistic avatars in a variety of styles, such as anime or fantasy. The avatars are generated quickly and efficiently, saving both time and energy. Lensa AI, which is built on Avatarai.me, went viral recently for its AI-generated digital art. While the pictures could be considered pieces of digital art, many are concerned about the ethical implications of free, readily available AI tools like Avatarai.me.

Play HT

Play.ht helps users create professional voiceovers in minutes without the need for expensive recording equipment. It offers over 570 AI voices in over 60 languages to automatically narrate written content. Play.ht also provides a comprehensive dashboard to manage audio files and podcast hosting. With Play.ht, users can create audio content in a fraction of the time, while also increasing their reach potential.



Unscreen is a (free) online video background remover that uses AI technology to quickly and easily remove the background from any video. With Unscreen, users can cut costs and save time, as well as customize videos with a library of various backgrounds to choose from. It enables users to take a single piece of footage and transform it for different purposes, making video creation faster and more efficient.

Benefits Of Using Websites Powered By AI To Do Your Work

AI technology has obviously revolutionized the way businesses and individuals carry out their work. That much has been made clear over the last 12 months. And it’s also obvious that it has the potential to help people save time, money, and effort by providing powerful automated solutions. That all said, Here are some of the main benefits of using AI to help with work:

  1. Increased Efficiency: AI can automate mundane and time-consuming tasks, freeing up workers’ time for more important activities. On top of that, AI can also analyze and process large amounts of data quickly and accurately, cutting down on the need for manual input and increasing overall organizational efficiency.
  2. Improved Accuracy: Nothing against humans, but AI can process data with a greater level of accuracy than we can, which will reduce the risk of errors and inaccuracies.
  3. Cost Savings: AI can automate processes that would otherwise require a human workforce, saving businesses money in the long term. Is that dollar signs you’re seeing? Yes, yes it is.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: By using AI, businesses can be used to provide personalized customer experiences, helping businesses increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. And, believe it or not, AI can also be used to anticipate customer needs and provide fast, efficient customer service.

Overall, AI can provide powerful solutions to help businesses and individuals carry out their work more effectively. And if you’re not using AI, in a few years you will be lightyears behind your competition.

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.