California Man Wins $1 Million On A $10 Scratch-Off During Gas Station Coffee Run

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Sometimes you just need a cheap cup of coffee to get through the day. One lucky Southern California man parlayed that hankering for a cheap gas station cup of coffee into a $1 million payday. 

Nabi Hasani of Chula Vista, near San Diego, bought a $10 “The Perfect Gift” scratch-off ticket during a quick stop at an Arco ampm. According to a press release, he told the California Lottery that his “gut” told him to buy the ticket. 

“It was just a random pick. I asked the cashier if it was true that I won,” Hasani told the California Lottery. “I still went home and showed my children and asked them to confirm it, too.”

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Hasani hit the jackpot with only three squares left in the 20 panel game, revealing that a bell and the $1 million figure in box number 17. 

via the California Lottery

Hasani told the California Lottery: “What a surprise! To know I’m helping schools and the children… It’s the best thing, actually.”

Hasani didn’t reveal any plans on what he plans to spend his lottery winnings on. 

In a nutshell, one man, one $10 scratch-off, and a cool million in the bank. It’s a reminder that life’s biggest surprises can come from the smallest and most mundane occasions, like a simple coffee run.

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