10 Simple Steps One Guy Took To Turn His 9-5 Into A 12-Hour Work Week

12 hour work week

Ever since Tim Ferriss hit the book shelves with the 4-Hour Work Week, we have been fascinated with the idea of spending more of our time on passion pursuits and less time working. Like actual, boring, hate-to-do-it work. Because who the heck wouldn’t want to only work 4 hours per week?

While the 4 hour work week is a very, very aggressive goal, only working 12 hours per week somehow seems achievable. If nothing else, it is far less drastic. But how do you do it? How do you go from working 40 hours every, single week to only 12 hours? Passive income streams like a side hustle business that you can put on autopilot or a boat load of dividend stocks?

Both of those things could help you do it, sure. But there’s a little more too it than that. After all, if you are still holding and need your 9-5 (for income and healthcare benefits) then you need to be more calculated with how you go about working less.

In the twitter thread below, from Kostas On F.I.R.E. he discusses the 10 simple steps he used to have his 9-5 become more of a 9-11:24. (Yeah, we did the exact math!)

How To Turn Your 9-5 Into A 12-Hour Work Week

Thanks to the circumstances of the past year, this should be easy for most people to accomplish. Step two is getting your boss to buy into the idea. Here is what Kostas did.

Performance is everything here. So is the ability to handle your entire workload in a quarter of the time. Some might argue the job is overvalued and overpaid if you can create that big of an efficiency. Kostas was fortunate to not have that scenario.

There are so many — SO MANY — time wasters in the modern American workplace. From endless zoom meetings that could have been phone calls or even emails, to useless reports, to a myriad of other things that uselessly waste time.

The importance of boundaries at work cannot be understated. When your boss thinks it is within their rights to text you at all hours of the day or night, you have a probably. And it’s a big problem at that.

The same goes for wasting time by constantly organizing. There is a place for organization in every job, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of actual productivity.

Always be automating. And achieve the 12-hour work week and the work-life balance you so crave!

All credit to Kostas On F.I.R.E. for the incredible thread and useful information. Check out his account for more valuable information on personal finance and business.

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