These Six-Figure Crypto Jobs Will Let You Live Anywhere. And No, You Don’t Have To Know Code.

Bitcoin and cash

When we talk about making money in cryptocurrency, usually we’re discussing the buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. But as with any fast-growing industry, there’s also plenty of wealth to be captured through the pursuit of employment. Right now there’s a huge demand for capable workers in the cryptocurrency space, and employers are offering impressive salaries and perks.

Crypto Jobs

One major myth about finding employment in a hot tech sector is that you need deep knowledge of the subject, or you need to be some sort of technology wizard. But there are plenty of non-technical roles that need to be filled to make any organization hum, from HR to managers to legal to accounting to even the cleaning staff. Building an operation can’t rely entirely on nerds, no matter how nerdy the industry might be.

Of course, knowing a bit about crypto won’t hurt you when pursuing a job at a cryptocurrency firm. And for many roles, it’s certainly required. In that spirit, below is a diversified collection of job openings currently listed in the crypto space, per MakeIt (listings compiled by FlexJobs, a site for remote and flexible job opportunities; salaries via PayScale):

  1. Chief of Staff, President and Chief Operating Officer (~$144,000)

  2. Director of Talent Management (~$142,000)

  3. Director, Mergers and Acquisitions Integration (~$133,000)

  4. Lead Ethereum Strategist (~$126,000)

  5. Senior Software Engineer (~$119,000)

  6. Corporate Counsel (~$113,000)

  7. Quantitative Researcher (~$108,000)

  8. Senior Backend Developer (~$106,000)

For some, crypto knowledge and passion are required. Others, not so much.

More Six-Figure Job Opportunities

If the list above isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of six-figure roles to pursue outside of the crypto space.

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