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There are different factors that we can consider in choosing whether to invest in a certain country or not. According to the World Bank Group, the main factors that are important to individuals and corporations are natural resources, strategic assets, markets, and the country’s efficiency.

The selection for the best countries to invest in 2021 is based on a global survey. In the survey, it took into consideration the economic stability, tax laws, innovation, dynamics, and technological expertise.

The hard pill to take is that no country is exempted from a global recession. However, it all depends on how well prepared a country is economical to face challenges . So, here are the best countries to invest in 2023.

Best Countries to Invest in 2023

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This country claims the number one spot on the best countries to invest in 2023 for many good reasons. Various businessmen noticed that foreign investments can grow into more than $398 million in just a quarter in a year.

In addition to economic stability, it is made up of entrepreneurial innovations that go further than the other countries. Because of this, foreign investors highly recommend putting some cash flow in this country, especially with the flourishing market environment.

If you are just starting out with your foreign investment portfolio, this is a great country to look after. This is contributed by the optimistic perspective of investors to this country.


The number two spot is taken by no other than Thailand. There are a lot of political factors of why this is a great country to invest in 2021. One of these is the international tension between China and the United States, which made foreign investors draw towards Thailand.

Based on previous records by The Thailand Board of Investment, there is an increase of 69% in total value of FDI. A fraction of that total, about 65% of them are spearheaded by the digital and electronic business sectors.

Because of the incredible growth of the Thailand businesses and market, its momentum indicators continue to be strong and stable. Therefore, Thailand remains to be one of the countries listed in Forbes as the 8th best-emerging market of 2021.

United Kingdom

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In the past few years, the United Kingdom has been one of the top countries that have been attracting foreign investments.

There is no doubt why great companies from the U.S and Asia are steadily investing at least $3.7 million. In addition, most of these direct investments go to the technological and mechanical sectors in the country.

In the provided survey, it was also concluded that indeed the country is stable economically. They also guarantee a quality workforce and enhancements of technological expertise.


Due to the friendly tax laws in this country, Indonesia got the 4th spot for the best countries to invest in 2021.

The performance of the country proved that they have an amazing labor force on top of a favorable tax environment. In the past years, a large portion of the foreign investments of Japan goes directly to Indonesia, specifically the automotive industries.

However, it is important to note that there are loads of investments in transportation and infrastructure. There is a downside that non-local residents will have limited options for property investments.


Finally, the last country on our list is India. This is a South Asian nation that has a high institutional framework because of its education and research.

The majority of South Asian foreign investors place a lot of their cash into research and development in India. This is a great strategy as India has continuously produced a great labor force for many decades.

The investors are being offered incredible low-cost advantages on top of great tax rates, and skilled labor. In addition, the country’s world-class business-friendly environment is a major contributor to why there are lots of investors attracted.

What are you waiting for?

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No matter which country you invest in, your investments are relevant in improving the productivity and competitiveness of the country’s economy. Without investments, there will be an unbalanced economy and there might be deficits in the country’s project and development.

In addition, investing allows you to have financial security, and choosing the right country to invest in is critical to its long-term growth. If you take your investment seriously, the returns generated from your choices can definitely give financial stability in the future. So, what are you waiting for?

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