Best Way to Make Money with Adfly

There’s a lot of different ways to make money online. And to find success in making money online you need to do some research to find the right approach that fits your lifestyle and goals. One way is to create web traffic and add affiliate links. And with web traffic, having users click an affiliate link created by Adfly can earn you money.

But what is Adfly? Adfly is a free service that can shorten links. It’s like bitly and shorturl, which are also services that beautify links. But the difference with Adfly is that you can make money. It’s easy to create an account and join the their network.

When you create a link from Adfly, every click you will get can make you cash. The money you get is essentially a commission for getting a user to click your shortened link. These links can be put everywhere (website, social media, email, etc). So what’s the trick? Well, the reason Adfly is willing to pay you is because they will direct your user to an ad sponsored by one of their advertisers prior to getting that user to the intended link. 

Shorten your Links with Adfly


Links can be found anywhere. With this in mind, you can share your monetized adfly links on any platform and social networking sites. This includes blogs, Twitter, messaging apps, and more. This allows you to spread your link to your friends, family, and basically all people who are connected on the internet.

Adfly’s common users are mostly digital influencers and social networking users. They take advantage of their internet traffic to make money by having their viewers click their links. Digital influencers like streamers, vloggers mostly add their link on their videos or on their merch links. Social networking users, who use Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and other sites, mostly interact with their viewers and add their link on their profiles. Using Adfly, they can earn more money and passive income.

There are three ways to shorten links in Adfly. Let’s explore what these are.

Different Formats

The first one is doing the Interstitial Format. This format is commonly seen in youtube videos where the advertised area is a whole webpage. The users need to do manual action to move to the original link such as clicking the “Skip Advertisement” button. This type of format is aggressive but has a higher income because users view the ad before redirecting to the original link.

The second format is called the banner format. This format adds a banner at the top of the original link. The users already accessed the original link but have a banner on the webpage. This format is less annoying, but leads to fewer views thus less income. Also the users can close the banner which leads to zero views.

The third format is called pop format. This is somewhat similar to the interstitial format. The viewers who will click the Skip Ad button will have the ad appear on their screen. Just like interstitial, it is an aggressive type of advertising, which makes the users view the ad.

Picking Your Format

Picking the type of format can also affect the amount of money you’ll earn in Adfly. When you use the interstitial format, it can give you a high income due to the full-sized ad. But being aggressive like that may throw off some of your viewers.

Prioritizing interstitial ads on external links will give you a great advantage. Blogs and websites have large traffic which can give you a lot of earnings. Although you need to keep in mind that this ad shouldn’t be added in links that have actions. Just like signing up or logging in.

On the other hand, banner type gives the least amount of distraction to the users. But this type earns the least because the users can close the ad as they navigate the page. Also having a small banner means fewer advertisements to be placed.

Banner ads are ideal when you add them to links that have minimal traffic. This can be inserted in pages with actions, unlike interstitial. The compact and small size can be useful in login and register pages, which is almost near invisible.


And there’s the pop-up format which is like interstitial that comes off as aggressive. This has the “Show on Skip Ad Button” that ensures users to view the ad. So whenever the viewer clicks the Skip Ad button, the ad will show up.

Remember that on different pages or platforms, there are different kinds of ads that can be put. Each format can give you a different take on your earnings. Make sure to experiment on these types and edit it when needed. You can change in Adfly all the ads you made any time so always check the graphs for the link’s traffic.

Affiliate Programs

Aside from shortened links, you can also earn money in Adfly with their affiliate programs. This program allows you to share your referral code with any users. If one uses your referral code, you’ll get a commission on their clicks. 20% of their earning will be your commission as they earn clicks through their traffic.

Not only users but you can also refer businesses to Adfly. Every time they make an advertisement order, you’ll earn a 5% commission. A lot of businesses are looking for quality traffic to put their ads in. Therefore looking for partners will be not that hard.

Adfly affiliate

Gaining extra income using the referral program of Adfly is a great thing. You can do it by advertising how Adfly gives you income and sharing your referral link. You can also post your link on your social networking sites, just like how other influencers do it. In this way, you’ll get more income and spread the word on how Adfly helps you boost your earnings.

The traffic is the key to earning money with Adfly. As long as you have the web traffic, users will surely click on your shortened links that will give you income. Having referrals is a good thing too. The passive income you’ll get from the commission of their clicks will give you a nice extra income along the way. Also remember to pick the right format of ads you’ll use, for this greatly affects your clicks. 

C. James

C. James is the managing editor at Wealth Gang. He has a degree in finance and a passion for creating passive income streams and wealth management.