What is a Bitcoin Investment Through Bitcoindoubler Club?


Many people support and promote bitcoin investments since you can basically make money as long as the market is active. It is not a conventional way of earning money but its name is getting more recognition lately because of its potential returns. Right now, the bitcoin doubler club is making noise on the Internet because of it’s claims. In this article, we will define what is a bitcoin investment through bitcoindoubler club and we’ll explore the pros and cons of investing bitcoin through their system.

What is the Bitcoin Doubler Club?

Bitcoin doubler club

According to the company itself, bitcoin doubler allows people to double their bitcoins in just 24 hours. The business said that the platform is different from other bitcoin companies because of DDOS Protection and Automatic Payouts. If you are not don’t know them, they are lucrative referral programs.

How Does it Work?

The company operates a cryptocurrency mining farm and does Forex and Binary trading at the same time. One of its sources for operation costs is the investment you make. In return, they promise to double your bitcoin exactly a day after.

Since you know enough information about the platform already, let’s now see if it is a good or bad investment.

Pro/s of Bitcoin Investment Through Bitcoin Doubler Club

Pros and cons

Quick Growth

Unlike other bitcoin platforms, Bitcoin Doubler offers investors faster and bigger bitcoin growth. In just a day, you can collect twice the amount of your investment. It is a great steal. However, it appears unrealistic given the nature of the transaction.

Cons of Bitcoin Investment Through Bitcoin Doubler Club

Unregulated Company

The investment company is unregulated thus it should not be easily trusted. When you say unregulated, it only indicates that the platform can disappear anytime since it is anonymous. Such companies can abuse regulations, making them more unreliable.

No license from Crypto Invest Council

Crypto Invest checks if a company using cryptocurrency is operating properly. Oftentimes, platforms with no license from the said council have lower credibility in the market.

Lack of Transparency

Bitcoin Doubler does not provide sufficient information on its website regarding the whole process of bitcoin investment. You do not know where your bitcoin goes. You are just promised a doubled return on investment. For that reason, your fund security is poor.

Problematic SSL Security and DDOS Protection

Bitcoin Doubler offers weak encryption, making the site an easy target of cyber-attack. Your investment is not secure. It will remain at risk unless the SSL security and DDOS protection are revamped and fixed.

Bitcoin Doubler is an HYIP

HYIP or high-yield investment program is an example of a Ponzi scam. In other words, the platform uses high return on investments as a way to lure victims. You get paid when new investors sign up and invest. Thus, you need to hustle in bringing in new investors to get your money’s worth. In case the number of investors drops, that is when the platform closes down and disappears with your bitcoin.

Investment in such companies is not sustainable. Some are lucky to earn more bitcoins but many are left with losses when the system becomes permanently down. Is it worth the risk?

If you still wish to proceed after knowing its pros and cons, here’s how you can double your bitcoin.

Doubling your Bitcoin Investment


When you search about cryptocurrency, you would know that scams are everywhere. That is why only those with great courage invest in bitcoins. If you want to grow the amount of your bitcoin, find legitimate ways to do so. Visiting the 24TraderProfx website is one of the things you can do. The bitcoin doubler platform displays viable methods on how you can get a higher return on investment.

Usually, companies ask for your cryptocurrency in exchange for words of promise regarding the amount increase. The case is different with 24TraderProx. The platform allows users to earn more bitcoins by selling the companies’ items. Hence, it is a more secure way of obtaining more bitcoins.

In terms of the amount of return on investment, it depends on how much bitcoins you start with. 24TraderProx is similar to popular companies like eBay and Amazon. You sell high-ticket items to double your bitcoin without having to pay fees.

In general, bitcoin investment is risky. However, you can follow steps on how to make your investment actions more secure. You can try other strategies to grow your profit. Here are some of the investment considerations you can do.

Mining of Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is an investment strategy where you don’t give real-world money. What you need to do is solve problems through your computer along with other computers to earn. It is a fitting option for new investors who are satisfied even with small profit growth. It can help you double your money gradually.

Buy and Sell

The trick is buying bitcoin when the dollar exchange rate is low and selling when it is otherwise. Such a strategy is riskier than bitcoin mining but the profit growth is higher. If you wish to do this, do thorough research first about the company you plan to buy from. This way, you can decrease the probability of getting scammed.

Follow Bitcoin Market Trends

One of the secrets of successful businesses, no matter what type, is being updated on market trends. Such an action can help investors like you weigh if something is worth investing now or later. It reduces the risk of getting losses, and thus you can grow your bitcoin more with this strategy.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin investment through bitcoin doubler club seems a very risky way to double your bitcoin. If the business were to bankrupt at anytime, especially when no new investors come in, this could be a catastrophe to any investor. Lack of banking information would make it impossible for you to get back your investment. We recommend approaching this cautiosly and doing your homework before investing.


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