Colorado HVAC Worker Wins $1 Million Playing Powerball, Says He’s Going To Fix Up His 1930s House

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In the world of HVAC, a steady hand and sharp mind reign supreme. One Colorado technician proves he’s got both – and more.

He’s not just mastering circuits and compressors anymore. Thanks to Powerball, he’s just wired up a $1 million payday. It’s a lucky strike for a hands-on hero.

Powerball has crowned a new millionaire in Parachute, Colorado, a Western Slope town of about 1,390 people on I-70 between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs.

According to the Colorado Lottery, James S., an HVAC worker, clinched a $1 million prize after buying a ticket at Thunder River Market in Parachute.

James S. told the Colorado Lottery that he’s been playing for 20 years, though his past earnings never surpassed the $500 mark, making this win a game-changer.

James hasn’t disclosed a detailed plan for his winnings. However, he told the Colorado Lottery that a significant portion will expedite the renovation of his vintage 1930s home.

Back in June, a retired trauma nurse in Carbondale, Colorado won a $3.8 million prize and said the first thing he was planning on buying was a new vacuum cleaner

In order to win the $1 million Powerball prize, a player needs to match 5 numbers in a drawing. In order to win the jackpot, the ticket must also match alll five numbers and the red Powerball. 

Last week, a Powerball ticket for a $1.08 billion jackpot was sold in downtown Los Angeles at Las Palmitas Mini Market, near LA’s Skid Row district. It was one of the highest-ever jackpots in Powerball history

The owner of Las Palmitas Mini Market will receive $1m for selling the lucky ticket, telling reporters that he plans to take his family on vacation with the winnings.

The winner of last week’s $1.08 billion jackpot has yet to come forward. 

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